ECSO Reports - Nov. 9, 2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 1

Deputy talked with complainant’s wife over the phone and she stated that someone hacked into their phone and internet through AT&T and it had shut down. C/p stated that her husband had suspicious activity on his Citibank credit card. C/p got a new card but was instructed not to activate it.

Deputy was patrolling the area of GA4 and I16 looking for a stolen vehicle that had been reported by a neighboring county. While looking for the vehicle, another vehicle was spotted with the driver not wearing his seatbelt. A traffic stop was initiated and contact was made with the driver. Driver had a suspended license for failure to appear, driver was arrested and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

Deputies responded to Old Wadley Rd in reference to someone shooting by c/p’s house. Upon arrival c/p stated that he was sitting in his truck waiting on his son to get home and noticed a light in the field located at the rear of his residence. C/p got out and yelled at the shooters, they ran. Deputies patrolled the area and did not see anyone, but did notice several spent shotgun shells in the front yard of a residence and made contact. The woman stated that her boyfriend and his friends were shooting birds earlier, but were not home now. She was informed that discharging a firearm or hunting is prohibited within 50 yards of the road.

November 2

Deputy responded to Lanigan Rd to assist Fire Services with traffic control on vehicle fire involving heavy equipment owned by the Emanuel County Road Dept.

C/p stated she noticed the tag missing from her vehicle.

Deputy responded to GA4 MM 22 in reference to a vehicle vs deer. Upon arrival deputy met with c/p who was travelling north on GA4 when a deer made its way into the roadway. The driver was unable to avoid the collision with the animal where the vehicle suffered moderate damage, but was still drivable.

November 3

C/p stated that she hit a deer with her vehicle after it left the shoulder of the roadway and entered her lane of travel. Vehicle had damage to the driver’s side headlight, bumper, grill, and hood.

Deputy was dispatched to HWY 56 N in reference to an animal collision. Upon arrival deputy met with c/p who stated that while she was headed northbound on HWY 56 N a deer ran out in front of her and she hit it, causing damage to the front of her vehicle. C/p was able to drive vehicle home.

Deputy was dispatched to Page Garrett Rd. in reference to a vehicle vs. animal. Upon arrival deputy met with c/p who stated that several deer ran out and hit his vehicle. There was damage to the passenger side headlight, down the passenger side of the vehicle, and the rear passenger seat tire flat.

Deputy received a call to Twin City in reference to a subject threatening dogs. Upon arrival deputy spoke with c/p and he stated the offender showed up at his residence and told him he had his dogs on a deer cam on the land he was hunting and that he better do something about putting them up or he was going to kill them. C/p stated the offender had an attitude and was telling him what he better do and that he was only going to give his two more warnings.

Deputy was dispatched to HWY 1 North for a vehicle vs. deer collision Upon arrival deputy met with c/p who stated that he had hit the deer causing damage to the front of his vehicle.

November 4

Deputy met with complainant on Bowen Dr. in reference to a nuisance animal. While speaking with deputy, c/p advised offender had stolen an ATV from her weeks prior. C/p stated offender was interested in buying the ATV and she told him he could have it for $800 but it would remain at her residence until it was paid for in full. C/p allowed offender to borrow the ATV and is now refusing to return it, and has only paid $100 and stated he would pay weekly until it’s paid off.

Deputy was made aware that offender had an active probation warrant for his arrest. Contact was made with offender on Waller Wood Cir. and taken into custody.

Deputy was alerted by his tag reader that a vehicle had an expired registration, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy made contact with the driver and was provided a driver’s license for TN that expired in 2006 and was advised that he knew it was expired. Offender also advised that he moved to GA 20 years prior. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

November 5

Deputy was called to a domestic dispute with shots fired on Harrington St.  Upon arrival, deputy found c/p holding offender down on the ground by his throat. Deputy then handcuffed offender for safety reasons until he could find out what was going on. Deputy asked complainant about the incident and he stated no one shot a gun but offender pushed victim/offender’s girlfriend. Victim had left the scene and was not able to be located. Deputy then talked with the other c/p, offender’s mother, who stated the victim went inside and told her she was leaving because she was tired of offender putting his hand on her. Victim went back outside and c/p heard arguing so she and the other c/p went outside to see what was going on and offender was arguing with victim and she left. Offender then got in c/p’s car and tried to leave and got into a tussle with c/p’s for the keys. C/p had to take offender to the ground. Deputy tried to talk to offender but he wouldn’t calm down and got more agitated. Offender got out of prison 4 weeks prior and is on parole, and c/p believes he is back on drugs. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to St. Galilee Rd. in reference to a possible eviction. Complainant advised his landlord passed away a few weeks ago and the rental property was being taken over by the landlord’s son. C/p stated he talked to the landlord’s son about receiving a late rent payment and advised that he was working out of town. C/p advised he received a call from a neighbor that the landlord’s son was loading c/p’s belongings onto a trailer and clearing the property.

November 6

Deputies responded to Club Rolex in reference to loud music and a possible fight. Contact was made with security and they advised no incident reported and music could not be heard from the parking lot.

Deputy was dispatched to Brooker St. for a locked vehicle.

Deputy was dispatched to Hook’s Grocery to meet with complainant in reference to vehicle damage. C/p stated a plastic trash can fell out of the bed of offender’s truck and he was unable to avoid striking it, causing minor damages.
Deputy was dispatched to Christopher Dr. in reference to an unruly child. The mother of the child stated complainant over-reacted to the child being unruly and their services were not needed.

Deputies responded to Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to complainant advising his 18 yo son was threatening to harm himself and left walking towards Stillmore. Both victim and c/p were walking down the road and victim advised he was okay. Victim was evaluated by EMS and they did not have enough to take him to the hospital and he did not want to go voluntarily. C/p advised that victim has anger issues and stated he was ready to kill himself. Victim was transported to Garfield by deputy and released to a family friend.

ET called in reference to complainant going in for medical care after an altercation. Complainant advised she had already called an officer’s personal phone about the fight between her and her sister. C/p did not wish to press charges and refused to give any further details of the incident.

Deputies were dispatched to Bonnie Rd. in reference to a male running inside the residence with a gun.