Emanuel County Schools celebrate bus drivers


Emanuel County Schools celebrated Bus Driver Appreciation Day on October 20 as part of National School Bus Safety Week. During the week, our schools and children let their school bus drivers know how important and special they are.  

The bus drivers were honored with a well-deserved lunch and a special message from Jansen Ware, Director of Transportation, and Scotty Hattaway, Superintendent of Schools.

Mr. Ware said, “Our bus drivers have the most safety-sensitive job in the school system, and all of our drivers take that responsibility seriously. We are blessed to have a group of drivers that focus daily on students' well-being and make transporting students safely their main priority. I can't thank them enough for the job that they do every day.”  

These dedicated Emanuel County School employees transport 1800 children along 1900 miles every morning and afternoon, not to mention the additional routes they drive to ensure students enjoy field trips, extra-curricular activities, and athletic competitions.  While driving, they also maintain order on a bus as a teacher does in the classroom.     

ECS bus drivers are committed to safety. Each must participate in rigorous training, licensing, and background checks to help ensure the students are transported as safely as possible.   

Bus drivers participate in summer annual safety classes, practice loading/unloading with the students, and perform emergency bus evacuation drills. Throughout the year, they participate in professional learning to ensure they have the necessary skills and tools.  

So, who are our bus drivers? Our bus drivers represent a cross-section of our community. They include parents, grandparents, food service employees, paraprofessionals, custodians, and substitute teachers. Some have served for decades, and many have stepped up as a second or part-time career after retiring from other professions; however, they all share a common love for children and understand their role is essential to the success of our education system. 

Please join Emanuel County Schools in taking the time to thank our bus drivers for their hard work and commitment to student safety.