ECSO Reports 7-20-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

July 7

Deputies were dispatched to Island Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute.

Victim states the suspect is her ex-father-in-law. Victim had been staying with suspect for about two seeks until she could get a place f her own. On July 7, they got into an argument and the suspect got hostile towards her so she left. Victim went to SPD to see how she could get her belongings from suspect’s home. Deputy was called to talk with victim and advised her that they would go get her things but if suspect said no, she would have to go to Magistrate Court to get a writ of possession. Another deputy went to SPD and suggested they call the suspect to see if he would let victim get her belongings so victim called and suspect said she could get them when she paid him $200 on the light bill. They had a previous agreement that while she stayed there, she would pay half the light bill. She agreed to pay him when she got her paycheck.

Deputy took a report over the phone from complainant/victim who stated her ex/offender went into her house and took her children’s clothes without permission. C/p also stated offender was instructed not to go back to the house without a law enforcement escort but went back when c/p was at work and used a spare key.

July 8

Suspects/boyfriend and girlfriend had been arguing for about an hour and the girlfriend started the argument about her being jealous of her boyfriend being around other women. Complainant call 911 because she and another suspect are concerned about the girlfriend’s well-being. Concerned suspect confronted the boyfriend about the way he was treating the girlfriend and they got into an argument and suspect left. Suspect went back to confront the boyfriend again and the boyfriend said the suspect took a crow bar back and threatened him with it, so the concerned suspect and girlfriend got into a heated argument. When deputy arrived, concerned suspect had already went back to his residence. The three suspects and witness all work for c/p and live on her horse farm.

July 9

Deputies responded to a call regarding an unwanted person a on Pelican Rd. in Twin City. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated offender had been staying at her residence but she had asked him to leave and he was no longer allowed to stay at the residence. C/p stated offender had not paid any form of rent and was using illegal drugs. When deputies made contact with offender, he was asleep in a chair in the shed outside of the residence and was holding a small glass pipe used to smoke illegal drugs in his hand. Deputy woke offender up and had him set down the glass pipe and placed him under arrest for possession of a drug related object. After collecting evidence, offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy received a call in reference to a theft or lost firearm. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated he keeps his pistol in the door of his truck and it’s missing. There was no sign of forcible entry on the vehicle. C/p stated the last time he knows the gun was there was around June 16, and stated his son drives his truck to work in Twin City sometimes and he might not have locked the door. C/p stated he has looked everywhere for it but he was going to look again and if he found it, he would call.

Deputy received a call to Stokes Ave. in Twin City to assist TCPD with a shooting. Upon arrival, officers and EMS personnel were on scene. When deputy approached the front of the residence, he saw the victim lying beside the front steps on his back with EMS personnel working on him. There were numerous people in the yard and two females on the ground next to each other screaming and crying. Deputies were trying to get the people to step back out of the yard and asked another officer if he had a description of the shooter and he stated “yes, she’s lying on the ground”. Deputy instructed another deputy to help get her up so they could cuff her. Deputies taped off the crime scene and cleared the residence.

Deputy responded to a call regarding a dispute between a couple. Complainant stated her boyfriend was upset because she wanted to go out with her friends and he became irate and would not let her leave. When deputy arrived on scene, c/p and her boyfriend were arguing and would not give her the keys to her vehicle. After speaking with both individuals, the boyfriend agreed to hand the keys over to c/p without incident.

Deputy received a call in reference to loud music at Club Rolex. Deputies were on another call and was unable to get there until 45 minutes later and the music was coming from vehicles leaving.

Complainant stated he parked his grandfather’s truck on Beagle Rd. because it broke down. He stated he locked the truck and went back 3-4 days later and found the truck open and his grandfather’s wallet missing.

July 10

ECSO received a call in reference to loud music at Club Rolex. Upon arrival, patrons had left and there was no music playing. Only people on scene were workers cleaning up.

Victim stated some unknown male called and said if she wanted her daughter alive, she had to give him $5000 in cash but would not say where to meet and that he would mess her up. Victim said she did not have that kind of money and offender said that he knew she had it in her bank account, then hung up. Victim called her daughter to check on her and she was fine.

July 11

Deputies responded to Hwy 297 in reference to a welfare check on victim. Prior to arrival, EMS was dispatched in reference to a male in pain. Upon arrival, victim was being evaluated by EMS and they advised that he was fine and had called because he ran out of his prescription meds and didn’t know how to get them refilled. EMS advised that he would have to go to his primary doctor and he did not show any signs of any illness in order for EMS to transport him. C/p advised the victim’s daughter dropped him off a couple days earlier and had not returned to pick him up nor was she answering the phone. C/p stated the daughter does not look after the victim and only takes his money at the first of the month. C/p stated the victim could not stay with him long and wanted someone to get him. C/p also stated the daughter has a possible open case for elder abuse from the victim and is concerned for his safety and well-being. Deputy spoke with victim’s ex-wife via phone and she also stated the daughter doesn’t look after the victim and the victim has a home but the power is out due to non-payment. Deputies contacted Adult Protection Services.

Deputy received a call in reference to a stolen vehicle. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated the last time he saw his vehicle was around midnight and thought one of his grandchildren had it so that’s why he waited to report it. c/p spoke with everyone that would have it and they hadn’t borrowed it. C/p state the keys were in the ignition and he never takes them out.

Complainant stated items were taken from her vehicle while in her son’s possession. Victim stated the theft most likely occurred while the vehicle was at O’Reilly’s or Chris’ Garage.

July 12

Victim was backed into the shelter to unload trash when the suspect driving a front-end loader backed into the driver’s side of his vehicle. No one was injured.

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 South in reference to an injured cow by the road. Deputies discovered a cow in the ditch and later discovered there was a second cow a few miles north. Both cows had fell out of a moving farm trailer and owner and livestock wranglers arrived on scene and were able to corral both cows without further incident.

Deputies responded to Canoochee-Garfield Rd. in reference to a female that had been kicked out of a vehicle and was walking and needed a ride back to Swainsboro. Upon arrival, deputies didn’t see anyone walking and female had called from a 911 only phone. Deputies then made contact with GSP as he was on traffic stop and discovered the female caller was in the vehicle.

Deputies responded to 2nd Ave in Stillmore in reference to damaged property. Complainant advised she went home and discovered her kids swimming pool had been damaged and she suspected it to be the neighbor’s kids. C/p advised she has done a report with Stillmore PD in reference to other similar incidents. Damage reported slashes in the pool liner and pool pump hose on an above ground pool. C/p requested a follow-up investigation.

July 14

Deputy responded to an alarm call on Old Nunez Rd. Deputy checked all doors and windows which appeared to be locked and secured with no apparent signs of attempted forced entry.

Complainant stated she struck a deer, causing disabling damage to the vehicle.

Vehicle had a homemade tag displaying “stolen tag”. The tag was not stolen – it was expired and had no insurance. While deputies were at the vehicle, a male drove up. Deputy asked if the vehicle belonged to him and he stated who it belonged to. The vehicle came back to another name with the same address. The male subject stated the male he stated the vehicle belonged to was driving it when the tire blew out. Deputy told the male subject not to drive the vehicle without insurance or that would suspend his license. He then stated the male subject that had driven the vehicle didn’t have a license.

July 15

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO to report a lost tag.

Victim stated at some unknown date and time, someone kicked in the side door to a building on her property and the door was broken in half. Her son keeps his work tools in the building and he checked his belongings, but didn’t see anything missing. Victim wanted ECSO to be aware of the incident.

Deputies were dispatched to Rainbow Ridge in reference to a call of a four-wheeler driving recklessly through the area. The ATV was described, as well as the driver. Deputies traveled the area but had not contact with any such activity. Deputies were later dispatched back to the same location in reference to several males in a dark truck throwing rocks at a vehicle at the residence. Upon arrival, deputy met with c/p and witness who advised the vehicle was driven at a high rate of speed before stopping at the end of the driveway. There were two males in the front and two in the bed of the truck who began throwing rocks at a vehicle in the driveway before speeding off. The males appeared to be teenagers.

Deputies were dispatched to Sunset Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute. Offenders stated they had been in a verbal altercation and agreed to stop arguing and stay in their respective areas of the residence for the night.

July 16

Deputy received a call from GSP in reference to an unknown female at his residence. Deputy responded to SR 23 North due to GSP not being home. Upon arrival, contact was made with offender in the driveway. Offender was advising she was trying to find the hospital. Deputy offered the female EMS, however, upon her grandmother’s arrival, deputy was informed that the female had mental issues. Female was released to the grandmother and they left the scene.

Deputies responded to Williams Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised that offender had attacked her and hit her in the head and was refusing to give her car keys and she ran to the neighbors to call 911. Deputies did not see any visible marks on c/p at the time of the report, then made contact with offender. Offender advised that he confronted c/p about cheating on him and she then got very upset and started to hit on him, then started to hit herself, and he tried to separate himself from her and c/p then started walking down the road. C/p was taken back to her residence where she retrieved her vehicle and left the scene.

Deputies assisted SPD with a vehicle chase. The chase began on South Main St. at Huddle House and ended when the vehicle crashed in the wooded area behind Lynn & Bob’s. Vehicle was reported stolen out of Toombs County. Two male occupants fled from the vehicle after it crashed and were not located at the time.

Deputies were dispatched to Cowford Bridge Rd. in reference to a property dispute. Deputies met with complainant who advised she had been blocked in by offender while trying to retrieve her property. Parties were advised of the civil process pertaining to property and offender was advised he could not block c/p from leaving the location.

Deputies received calls in reference to loud music coming from Club Rolex. One caller advised of possible shots fired in the area as well. Club owner was advised of the complaint.

July 17

Deputies were dispatched to Red Roof in reference to a commercial alarm. Motion was advised to be front door entry. Doors and windows were checked and appeared secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry. Deputies responded to Mt. Olivet Ch. Rd. in reference to a burglary that had already occurred. Upon arrival, c/p advised that he left Thursday and returned to find a Vick’s humidifier sitting on the ground next to a bedroom window. C/p then noticed his window had been broken and someone had attempted to break in to his house. C/p then noticed blood splatter on the house, possibly from offender and the only thing that was removed from the inside was the humidifier, but offender did take the screen to the window. Deputies walked through the house with c/p and he did not notice anything missing or out of place. Deputies took photos and contact Inv. and walked around the property for any other evidence. C/p did advise that he had had the suspect do some work for him several times and the suspect was aware of him periodically not being home. Scene was turned over to Inv.

Deputies responded to Moss Trl. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised that she was arguing with her boyfriend/offender, but her left the scene. C/p advised that everything was okay and no further action was needed.

Deputies were dispatched to Beagle Rd. in reference to a third-party call of a domestic dispute. Caller advised of what sounded like two females arguing at a neighboring residence with one female leaving the location walking. Deputies did not locate anyone waling in the area, nor was anyone found at the residence in question.

July 18

Deputy was dispatched to WalMart in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damage.