Emanuel County Institute holds Honors Day program


The annual High School Honors Day Program for Emanuel County Institute was held Monday, May 13, 2024, at 10:30 a.m. in the school auditorium. At that time, students in grades 9-11 were recognized for their academic achievements, leadership, and literary participation during the 2023-2024 school year. The program began with a welcome and recognition of special guests by Emma Lai Tyam and the singing of the National Anthem by Emma Lawrence. The program began with special presentations given out by Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus, school counselor and guest presenters. Guest presenter was Morgan Clifton with East Georgia State College. Following the presentations of awards by special guests and ECI faculty, Sondra Cowart, intervention specialist, and Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus, counselor, presented awards and Academic E’s to deserving students. Mrs. Kraus congratulated the award recipients and expressed thanks to all attending the ceremony. Closing remarks were given by Halli Kate Johnson. Awards and presentations were as follows:

Dual Enrollment Participants for East Georgia State College and Southeastern Technical College for 2023-2024

East Georgia State College: Michaela Barquet, Olivia Boatright, Riley Canady, Matti Cochran, Jaelynn Dixon-Rowland, Parker Frederick, Kinley Grimes, Halli Kate Johnson, Madalyn Jones, Cayden Jones, Jayna Kearson, Emma Lai Tyam, Mylie Lane, Emma Lawrence, Gabriel Lee, Alana Canady, Oisin Matthews, Jacob McBride, Allie Rigdon, Janna Scott, JaMyra Shivers, Grace Elaine Swygert, Kanyon Thompson, Kayanna Thompson, Smith Willoughby, Aiden Xochicale

Southeastern Technical College: Bradley Albor, Taylor Bennett, Brayden Donaldson, Jaylee Ducker, Brody Fagler, Leonel Gonzalez-Demillon, Jacob Grimm, Lillian Hammond, Destine Hirsche, Jesse Hirschy, Max McBride, Ray Parillo, Emily Rachels, Weslyn Snellgrove

EGSC Ambassadors for 2022-2024 Bobcat L.E.A.D Society: Parker Frederick, Kinley Grimes, Halli Kate Johnson, Cayden Jones, Madalyn Jones, Jayna Kearson, Emma Lai Tyam, Gabriel Lee, Jacob Q. McBride, Allie Rigdon, Janna Scott, JaMyra Shivers, Grace Elaine Swygert

University of Georgia Certificates of Merit: Parker Frederick, Kinley Grimes, Halli Kate Johnson, Madalyn Jones, Emma Lai Tyam, Gabriel Lee, Jacob Q McBride, Allie Rigdon, Janna Scott

Governor’s Honors: Agricultural Research, Biotechnology, and Science – Emma Lawrence, Science– Jacob McBride, Social Studies – Emma Lai Tyam, Music – Kai Fann, Emma Lawrence, Jacob McBride, and Emma Lai Tyam were selected to compete at the county level to complete the State application packet. Emma Lai Tyam was chosen to participate this summer in the Governors Honors Program.

Young Georgia Authors: 9th Grade – Lily DeLeon, 10th grade – Lola Walden, 11th grade – Abbey Marsh. Lola Walden was also named a system-level winner.

State School Superintendent Richard Woods Student Advisory Board: Halli Kate Johnson

Emanuel County Schools Superintendent’s Advisory Board: Leonel Gonzalez-Demillon , Jayl’nn Harden, Halli Kate Johnson, Emma Lai Tyam, Samadhi Salgado, Erin Stanford, Lola Walden

National Rural and Small-Town Recognition Program: Emma Lai Tyam and Halli Kate Johnson

UDC JROTC Award: Alana Canady

Department Awards: Basic Agriculture – Madison Bell, Nursery and Landscape – Jacob Q McBride, Agricultural Mechanics I – Jacob Q McBride, Agricultural Mechanics II – Melvin Akridge, Forestry Science – Natalee Brown, Visual Arts/Comprehensive I – JoAnna Arms, Visual Arts/Comprehensive II – Shaylynn Brantley, Visual Arts/Comprehensive III – Kaydence Jones, High School Band I – Carlee Sherrod, High School Band II – Joy Evines, High School Band III- Hope Lopez, Introduction to Business and Technology – JoAnna Arms, Business and Technology – Emma Lai Tyam, Business Communication – Lola Walden, Foundations of Engineering – Gunner Johnson, Engineering Concepts – Conner Merrier, Audio/Video 1 – Lola Walden, Audio/Video 2 – Ethan Goodman, Audio/Video 3 – Grace Elaine Swygert, Food Nutrition and Wellness – Travoski Harris, Food for Life – Halli Kate Johnson, Davis Johnson, Lillian Hammond, Carly Salinas, JROTC Army Leadership Education I – Diana Blanco, JROTC Army Leadership Education II – Erin Stanford, JROTC Army Leadership Education III – Alana Canady, American Legion Military Excellence – Samantha Reyes, Scholastic Achievement – Diana Blanco, 9th Literature/Composition – Madison Bell, 10th Literature/Composition – Samadhi Salgado, American Literature—Abbey Marsh, Geometry – Samadhi Salgado, Advanced Algebra– Allie Rigdon, US History- Emma Lai Tyam, Biology – Samadhi Salgado, Physical Science – Madison Bell, Chemistry – Allie Rigdon, Spanish I – Samadhi Salgado, Spanish II – Samadhi Salgado, Health/Personal Fitness – Rashad Smith, Weight Training—Ab Marsh

Academic E

Students must have been on Honor or Star Honor Roll for the first three grading periods and must have an overall average of 93 or higher.

9th grade: Dylan Akridge, JoAnna Arms, Madison Bell, Lily DeLeon, Davis Johnson, Gunner Johnson, Steven Johnson, Slayden Lanigan, Clay Lawrence, Aaron Matthews, Aniston O’Dell, Jayden Purvis

10th grade: Melvin Akridge, Jaiyden Brown, Lillian Hammond, Braiden Hooks, Raylin Hudson, Samadhi Salgado, Carly Salinas, Lola Walden, Hailey Way

11th grade: Michaela Barquet, Alana Canady, Parker Frederick, Ethan Goodman, Kinley Grimes, Destine Hirschy, Halli Kate Johnson, Cayden Jones, Madalyn Jones, Jayna Kearson, Emma Lai Tyam, Emma Lawrence, Gabriel Lee, Abbey Marsh, Oisin Matthews, Jacob Q McBride, Allie Rigdon, Janna Scott, JaMyra Shivers, Grace Elaine Swygert, Sean Wilkerson