ECSO Reports 9-7-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 26

Inv. met with complainant at ECSO where she stated suspect stole her car. C/p stated he took it without permission and she wasn’t aware he had it because he had it earlier in the morning when she was asleep. C/p also stated that the suspect has been living with her for a period of time but she didn’t allow him to drive her car and was worried about the damage that had been done to it. C/p advised that she found out by law enforcement that suspect had her car. C/p stated suspect also took a gun from her about two months ago. Inv. was familiar with suspect who attempted to flee in the vehicle from a traffic stop. Inv. made contact with suspect at EmCo Jail and asked him about c/p’s vehicle and he stated she sent him to purchase marijuana for her and also pick up some Adderall that had been previously stolen from her and the person who took it decided to give it back. Suspect stated c/p knew he had the vehicle and she allows him to drive it frequently and advised he could prove she called him several times prior to the chase. Suspect stated it would be on his girlfriend’s phone who was also in EmCo Jail. Inv. then talked with the witness who gave the same story as suspect and allowed Inv. to view her phone call log and it did show conversations lasting six minutes and three minutes to c/p’s phone number. Witness also stated that c/p allows them to use her car to get drugs for her and they had just gone to purchase marijuana and meth for c/p. Inv. stated to witness that he didn’t’ believe c/p uses meth at which time she told him to look inside her phone again and did have a video of c/p using a smoking device to smoke meth. C/p was advised that no charges were going to be filed against suspect due to the information law enforcement obtained during the investigation. C/p was also advised of what it meant to file a false report of a crime.

August 28

Deputy responded to ER in reference to an assault report. Complainant stated she was assaulted by offender after she attempted to remove a vehicle from his yard. C/p was very unintelligent during the interview so deputy was unclear on how she was actually assaulted.

August 29

Deputy responded to Hwy 56 South regarding a vehicle hitting a dog. Complainant stated her vehicle struck the dog that was running across the road. Visible damage was observed and the vehicle was operable.

Deputy met with complainant on Billups Rd. in reference to a theft report. Items found missing were described as three gas cans from a boat. Other fuel cans in question were taken from a near-by shelter with several other high value items that were left undisturbed. Incident occurred at night and the property is guarded by an aggressive dog which led to believe offender is acquainted with c/p.

Complainant stated she’s been renting a camper from suspect and they have not written an agreement, only verbal, and suspect turned her power off. C/p stated that in the agreement for rent, the power was included and stated she had been paying her rent every month.

August 30

Deputy responded to Crest View Trailer Park in reference to a suspicious person on a porch. Contact was made with suspicious person who is known by deputy through previous contacts. Offender stated she was out near the trailer park sometime during the night and advised she needed to go to the hospital. Deputy assisted offender to his patrol unit and transported her to the hospital.

Deputy assisted with an unlocked vehicle at Goodfellas Automotive.

Deputy apprehended offender on Pendleton Rd. with a warrant out for his arrest. Deputy was taking a report regarding an irate individual at the location and from the info he gathered, he discovered the individual in question had a warrant for his arrest from Oct. 2021 for leaving the scene of an accident. Deputy observed offender driving through the parking lot at the location and followed him until the vehicle came to a stop at his father’s residence on Harrington St. Deputy then made contact with offender and confirmed it was him and placed him under arrest without incident. After having the warrant confirmed, offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to the Post Office in reference to a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no damage.

Deputies responded to Harrington St. in Oak Park in reference to smoke coming from the attic. Homeowners were actively spraying water on the eaves and smoke was visible. Shortly after, fire units arrived and the scene was turned over to them.

August 31

Deputies responded to Pendleton Springs Rd. in reference to an older male in the store’s trash can. Upon arrival, no one was found in or around the trash can. Deputies spoke with complainant who stated the older male had just left after being told several times in the past to stay out of the trash cans. C/p advised the victim went inside and advised that offender pulled a gun on him. Deputies then spoke with victim who stated he saw the offender parked in front of the trash can and approached him to see if he needed help and offender said “you ain’t blocking me” and pulled a black semi-automatic handgun from his waist band and pointed it at him. Victim then quickly bac ked up and went inside to establishment. C/p stated offender goes by regularly but never goes inside. C/p also stated that every time offender leaves the area, he goes towards Vidalia area.

Deputies were dispatched to E. Broad St. in reference to a domestic dispute.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 46 West for a report.

Inv. conducted an interview of victim regarding an assault that occurred in the EmCo Courthouse parking lot. Victim stated she and offender were previously in a relationship. Victim stated she needed a ride to court and could not find anyone to provide her a ride so she obtained one from offender. Victim stated they pulled into the parking lot and they got into a verbal argument which turned physical. Victim stated offender back handed her arm and punched her in the mouth twice with his fist. Victim further stated she tried to get out of the vehicle but offender would not let her and drove off and offender threw her pocketbook out the window. Victim stated this is not the first time offender has physically assaulted her. Inv. observed victim with a busted lip and took photographs of her face and lip area and arm.

September 1

Deputies assisted EGSC Police and SPD with a naked female in the pond at EGSC. Offender was observed to possibly be under the influence of narcotics. EGSC Police went into the water, among others, and was able to convince offender to get out of the pond. EMS was requested to evaluate offender and she was transported to EMC ER for further treatment/evaluation. Units were later dispatched to the ER in reference to offender becoming combative. Offender was said to have refused any and all treatment and thumped an ER nurse in the face when refusing treatment. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail without further incident.

Deputies were dispatched to Plumtree Ln. in reference to a residential alarm. All doors and windows were found to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry. Deputies made contact with the homeowner who advised she would reset the alarm.

Deputies responded to Hwy 57 East inn reference to a two vehicle accident with injuries. Injuries were assessed by EMS and GSP worked the accident. Victim was transported to East Ga. Hospital by EMS.

Deputies were dispatched to EMC ER in reference to a patient seeking treatment for a dog bite. Victim stated she was bitten by a medium sized dog in the area of Panther Rd. It appeared as though the victim received a laceration to the inside of her thigh just above the knee, possibly needing stitches.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 East in reference to a reckless driver. Caller advised a truck was swerving all over the road. Vehicle was said to be in the area of Ivey Rountree Rd. when the call was made, traveling towards Hwy 1 South. Deputies traveled the area but had not contact with any vehicles driving recklessly.

September 2

Deputies assisted SPD with a combative female patient at EMC ER. The female was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy met with two parties in reference to a suspicious vehicle found parked and occupied on private property. One occupant was a female subject known to witness by first name.

Deputy took a report regarding a physical altercation that occurred on Pendleton Springs Rd. Complainant stated he was speaking with witness when offender stopped and began yelling and using vulgar language directed towards him. C/p and witness state offender has been upset over the fact that he is not included in the hunting lease that was signed in June. The lease stated that offender was not permitted to hunt on the property in the hunting lease unless he has written consent. C/p stated he told offender multiple times to her in his truck and leave and offender hit him in the face with an open hand before getting in his truck and leaving. Deputy observed redness and swelling on c/p’s face.

September 3

Deputy was responding to a call for service regarding debris on Hwy 192 South and got behind a vehicle that appeared to have a taillight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop to find offender was unlicensed.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on Hwy 80 East due to a car having a headlight out. Upon entering offender’s info into GCIC, it was found that he had a warrant out of Jenkins Co. Warrant was confirmed and Jenkins Co. wanted a hold placed on offender and he was transported to EmCo Jail.

September 5

Deputy responded to Waller Wood Cir. regarding threats being made. Complainant stated she received threatening messages from offender and has an audio recording that was sent by offender saying “Y’all better duck when I come through”. Both complainants stated offender threatened to go to their location and shoot them.

Deputies were dispatched to Tapley Rd. in reference to a physical domestic dispute.