ECSO Reports - June 15, 2021


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

June 5

Deputies received a call from 911 stating a Treutlen County Deputy attempted to stop a vehicle on Hwy 221 but the vehicle did not stop. The vehicle proceeded to Hwy 56 S in Emanuel County where EmCo deputy met the vehicle and activated his lights and siren and the vehicle pulled off on the side of the road. The driver stated she was going home from attending graduation and wanted to get to a better lit place before she stopped. Treutlen County deputy stated the driver never got over 60 MPH and had her flashers on the whole time.

Deputies responded to a tree down on Old Nunez Rd.

June 6

Deputies received a call about a tree down on Keas Mill Pond Rd.

June 7

Complainant stated that while flying his drone his neighbor went over to confront him about flying it near his house and stated that if it went in his yard, he would smash it with a stick, then left and went back to his residence.

June 8

Deputy met with Metter PD to pick up a subject for a warrant through EmCo, where he took custody and transported him to EmCo Det. Ctr.

June 9

Deputies responded to Long Bay Dr. in reference to criminal trespass.

Deputies responded to Blackberry Trl. in reference to a residential alarm. Upon arrival, deputy walked around the residence and checked all windows and doors. Residence was locked and secured with no signs of forced entry

Complainant stated he noticed his 22 rifle missing from his truck that was parked behind his house. C/o then called witness who is a former co-worker and asked if he would go by his sister’s camper to see if she may have taken it. C/o stated witness called him back and said he talked to a male subject that was at the camper and he told him that his sister did take the rifle to sell for drugs. Witness told c/o he saw the rifle in the camper and knew it was the same rifle.

Deputies were dispatched to Hebron Rd. in reference to a male peeping in windows of complainant’s house.

Complainant stated someone hooked Wifi up on her TV.

Reporting deputy responded to Ed Youmans Rd. in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with the tenant of the residence who advised that he set the alarm off by accident.

June 10

Deputies responded to Old Reidsville Rd. in reference to an unresponsive female. Upon arrival, victim was DOA and family advised that victim had just came home from the hospital and had a stent put in. EMS arrived on scene shortly after.

Deputies received a call about a male knocking on a Hwy 192 S door stating he was with child services. Upon arriving on scene, deputy spoke with complainant who stated offender knocked on the door and asked if there were any kids at home. C/o stated he told offender to get off the property and called 911, and described the vehicle offender was driving. Deputies searched the area and found the vehicle traveling on Hwy 192 S towards Twin City. Deputy conducted a traffic stop and offender stated he has a business of selling children books and he had given the Sheriff’s Office a copy of his business card. Offender was then told not to be back in EmCo attempting to sell the books without a valid business license.

Deputy met with Candler Co. SO to pick up offender and transported him to the EmCo Det. Ctr. for an outstanding warrant.

Deputies responded to Ehrlich Farm Rd. in reference to an alarm call. Once arriving, deputies checked all doors and windows to make sure the house was secure.

Deputy was advised of a vehicle being abandoned on Joyner Ln. partially blocking the roadway. Upon arrival, another vehicle was also observed leaving from the abandoned vehicle. Deputy spoke to occupants of the vehicle and the complainant advised the abandoned vehicle belonged to her. C/o stated appx. 2 days prior, her vehicle got stuck due to heavy rain. C/o further advised the vehicle to have suffered from mechanical issues and was left until she could afford to have it removed. C/o was advised that due to the vehicle being in the roadway partially blocking travel, it would need to be removed and a towing company was contacted.

Deputies responded to Quick Loop Rd. in reference to an active physical domestic between a male and female.

Deputies arrived on College St. for the purpose of serving an order to apprehend on offender made through EmCo Probate Court. Offender was located and taken into custody without incident. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail, then transported to Georgia Regional in Augusta for treatment/evaluation.

June 11

Officers of EmCo SO received a tip on the where abouts of a wanted person who had 3 outstanding warrants. Deputies along with SPD went to an address on Summer St. and made contact with offender, who was placed under arrest and taken into custody without incident.

Complainant stated the tag from her vehicle was lost.

Deputy asked for assistance to help probation with a probationer on Dawson St. Upon arrival, one female was placed under arrest and another female hid from officers due to warrants being taken by Probation Officer. Second offender was taken into custody after hiding on the roof. Both females were taken to EmCo Jail without further incident.

Offender fled on foot when deputies attempted to arrest him for outstanding warrants on McLeod Bridge Rd.

Complainant went to ECSO requesting a theft report. C/o stated she noticed several weeks prior a pair of her workout pants had gone missing She stated she had been allowing offender to say at her residence on Heron Rd. occasionally when offender and their boyfriend would get in fights. C/o asked offender about the pants and she informed her she did not have them. Days later, c/o stated she had a coin jar she’s been saving for some time become much lighter and believed offender may have also taken the change out of it. C/o stated it to be likely several hundred dollars. After noticing the change missing, c/o stated she checked her jewelry to see if any was missing and noticed there was. Offender is said to be the only other party to have access to the residence. C/o stated she believes it’s the offender because eyelash serum was taken from the bathroom and offender returned it after being asked about it and she observed a sterling silver ring with a green stone to be on offender’s hand when she last saw her. C/o stated she just wanted a report about the incident and did not want it investigated.

While assisting DCS Dept. of Community Services on Dawson St., offender was taken into police custody and transported to the EmCo Det. Ctr. for pending warrants for probation violation.

June 12

911 dispatched a call to McKenzie Dr. in reference to unruly juveniles. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant who stated her son’s girlfriend and her children are constantly cursing at them, threatening them, and being disrespectful, and she’s tired of it. The mobile home that the son and girlfriend own sits on c/o’s land and she wants them gone along with the mobile home.

June 13

Units were dispatched to Wiregrass Rd. for a general alarm call. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with a male on scene who stated it was his niece’s residence and they were visiting. He stated they had not been inside the residence. C/o called the homeowner while deputy was there and the homeowner stated they had accidentally set off the alarm when they left.

Deputy responded to Page Garrett Rd. and spoke with complainant who stated her ex-husband had their three children the weekend and they had just got back home to her residence and they informed her that their father would not take them to the grandfather’s house so they walked about 1.5 miles from their father’s house. The children stated offender told them that was the only way they were getting there and he allowed them to walk. C/o stated she called the grandfather who stated he wasn’t even home. C/o stated she wanted a report due to the lack of supervision on the children. She stated offender neglected them in other ways previously and those incidents had been reported.

Deputy was driving behind a vehicle when he observed it did not have a license plate, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped and deputy approached on the passenger side to speak with the driver. Deputy asked for his license and asked why he didn’t have a tag and he stated he had just purchased it the day prior and handed deputy the title. Deputy then asked if he had insurance and he stated he did not due to just purchasing it and the insurance company wasn’t open on the weekends. Deputy then informed offender to get in contact with an insurance company and attempt to get insurance or the vehicle would have to be towed. Deputy then proceeded back to his unit and had 911 run offender’s license and the Vin of the vehicle. The vehicle had transferred registration and no insurance. Deputy was also advised that offender’s license is suspended for several failure to appears. After discovering this info, deputy had offender step out of his vehicle and informed him he was being arrested for driving on suspended license. Offender stated he did not know it was suspended and deputy informed him that the state is not required to notify suspension for failure to appears. Offender asked for his driver’s history be ran because he did not know where the failure to appears were out of and it showed he had been cited for driving while license suspended several times prior.

Complainant stated a vehicle rear-ended her vehicle on Bishop Chapel Rd. and left the scene but she was able to get the tag number. She then pulled over on the side of the road to wait for Law Enforcement and EMS to arrive. After arriving, three occupants of c/o’s vehicle had complaints of neck and back pain and were transported by EMS to the hospital. During the time deputy was out with c/o and witness, SPD was able to locate the vehicle that left the scene. Offender was arrested for active warrants. Deputy spoke with the second offender who stated the vehicle belonged to his cousin and he had possession of it all day but he was not the one driving, but they did not hit another vehicle.

June 14

Deputies were dispatched to Bishop Chapel Rd. in reference to a tree limb in the roadway. Deputies traveled the area but did not locate any roadway obstructions.


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