ECSO Reports 8-10-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 1

Complainant went to ECSO to file a report for harassing and stalking. Deputy spoke with c/p who stated the Bulloch Co. SO told her to file a report at ECSO. C/p lives in Statesboro and a friend had court in Em. Co. and offender went to the courthouse and was riding around her vehicle harassing them. C/p has video evidence of the encounter. C/p also sated this is an ongoing problem that has been going on for some time. She also has text messages from offender threatening her.

Complainant stated she was traveling North on US 1 bypass when a rock came off the back tires of a semi-truck and struck her windshield, causing it to crack.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle at Hotset.

August 2

Deputy assisted SPD on a search on Mary Ann St. Deputies received verbal consent to conduct a search of the residence and property for possible stolen property. A shed on the property was searched and pictures were taken of the items inside. Deputy then proceeded to search the inside of the residence and took pictures of items that could be stolen. Photos were sent to Inv. for further investigation.

Deputy responded to Leman Rd, Vidalia, regarding a dog bite. Deputy spoke with offender who stated complainant entered her home uninvited and was bitten by her dog. Offender said c/p entered the kitchen of her residence where her chihuahua was with her litter of 3-week-old puppies and before she could warn c/p not to get close to her dog, the dog bit/scratched her lower thigh. When deputy spoke with c/p, she stated she was invited into the residence and was in the kitchen when the dog left the living room and entered the kitchen and bit her. The area of the bite appeared to be a superficial would that broke the skin and drew blood.

Deputy responded to Mt. Zion Church and met with complainant who stated suspect was hired to run a weed eater while she and her husband cut the grass on a riding mower. C/p stated the landowner hired them to landscape and advised them to stop cutting grass and return later due to the heat. C/p returned to find the suspect cutting grass on the riding mower.

Deputies responded to Strawberry Cir. in reference to a report of criminal trespass. Contact was made with complainant who stated she was notified by her neighbor that they observed a male subject run from her residence. C/p then produced surveillance footage of the incident. The video showed a slender male walk up on the porch, turn and walk to a nearby patio, then leave the property. Deputy stopped outside to try and find foot prints in the dirt roadway and observed a slender male subject walking down the road near the incident location that fit the description of the unknown offender. Deputy approached the subject and asked if he went to the incident location earlier to which he replied yes. C/p immediately recognized the offender as the nephew of her neighbor. C/p then contacted her neighbor and informed him of the incident. Deputy asked offender what he was doing at c/p’s residence and he stated he was looking for his ID and wallet that he thought he lost the day prior, and stuck with the same statement until his uncle arrived. Offender then asked to speak with deputy in private to tell him the real reason for trespassing and stated he smokes cigarettes and was looking for butts in the yard and on the porch but was not intending to take anything from the property. Deputy then issued a verbal Criminal Trespass warning to offender and advised him that he could face criminal charge of criminal trespassing if he returned to the property without permission.

August 3

Deputies responded to Hebron Rd. in reference to damage property and an unwanted person. Complainant advised her boyfriend/offender broke her iPhone and was refusing to leave until minutes prior to deputy’s arrival. C/p did not know the value of the phone and was advised of the process to seek in resolving the matter further through the courts.

Deputies were dispatched to Woodchuck Rd. in reference to a tree down in the roadway. County Road Dept. was contacted for removal.

August 4

Deputy was dispatched to EmCo Jail in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputies were dispatched to Kemp Rd. in reference to a possible burglary as well as suspicious vehicles being left on the property.

Deputy was dispatched to Glenwood Rd. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Victim stated that one of the offender’s workers parked her work vehicle on his property. Upon deputy’s arrival, the vehicle was moved. Victim wanted to make a report because the offender is his ex-sister-in-law.

Deputies responded to McKenzie Dr. in reference to suspected illegal drug activity.

Deputy was dispatched to Soloman St. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputy responded to Taco Bell in reference to damage to property. Complainant stated he had permission to wash his laundry at a residence on Lambs Bridge Rd. and stated the offender put chemicals in with his laundry that damaged them. C/p valued the damaged clothing to be between $400 to $500. C/p was advised to handle this through Magistrate Court.

August 5

Deputy spoke with victim on the phone in reference to an incident that took place at Family Dollar. Victim stated she was there and the offender went in and saw her and took her phone and left. Complainant stated she has an active TPO against offender.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a vehicle that was found to have been damaged with yellow paint due to road work that was in progress. Damage consisted of yellow reflective paint found along the driver side wheel walls.

August 6

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 57 East in reference to damage to property. Deputy spoke with c/p who stated he was getting ready to go on a date with a lady when a female came up and started an argument with him. C/p stated he had been having a sexual relationship with offender but said he told her she had to leave but she wouldn’t C/p stated he left and went to town and when he got back, he thought offender was gone but as he was pulling in, offender came out of his house and started another argument and threw a bottle at him. C/p said offender left in his truck and had it for a day or two. When c/p walked in his house, he noticed several liquor bottles had been busted on the kitchen floor and the glass out of a door had been busted out. C/p stated he believes some lottery tickets were missing but nothing else at the time. C/p stated he wants his truck back and wants a TPO but not press charges. A look-out was put on the vehicle.

Deputy received a call to McKenzie Dr. in reference to a male that was out of it like he had taken something. Deputy spoke with complainant, who is the father of offender, who stated he had been like that for about 20 minutes. Offender was on the back porch and was breathing but was not conscious and alert. After being there about five to seven minutes, offender came around and was talking and acting fine. EMS arrived and offender stated he was fine, that he had taken two shot of opms extreme, but hadn’t taken anything else. Offender refused treatment from EMS and stayed at the residence with his father. Deputies assisted GSP with a tractor trailer fire on I16.

Deputy was dispatched to Miller Dr. in reference to an eighteen-year-old male experiencing a mental crisis and becoming aggressive. Deputy requested for SPD officers to standby with the parties until he could return from a fire on I16. Upon deputy’s arrival, the male subject voluntarily got in the ambulance and was transported to EMC for evaluation. Officers advised deputy that they spoke with the male subject and stated he seemed fine and not in any type of mental health crisis, and stated the male subject advised that he just did not get along with his father.

August 7

Deputy met with complainant on Dellwood Main St. in reference to a call that came through ECSO concerning suspect who entered onto the property unannounced and acted in a strange behavior that caused a scene with the tenants of said property. Suspect in question in known to be mentally ill. Deputy attempted to locate suspect with negative contact.

Deputy was dispatched to I16 in reference to naked man walked. Deputies made contact with him and he was disoriented and had a knot on his forehead. Deputy had 911 dispatch EMS and told them he would meet them at Red Roof and transported offender to meet them. While enroute, deputy was asking questions and he could tell his name and DOB but couldn’t answer questions about what day of the week it was and who was the president. Deputy ran him by name and DOB and was able to get his address and social and he had no warrants. Once EMS arrived, they transferred him and was able to get his father’s phone number. Deputy called his father and he said he had been hitchhiking to FL to his uncle’s house, and he was going to get a plane ticket and fly down and pick him up. EMS transported his to ER and they ran tests and he had no drugs in his system, and was later released. Deputy responded to a call regarding a dispute about child custody. Around 11 p.m., Complainant stated she was allowing her daughter to stay at her house so she could see her children because she has legal guardianship of offender’s children, and offender became irate when she wouldn’t let her see the children unsupervised. Per court order, offender is not allowed to see the children unsupervised and c/p stated offender was yelling and upsetting the children and was asked to leave. C/p stated offender was not allowed at her residence anymore. Offender was not present when deputies arrived.

Deputy met with complainant on Bowen Dr. in reference to a damage to property incident. Damage consisted of a disabled dead bolt lock to the back door of the residence that is believed to have been caused by an attempted burglary. Damage found consisted of pry marks on the outside of the key pad that was sufficient enough to disable to key and lock form proper use. Deputy responded to Sandhill Rd. in reference to a dispute that ensue over a letter that the female found in the residence that involved another female that the male subject was involved with. Both parties advised they are in the process of a divorce. Deputy was involved in a foot pursuit while assisting another agency. Deputies stopped on New ST. to assist with a call SPD was responding to. Offender was told not to leave on the belief that he had drugs in his possession and he did not listen to commands and started to run when deputy began to pursue him. Offender ran from New St. to Gumlog Rd. and finally stopped after he entered the wooded area, then complied to deputy’s commands so he could be placed into custody. During the pursuit, offender dropped a small black bag which contained a loaded 9mm pistol, a small bag of white powder substance, a small leafy green substance believed to be marijuana, small clear baggies, a scale, and rolling papers. The bag was recovered by SPD K-9 unit.

August 8

Inv. was located at ECSO for the purpose of meeting with complainant and his daughter. C/p advised that he had previously given offender notice not to enter onto his property and that offender has been arrested for trespassing. C/p explained that his wife heard their daughter screaming for help and when the mother opened her front door and looked towards their daughter’s residence, offender was exiting the house and when he saw victim’s mother, he held out his arms as if he was asking what she was going to do. C/p asked for offender to be arrested for trespassing again. Offender is currently on bond and part of his bond condition was that he not have any contact with victim and he was not to enter or be near the property. Victim stated offender showed up at her residence and was told several times to leave. Victim said she left to take her children to school and when she returned, offender was still there and she again told him to leave. After several attempts to get offender to leave, the two began to argue which resulted in offender striking victim in her head and body with his fist. Victim stated offender shoved her into a glass cabinet door, shattering the glass. Victim received numerous deep cuts and scarring to her left leg and knee. Victim stated she was screaming for help and begging offender not to hit her again. Offender was to have gathered his belongings and left the house. Victim stated she was sure offender was high on drugs. Victim stated that on Aug. 1, offender went to her house and they argued about him being there. During the argument, offender told victim that is she went to any law enforcement agency or officer and talked about his criminal activity, he would burn down her house and property and her father’s house and property.

Deputy was dispatched to Marilyn Dr. in reference to a fight that had already occurred. Male subject had blood coming from his head and he was very intoxicated. Offender had left the residence and was sitting down the road. Both witnesses stated the male subject hit offender first and offender struck him one time and the male subject fell back and hit his head. EMS was called and the male subject was checked out and stated he was fine and didn’t need medical attention. Male subject stated he was going back in the house and go to bed and didn’t want to press any charges.