ECSO Reports 7-6-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office...

June 27

Deputy was patrolling Hwy 297 when his tag reader alerted a vehicle with expired registration. It was verified, at which point deputy was informed the tag expired in April. Deputy initiated a traffic stop and informed the driver why she was being stopped and asked for her license. Driver provided her license and they came back suspended for failure to appear and the vehicle did not have active insurance. Deputy returned to the driv- er side of the vehicle and informed the driver of the findings and asked her to exit the vehicle, and he was informed that she had a small child in the back seat. Deputy asked the driver to have someone come get the child. Driver contacted her moth- er and the child was turned over to her. The driver was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy assisted EMS and Oak Park Fire Dept. and First Responders with a medical call on I16. Patient slipped out of a wheelchair while traveling and needed lift assistance. Patient was checked by EMS and assisted back into a secure position in the wheelchair.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 North in reference to a caller stating she heard someone in the loft of her apartment.

Deputies responded to Redbud Ave. in reference to a child custody issue, where the daughter pulled a knife on complainant. Complainant advised she had been argu- ing with suspect and asked her to leave for the night and suspect started leaving and was trying to take her kids. C/p advised her daughter and two kids live with her and her daughter has custo- dy but c/p didn’t want the kids to go with her. Deputies questioned about the knife and both parties advised a kitchen knife fell off the table while arguing and sus- pect picked it up and never threatened anyone with it. Deputies spoke with suspect and she advised she and c/p had been arguing and she was just leaving and taking her kids to her boyfriend’s house in Wadley Suspect did have a 9mm in her vehicle that was registered to her and she secured it before leav- ing with the kids. Deputies advised c/p that since her daughter has custody and both are minors, they had to go with her and she was solely responsible for them. Neither party wished to press charges and suspect left the property with her children.

911 dispatched a call to Foljambi Ln. in reference to a theft. Victim stated a 4-wheel- er was taken from her yard sometime between 6/27 and 6/30. Inv. was notified.

June 28

Deputies were dispatched to Scuffletown Rd. in refer- ence to a domestic dispute. Deputies met with the parties and complainant/offender stated she wanted her son and his girlfriend removed from the residence. C/p stat- ed offender is disrespectful towards her and cusses her. The two were advised to have been in a verbal alter- cation prior to deputies being called. Deputies were advised offender had been living at the residence for appx. three months, since being released from prison. Witness was advised to have been living at the residence for appx. one month. C/p stated several times she wanted the two removed from her residence and was advised deputies could not make them move out, and was referred to Magistrate Court. The two would argue each time the other spoke and had to be directed by deputies to allow the other to speak without interruption. The two debat- ed on who pays what bills, which they were advised was insignificant to the rea- son deputies were called to the residence. C/p further advised she was not running a motel referring to sexual activity between offender and witness. It was appar- ent that they could not speak without arguing about what

was said. Deputies advised all parties to avoid communi- cating with each other for the night and tot stay away from each other. C/p again stat- ed she wanted offender and witness out of the residence and was advised again of the Magistrate process. Parties eventually agreed to stay at the residence peacefully for the night.

Complainant stated she loaned her vehicle to offend- er and he has failed to return it. Cp stated she did not wish to press charges but wants her vehicle back.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 23 North in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be a kitchen glass break with no contact with key holder being made. Residence and curtilage were checked and appeared secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.

Deputies were dispatched to Forest Creek Dr. in refer- ence to a complaint of a male driving recklessly through the area on a dirt bike. C/p stated the male lives at a neighboring residence and rides his dirt bike through the area every evening. C/p stated the dirt bike to be very loud, causing a disturbance for him and other residents in the area. C/p further advised the male rides recklessly, pop- ping wheelies and at a high rate of speed. Deputies spoke with the male subject and his mother, advising them of the complaint. Deputies advised the subject to refrain from ridding the dirt bike in the manner described by c/p.

Deputies were dispatched to Williams Rd. in reference to a dog bite. Victim was said to have been playing in the yard with several children when she was bit by a dog owned by offender. Witnesses advised the child had been dragged through a portion of the yard by the dog. Victim did appear to have bruising, bite marks, and scratches to her leg. It did not appear as though the bite broke the skin and the injuries were only minor. Offender was advised to be out of town working at the time so family members retrieved the dog from the location.

Deputies responded to Hwy 80 West in reference to a single vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Vehicle drove of the roadway and struck several DOT signs and finally came to rest in the ditch. Deputy discovered the vehicle unoccupied and sec- onds later, a vehicle pulled up to the scene and victim advised the vehicle was hers. Upon further investigation, victim stated that her boy- friend had taken the car minutes prior to the accident after an argument between the two. Victim did not know offenders birth date or any other identifying info and never called offender while on scene. Victim did not wish to press charges and deputies then found a small baggie in the driver side window containing a green leafy sub- stance. After questioning the victim, she denied having any knowledge and the marijua- na was taken and destroyed. Vehicle sustained major dam- age and was towed.

Deputy responded to James Morris Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. All doors and windows were secured and no signs of forced entry were observed.

Deputy met with com- plainant in reference to a theft report. C/p stated he discovered one Scag Zero- turn mower had been taken from the property and it could have happened in the early morning hours the pre- vious Sunday. C/p would further state that he and his wife would have been in church that Sunday and that’s known to others.

Deputy met with com- plainant at ECSO in refer- ence to damage to her vehi- cle. C/p stated she does not know where her vehicle got hit at, but has damage to the passenger rear bumper area.

Contact was made with complainant in reference to a damage to property report. Property in question is described to be the entrance gate to NexGen.

Deputies were dispatched

to Hwy 1 South in reference to a call of a reckless driv- er. Caller advised the tractor trailer was all over the road. Deputies were out on a call and was unable to respond at the moment but were advised by 911 that it pulled into a lot on Bus. 1 and parked.

June 29

Deputy talked with com- plainant over the phone where she stated offender went to her home and sat down at their kitchen table and stated he would do work on their home. C/p gave offender $400 cash for materials and offender left. On 6/23, offender texted c/p and stated he needed more money sent to WalMart. C/p did not send any more money so offender had his phone number changed and c/p can’t reach him. C/p stated offender told them he was in law enforcement in Adrian. Deputy advised c/p to file a report in her city also and while c/p was waiting on a law enforcement officer, offender called and stated for them to not press charges and he would do the work. C/p stated she was moving for- ward and wasn’t dropping anything and offender never once stated he would give them their money back.

911 dispatched a call in reference to a domestic dis- pute on Scuffletown Rd. Deputy spoke with victim and he stated that his mother woke him and his girlfriend up complaining about them sleeping on the couch and to go into the bedroom and sleep on the air mattress and was cussing them out. Victim statd he started cussing back at her and she went into her bedroom and came back with a pistol and fired two rounds at him, then picked the shell casings up and went back to her bedroom. Deputy then spoke with offender and she sated she politely asked the victim not to sleep on the couch because it was messing it up and to sleep on the air mattress in the other bedroom and victim got up and started cussing her out and told her to go in her room and die. Offender stated that upset her and she went and got her pistol to shut him up and she admitted firing one round into the floor, not pointing the gun at him. Victim vol- untarily got his things from the residence, along with his girlfriend’s, and left, not to go back. Offender was placed under arrest for agg. assault and taken to EmCo Jail.

Deputies were dispatched to Scuffletown Rd. in refer- ence to a caller advising of an irate subject at the location. Upon arrival, it was deter- mined that the call had been made by a third party who had not been at the residence. Call was advised to be wit- ness’ daughter. While speak- ing to them, it was advised that offenders had been in a brief altercation in the yard. Witness stated offender was pulling the other offender by her hair during the dis- pute. Both offenders stated the incident was only verbal and never became physical. Neither party had any visible marks. Deputies spoke with the caller who began advis- ing of issues between two individuals and was advised deputies had previously been to the location.

June 30

Deputies received a report I reference to damage to a window on Tiger Trl. C/p advised she got home and discovered a stick in a back bedroom window. C/p sus- pected the damage may have been caused by a neighbor that had been cutting grass earlier in the day. C/p also sated she made contact with the neighbor and she agreed to pay for the damage. No other damage was reported.

Deputies responded to Summer St. in reference to a welfare check. Deputies met with offender sitting in a vehicle in the front yard. Offender advised deputies that they went to the resi- dence to check on the owner. Offenders were advised that the owner was currently incarcerated. Cpl. observed the driver to be exhibiting signs of impairment from previously watching EMS use three units of Narcan to

revive offender. While speak- ing to offenders, Sgt. Called EmCo Jail where the owner of the residence is being housed and had a jail officer ask if anyone should be at his residence wo which he stated no and that he did not want anyone there. Cpl. asked of consent to search the vehicle from offender and consent was given. Located inside the vehicle were items belong- ing to another individual who was arrested earlier by SPD for shoplifting. Deputies found empty unused syring- es in the back seat but did not find any other components that would render the syring- es as drug related objects. Both offenders were advised that they were criminally trespassed from the proper- ty and if they return, they could face criminal charges. Sgt. and Cpl. secured the res- idence before leaving.

Deputies were dispatched to Canady Bridge Rd. in ref- erence to a caller advising of a donkey walking in the road. Deputies traveled the area but did not locate any loose donkeys in or alongside the road.

911 advised deputy that complainant wanted to speak to a deputy via phone in ref- erence to a civil issue.

Deputy was traveling on Hwy 192 and observed an abandoned trailer load- ed with a four-wheeler beside the roadway. The tailer appeared to have lost a tire prior to being left at the location. No tag or VIN was found on the trailer for possible owner information. Deputies were advised the trailer and four-wheeler had been at the location for appx. five days or longer. Towing company was contacted to remove the trailer.

July 1

Victim stated he and his roommate/suspect were going down Grande Creek Rd. when they got into an argument about how fact the suspect was driving. Suspect got mad and made the victim get out close to Hwy 297. When deputy found the vic- tim, he gave him a ride to WalMart.

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a motor vehicle accident. No injuries were reported and deputies noticed the odor of alcohol- ic beverage coming from offender’s person. Offender was the driver and one vehi- cle and deputy administered a test on the portable alco-sen- sor and registered over the limit. Offender was arrested for the suspicion of driving under the influence and then advised he had three beers in Atlanta before leaving to drive to Savannah. Deputy read the implied consent to offender for breath and he refused and also refused the blood test. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to a property dispute. Between neighbors. Deputies met with one who stated his neigh- bor moved the property line around three to four feet from where it was originally sur- veyed. He stated he had had continuous issues with his neighbor. Both parties were advised of the Magistrate process and also advised to seek further assistance from the surveying company that surveyed the land.

July 2

Deputies were dispatched to Mockingbird Rd. in refer- ence to a physical altercation between two juveniles and their aunt.

Deputies responded to JM Spearman Rd. in refer- ence to an unwanted person. Complainant advised that her ex-boyfriend/offender broke up with her a week ago and has been living at the res- idence for over a month and the two have been arguing and she wants him gone. C/p stated offender threatened to hang himself if she left him and stated he had made this threat in the past. Deputies then spoke with offender and he advised that the two were arguing over money and deputy advised the eviction process to both and offend- er volunteered to leave the property. Deputy transported offender to his uncle’s house on Glisson Rd. in Kite.

Vehicle struck a deer that entered Hey 46 that caused functional damage to the driver and passenger side doors.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Wadley Rd. in refer- ence to a third-party call of a domestic dispute.

Deputy was patrolling Hwy 297 when he observed a car raveling above the posted speed limit, at which time he activated the antenna of his radar unit to find the vehicle was traveling at 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Deputy made a U-turn and caught up with the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. Upon the vehicle coming to a stop, the driv- er immediately exited the vehicle into the road. Deputy asked why she jumped out and asked her to step out of the road. Upon initial contact with the driver, she would turn away and lot look towards him while speaking to her, and using her car for support. Deputy informed the driver of why she was being stopped and asked for her license. When the driver approached the driver’s side of the vehicle, deputy asked her to take a seat back in the vehicle, at which point he noticed an open box of Modelo inside the vehicle. Once back inside the vehi- cle, the driver began to look for her license inside a small handbag and while doing such, placed a piece of gum in her mouth. Deputy asked how many Modelos she drank and she advised that she had two. Deputy advised the driver to remain in her vehicle while he returned to his unit to verify her identity with the info provided. The info returned that offender’s license is valid but the vehicle had an expired plate since 2021. Upon returning to the offender’s vehicle, deputy advised the driver to step out. Once at the rear of the vehi- cle, offender was using her vehicle for support. Deputy asked if she would be willing to complete a standardized field sobriety or blow into a PBT to verify if she was ok to drive and she agreed to both. After doing the tests, offend- er was arrested for DUI

July 3

Deputies responded to Hwy 80 East in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arriv- al. Fire was on scene with a fully engulfed vehicle and occupants were safely out. Complainant’s advised the vehicle started shaking and the AC stopped and the check engine light started flashing. C/p’s then pulled over and noticed smoke com- ing from under the vehicle and saw flames and quick- ly exited the vehicle. C/p’s stated they were test driving the vehicle from Trinity Auto Sales in Pooler and had noti- fied the dealership. Vehicle was removed by a towing company.

Deputies responded to Sconyers Mill Rd. in refer- ence to a domestic between mother and son.

Deputy met with victim on Hawhammock Church Rd. in reference to a fraud incident. Victim stated he previously was made aware that at least $450 from his SS financial card was unaccounted for. Financial statements indi- cated that several unautho- rized transactions had been made by an identified female. Further investigation would reveal that suspect is known to victim and victim previ- ously resided on King Circle Dr. All transactions had been withdrawn from victim’s account without his consent.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a male stating he is scared. Through previous incidents, deputy knew a male liv- ing at the residence to have mental disabilities. Upon arrival, deputies met with complainant who stated she called 911 and requested an ambulance. Deputy advised 911 to have EMS enroute to check offender. C/p stated offender to have been lay- ing in his bed saying he was scared but did not know why he was behaving this way and wanted him to be checked by EMS. C/p entered the resi- dence and advised offender to come outside to speak with deputies and he exited after

a period of time. Offender was asked if he wanted to speak with deputies or if he wanted EMS and stated he wanted to speak with EMS. Deputies advised they were on the way.

Deputy was dispatched to the ER in reference to a juve- nile who had been involved in a ATV accident. Upon arrival, reporting deputy spoke to the juvenile’s father who advised he did not wish to file a report on the inci- dent.

Deputies were dispatched to Club Rolex in reference to a noise complaint. Deputies rode through the parking lot and made contact with club security and advised his of the complaint and asked him to let the owner inside know. At the time, the club was in the process of closing and a very large crowd appeared to be in the parking lots. Deputies stayed at the loca- tion until all patrons left.

Deputies were dispatched to Findley Cemetery Rd. in reference to a domestic dis- pute.

Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee R. in reference to an animal collision. 911 advised of airbags being deployed, as well as the vehi- cle still being in the road. Complainant stated she struck a deer. It did appear as though the vehicle received damages to the front end and motor compartment. Both airbags were deployed. Vehicle was towed.

July 4

Deputies responded to Hwy 57 West in reference to a stolen vehicle. Deputy met with complainant who stat- ed offender took her vehicle without permission. Offender has been remodeling a stor- age building and living in it in the back yard, turning it into a livable residence but has not installed a bathroom or kitchen area and still has full use of her residence. C/p further stated that her son told her that the offender had been drinking and stat- ed he was not going to stop. Witness then advised c/p that offender took her vehicle and drove off while being intoxicated. While speaking with c/p, deputy observed a small SUV matching the description of c/p’s vehicle slowing down to turn in the driveway and c/p stated that was her vehicle. Offender spotted deputy’s patrol car and sped off. Deputy advised responding units of the inci- dent and left to make con- tact with offender. Deputy spotted the vehicle parked and abandoned on Spaniel Trl. and advised 911 and responding deputies. Deputy observed an open container of alcoholic beverage in the cup holder and a pack in the passenger side floor board. A few moments later, c/p arrived and the vehicle was turned over to her. Deputy then asked if she wished to pursue criminal charges and she replied yes.

Deputy responded to Hwy 1 North in reference to a harassment report. Complainant stated her neighbor is spying on her through the wall in her bedroom. Deputy did not observe any type of electronic equipment in c/p’s bedroom that would/could be used for surveillance. C/p seemed to be suffering from dementia.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 23 North in refer- ence to complainant advising she had been awakened by her resident alarm going off. Deputies performed a check of the perimeter and no doors or windows were observed to have any signs of tamper of forced entry. C/p stated she heard a noise coming from an area across the residence that sounded like something moving inside. C/p stat- ed the alarm motion to be near the rear door. Deputy checked the door and found the storm door and door to be unlocked. At c/p’s request, a walkthrough of the residence was completed and c/p stat- ed everything appeared nor- mal with no signs of anything tampered with. Deputies checked the storage building and area before leaving.