ECSO Reports 8-24-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 15

Deputy was dispatched to Amerson Salvage in reference to a male subject on the property after business hours. Complainant stated he got back off a wrecker call and was walking his dog around the property and observed offender walking around on the back part of the junk yard. C/p confronted offender and he said he was looking for a hood to buy. C/p asked offender how he got in the junk yard and he stated he used his GPS and it took him to a trailer (that also belongs to C/p) and he drove through the yard and went across a pond dam to the back side of the junk yard and didn’t see the gate down the road that was locked, and the shop. Gate was still locked upon deputy’s arrival. Offender stated he was looking for a what he needed and when he found it, he was going to look for someone so he could purchase it. C/p has cameras showing offender was looking under hoods of different vehicles. Offender was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and transported to EmCo Jail.

While service a Civil paper on offender, he was arrested for SPD having six warrants on him.

While finishing up a burglary report on Watson St., victim’s wife stated the car that went by the residence was who shew suspected of doing the burglary, and stated he didn’t have a tag on the vehicle. Deputy went after the vehicle to see if it had a tag and found that it did not, so he made a traffic stop. Offender pulled into his yard and deputy went up to the vehicle and asked offender if he had a tag for the vehicle and he said he didn’t. Deputy then asked for his license and insurance and he stated he didn’t have either. Deputy could smell where offender had been drinking some kind of alcoholic beverage and noticed a small bottle of alcohol in the middle seat of the car. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Victim stated someone stole a weed eater a chainsaw out of his utility house and a gas jug out from under his carport. Victim stated he heard his dogs barking around 7 a.m. and got up and looked outside but didn’t see anything. Victim also stated a male subject has been to their house and they don’t trust him. When deputy started to leave, victim’s wife stated the male subject was riding by and he doesn’t have a tag on his vehicle. Deputy got behind the male subject and observed there to be no tag and made a traffic stop.

Deputies responded to Canady Ln. in reference to a dispute concerning parties who are known to each other. While enroute, deputies were advised that a male subject fired some shots within the immediate area and fled into the residence. Upon arrival, Inv. deputies made contact with all parties involved during which time deputies were advised that no one actually witnessed the suspect in possession of a firearm but heard shots from the front lawn where suspect was seen. Further investigation revealed that an argument ensued over the property line of the path into the residential area which suspect claimed twelve feet of it was his. When questioned in the firearm incident, suspect stated he fired some rounds into the ground in the front lawn because he was tired of being harassed by the other parties. Suspect further stated that the aforementioned incident was also caused after complainant drove by his residence multiple times revving his motor on his truck and making harassing comments. All parties were separated with no charges pending against suspect.

Suspects were taken into custody and transported to EmCo Det. Ctr. for further processing at the request of the Dept. of Community Supervision.

August 18

Deputy took a report from complainant who stated about a month ago he had to call paramedics to his home and while they were loading him in the ambulance, witness who is c/p’s friend, and offender were still inside his home. C/p stated that witness stated she saw offender inside c/p’s bedroom in the dark using his cellphone flashlight and asked what he was doing and he laughed and said nothing, and left the home. C/p said that later on, witness stated c/p’s gun was missing while he was in the hospital. C/p spoke to offender and told him to return his gun and he would not press charges and offender stated he did not have it. Later on, c/p stated someone showed him pictures of offender posting on social media with his gun.

Complainant stated his employer/offender threatened to put a bullet in him. C/p stated his employer also owes him two weeks of pay.

Deputies were dispatched to Caraway’s Pawn Shop in reference to a business alarm. Motion was advised to be the storage area. Upon arrival, all doors and windows were checked and appeared to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.

August 19

Deputies were dispatched to Wiggins Rd. in reference to an unwanted person.

Deputy transported offender from EMC to EmCo Jail due to outstanding warrants.

Deputy arrested offender on an outstanding warrant and transported him to EmCo Jail without incident.

Victim stated he was following a dump truck on Hwy 57 when a rock flew up and broke his windshield. Victim stated what company the dump truck belonged to.

August 20

Deputy responded to Old Boatright Rd in reference to several 911 hang-up calls. Deputy met with the homeowner and advised her of the incident and learned that it was a small child playing with a 911 only phone.

Deputies assisted GSP with a single vehicle MVA with minor injuries on Badger Rd.

August 21

Deputy responded to Watson Rd. in reference to complainant stating he observed a county road sign across the road from his house had been struck by a vehicle. County Dept. was advised of the damaged sign.

Deputy responded to Ivey Roundtree Rd. regarding a missing person. Complainant stated his ex-girlfriend had not been seen since the day prior. On 8/22, deputy received a call from NCPD who stated he located offender and made contact with c/p letting him know she was okay.