ECSO Reports 8-31-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 22

Deputies responded to Pendleton Springs Rd. in reference to a suspicious vehicle. Store employee advised that around 8pm she observed a vehicle driven by an older male back up to their dumpster, the left and later returned and was parked for about half an hour on the side of the highway and left shortly prior to deputy’s arrival. Employee was concerned the store’s employees when closing. Deputies rode the area and did not see any vehicle fitting the description. Deputy stood by while the stere closed.

Deputies responded to Hwy 80 East in reference to stolen car keys. Complainant advised that he left his keys with his mother and he sold the vehicle but could not find the keys. C/p then stated that he was told that the suspect was last seen with them and she moved to Sylvania. C/p stated he reached out to suspect on 8/21 and she confirmed that she did have the keys and would bring them back but he had not heard from her and was advised of the process to seek in resolving the matter further.

Deputy took a walk-in report where victim stated she had been scammed out of $19,500. Victim stated it all started when an app popped up on her computer. Victim stated it said she needed to pay $499.99 to fix her computer and she attempted to pay $500 and the screen typed $5000 and she immediately tried to delete that amount but could not. She then called the number listed on the McAfee app and that’s when she spoke to offender who stated victim made a mistake and had to pay $5000 or he would lose his job. Victim then stated she was feeling sorry for him and went to WalMart and bought six WalMart cards with $500 each on them. She then gave offender the card information that totaled $3000. Offender then stated to victim that she still needed to get the remaining $2000 or he would lose his job. Victim then became suspicious and said she was going to the bank and offender advised her not to but when she did, she became aware that she was missing $16,000 from her account. Victim stated offender kept calling and harassing her for more money and knew about all her accounts and had her SS# as well. Victim stated that her accounts had been frozen and her banks were trying to stop the wire transaction that had alredy been wired but advised her that she would be out of the $3000 she purchased in WalMart cards.

August 23

Deputy made contact with complainant in reference to a Criminal Trespass incident concerning alleged suspect. C/p expressed interest in obtaining a Protection Order due to an incident that occurred the previous Sunday stating that the suspect took a set of keys that were property of c/p. C/p was advised of the legal process to obtain said order.

Reporting highway deputy was dispatched to Roadway Inn in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages. Deputies responded to Hwy 1 South in reference to a domestic in progress. Upon arrival complainant and witness stated that the offender had kicked his door in and attacked c/p. C/p had two minor scratches on face from altercation. Offender stated witness had come into her home and beaten her boyfriend two days prior. Offender had admitted to trying to fight c/p. Offender was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and then began to beat on patrol vehicles once in back seat. Offender stated after she was bonded out, she would finish what she started and deputies advised her parole officer. All parties live next door to each other and were advised to resolve the matter through the courts.

August 24

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated he was traveling on Lambs Bridge Rd. when a deer ran out in front of him. Vehicle sustained moderate damage.

Complainant stated she has no trespassing signs up and her neighbors keep cutting across her yard in a vehicle. C/p stated this has been an ongoing problem and she made reports in the past. C/p doesn’t know who the neighbors are. Deputy tried to make contact with the neighbors but nobody was home.

Deputy was dispatched to Norristown Covena Rd. in reference to an animal collision. Complainant stated a deer came out in front of him, causing extensive damage to his vehicle.

August 25

Deputy unlocked a vehicle on Durden Rd. in Twin City. There were no incidents or damage to the vehicle.

Deputy responded to Lake Luck Dr. in reference to a complainant stating her neighbor cut down a few pine trees and drug the remains and dumped them behind her wooden privacy fence on her property. Deputy took photos.

Deputy talked with complainant who stated his aunt/suspect is abusing his grandmother. C/p stated that his aunt is a nurse and before his grandfather died, his aunt is always going to the school and pretending for parents to sign some kind of school papers but in fact the aunt is getting them to sign a POA paper. C/p stated they did not find this out until it was time to take his grandfather off of life support and his aunt came in with the POA and overrode everyone else’s wishes and pulled the plug. C/p stated that nothing is wrong with the victim but the suspect keeps saying she can’t make decisions. C/p wasn’t going to say anything until the suspect talked the victim into selling the house he lives in, which is in FL. C/p stated the suspect keeps threatening the victim with jail to get her to do what she wants.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at Little Ceasars. There were no incidents or damages to the vehicle.

Deputy responded to a call on Leman Rd. regarding an unwanted person. Complainant stated offender went onto his property on several occasions and has been told not to go back. C/p stated offender walked through the gate of his residence and was walking around his yard string through his kitchen window. C/p stated that once he and his family noticed offender, offender started beating on the window. C/p stated the he confronted offender in the yard and offender asked for a ride. C/p told offender to leave and he was not welcome on his property. The fence surrounding the residence has several No Trespass signs displayed as well as signs on the gate that offender used to make entry onto the property.

Deputy was dispatched to N. College St in Twin City in reference to threats. Complainant stated his brother/offender called him and threatened to go over and beat him up and stated he was going to do the same to other family members. C/p stated he also received text messages on his phone with threats. Witness stated she heard the phone conversation and saw the messages.

August 26

Deputy observed a vehicle with a defective headlight, at which time he initiated at traffic stop. Further investigation revealed the vehicle had no valid registration or insurance. Vehicle was towed and offender was transported to EmCo Jail to wait for a ride.

Deputy was dispatched to Old Savannah Rd. In Midville in reference to a tree being down and blocking the entire roadway. Victim stated that due to it being dark, she did not see the tree in the road and ran into it, causing damage to her windshield.

Deputy attempted to stop a vehicle for traveling 78 MPH in a 55 MPH construction zone. Upon initiation of the turning his blue lights on, the vehicle accelerated. Deputy notified 911 that the vehicle was fleeing. Vehicle surpassed 100 MPH numerous times and was even talking on a cell phone he was holding in his hand. Once the vehicle finally stopped, the driver was ordered out of the vehicle and placed in handcuffs. Driver advised his aunt was having a heart attack and that’s why he ran, however when deputy spoke to the aunt, she advised she was ok and did not need EMS. Upon searching, the driver was found to be in possession of marijuana. The passenger was arrested for giving false name, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug related objects. A search of the vehicle revealed a 22 cal rifle in the passenger side of the vehicle and prescription pills found in an unmarked pill bottle as well as a box containing suspected meth and a glass pipe. A scale was also seized from the vehicle. Female passenger was found to be in possession of 22 cal ammo, a knife, and a small pipe with marijuana inside. Vehicle was towed and both were arrested with passenger refusing to cooperate and not providing her correct info. While at the jail, the owner of the vehicle arrived and advised that the vehicle had been taken without permission.

Complainant’s tag was taken or came off his vehicle.

August 27

Deputies were dispatched to Reba Dr. in reference to a call of loud music. Deputy traveled the neighborhood but did not observe any loud music or other disturbances at the time.

Deputies were dispatched to Ed Youmans Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be indoor stress sensor. Upon arrival, all doors and windows were checked and appeared secure with no noted signs of tamper or forced entry. Contact was made with the homeowner via phone call and advised of the incident.

Deputies responded to Hwy 23 S. in reference to threats and harassment phone calls. Complainant advised that offender had been calling him from several phone apps and posting stuff about him and his family on social media. C/p stated he has been having issues with offender since the two had a relationship in the past. C/p stated offender has made threats or showed up at his house and made a scene. Deputies advised c/p of the process to seek through the courts to resolve the matter.

Deputy was dispatched to Braswell Blvd. in reference to theft of two aluminum rims off a truck that was parked on Sunset Dr. Victim stated he parked his truck on Sunset Dr. and had been using it for parts and stated he had two aluminum rims in the back of this truck but are gone. Victim stated one of the neighbors said they were stolen by some other neighbors and that his rims were at the scrap yard. Victim contacted the scrap yard and they told him they had rims but were unsure if they were his, but if they were, they couldn’t give them to him without a police report.

Deputies were dispatched to Egret Place in reference to a welfare check. Call was transferred to EmCo from Candler Co.

August 28

Deputies were dispatched to Ogburn Dr. in reference to several 911 hang-up calls. Deputies met with the residents who advised of issues with a cellphone. The residents had been trying to restart the phone due to a technical difficulty and accidentally used the emergency call feature.

Deputy was dispatched to Wanda Ln. in Adrian in reference to a burglary. Victim stated she has been back and forth to Augusta helping her sister who had been sick and when she returned home, her back door had been broken into and her window unit and flat screen TV had been taken. Deputy walked around the house to the back door and there was evidence of forced entry.