Emanuel County’s Covid-19 virus and vaccine update


According to the county commissioners’ update on Tuesday, February 23, the total active cases of COVID-19 in Emanuel has increased from 19 to 24 since last week’s COVID-19 update report. The report on February 16 was as follows:
19 active cases
2,370 confirmed cases
2,271 recovered cases
80 deaths

This week’s most updated information made available on February 23 is as follows:
24 active cases
2,409 confirmed cases
2,304 recovered cases
81 deaths

Statics reported in the February 16 and February 23 reports reveal an increase of 5 active COVID-19 cases; an increase of 39 confirmed cases; an increase of 33 recoveries; and an increase of 1 death.

Newly implemented into the social media postings of Emanuel County Board of Commissioners is the Emanuel County Weekly COVID-19 Vaccination Update. This data is the most up to date and is provided in a joint effort by the Emanuel Medical Center, East Georgia Healthcare Center, Emanuel County Health Department, Shop-Rite Pharmacy, and the Emanuel County Board of Commissioners.
The most recent report regarding 1A+ vaccinations was made Tuesday, February 23, and was as follows:

Total vaccinations administered: 4,213 

Total to have received the first vaccination: 2,894

Total to have received the second vaccination: 1,319

Please Note: Emanuel County Board of Commissioners strive to give Emanuel County the most up-to-date and correct information, with data coming from different state-wide sources. Please understand that sometimes information is delayed, and the county office will update information as soon as it is received. Be sure to follow the Emanuel Count Board of Commissioner’s Facebook page and turn your notifications “ON”.


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