ECSO Reports 6-29-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

June 20

Deputies responded to Oak Park Ave. in reference to a domestic dispute. Deputies met with complainant who stated offender left prior to their arrival and stated offender has to wear an insulin pump and it has to be change out every three days but he refused to change it and has not been acting normal. C/p stated offender has been lashing out at her and the children and she believes it is due to him not changing his pump. C/p was advised of remedies available and was left literature for the Refuge Center.

Deputy took a report regarding an unwanted person on Hwy 80 W. in Adrian. Complainant state offenders are not permitted to be on his property.

911 dispatched a call to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a burglary. Deputy spoke with victim who stated he awoke to find hi 50” TV was taken from his living room. Victim stated he got into an argument with suspect who had been staying with him and kicked her out and after the incident, the TV went missing.

June 21

Deputy received a call to Red Oak Rd. in reference to threats on Facebook. Complainant stated she had an active TPO against offender and he has been posting things on Facebook about her. Deputy went to enter the report and saw that offender had a warrant for state probation so he went to where offender lives and he was outside and was asked about the things he had put on Facebook. Offender stated he was in his feelings but wasn’t going to do anything. Deputy ran offender through GCIC and he was wanted on the warrant. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail. Threats were sent to Inv.

Deputies responded to S. Poplar St. in reference to a missing elderly person. Complainant stated her husband advised her that he wanted to go to Soperton and she advised him to wait on her so she could put the lawn equipment up and as she was coming around the house to get in the vehicle, victim was backing out of the driveway and drove off towards Treutlen Co. C/p advised she rode all over Soperton looking for victim but did not locate him. C/p stated she called all family members in Dublin to see if they had seen him but none of them had any contact with him. Emanuel 911 issued a BOLO to all surrounding counties. Victim was later located in Savannah.

Deputy responded to Summer St. in reference to a theft of services. Complainant stated the power was cut off due to non-payment and appx. seven hours later, the power company began receiving tamper alerts from the residence. C/p stated he went to the residence the following day and discovered the meter box had a jumper wire affixed to the inside of it in order to turn the power back on. C/p and his lineman crew pulled the meter off the box and cut power to the residence.

Deputies responded to Moss Trl. in reference to a possible burglary. Parties stated they were gone for three days and returned to find the front door slightly open. Complainant and witness stated they remember locking the dead bolt and no one else should have a key to the residence. They stated that similar instances have occurred in the past and they believe that someone is targeting them.

Deputies responded to Scuffletown Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute between brothers involving a firearm. While enroute, other deputies arrived on scene and advised responding deputies that one of the parties left the scene and possible had a firearm on his person. Deputies made contact with the subject, later identified as complainant, who stated he and his brother got into a heated verbal altercation. C/p stated offender started trying to fight him and at this point, c/p told offender that he would not fight him but he would defend himself and brandished a firearm. At this point, offender’s Parole Officer is said to have arrived on scene and began speaking with him.

Complainant stated she was followed back to Swainsboro after having a verbal altercation with a fellow employee at Crider.

Offender was found in possession of two semi-automatic handguns and is a convicted felon and currently on parole.

June 22

Deputy met with complainant who stated he lost his phone.

Deputy spoke with complainant in reference to a wallet possibly being stolen from Dollar General in Oak Park. C/p stated she paid for her items and left the store and realized she didn’t have her wallet. C/p returned inside and asked associate and a female played the camera back and advised that she had it in her hand when she exited the store.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to fraudulent activity. C/p stated she got a notification that her order from WalMart in Ohio was ready for pickup but doesn’t have any dealings with Ohio. The delivery was to a named subject in Toledo, OH. C/p tried to cancel the order but it would only cancel the food order. A tire place in Sylvania, OH was deducted for $200 from her account.

Deputy responded to Beagle Rd. in reference to a theft. C/p stated she found missing clothing and discovered that they had been moved. C/p advised that she suspected two suspects went to her residence while she was gone. The two suspects lived with her for a few weeks and had moved out but she is having a problem with them entering her home when she is gone.

June 23

Deputies, along with EMS, were dispatched to NW Railroad Ave. in reference to a possible overdose. Deputies met with witnesses who advised offender was found in the bathroom suffering from an apparent overdose. Located in the bathroom with offender were three pills. It was unknown how many of the pills the offender took prior to being found. Offender was still breathing/alert but would not verbally respond, just shook her head to answer questions. Offender was transported by EMS to Meadows Regional in Vidalia for treatment/evaluation.

Deputy assisted SPD with an unwanted person on Market St.

Complainant stated that Excelsior got a tamper alarm from Beagle Rd. They went and checked on it to find someone stuck two knife blades in the lugs where the meter goes and were stealing electricity. C/p estimated they stole around $600 worth of electricity and the cost to hook the electricity up.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on E. Main St. in reference to suspended registration. Deputy made contact with the driver and advised him why he was being stopped. The driver provided his license and while speaking with the driver, deputy noticed a white powdery substance in driver’s nostril. Deputy then returned to his unit and contacted Inv. due to the owner of the vehicle having an outstanding warrant for burglary. Inv. arrived and asked the driver to exit the vehicle an began to question him as to who the passenger was and asked for consent to search the vehicle, at which point the driver refused consent. While deputy was speaking with the driver, Inv. was speaking with the passenger, and turned to deputy and informed him to detain the passenger. Deputy detained passenger and while Inv. was speaking with the driver, deputy spoke with passenger who identified himself, giving false information. Inv. then identified the passenger. Passenger was arrested on the outstanding warrant and the driver was released with the vehicle. In the driver’s pocket, there was a used syringe that was disposed of prior to the driver leaving the scene.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to complainant being harassed by offender. C/p stated appx. one month ago, there was an incident involving herself, offender, and c/p’s boyfriend. C/p stated that for the past week, offender has been harassing her as he travels by her residence, blowing the horn, spinning wheels, and revving his motor. C/p believes this is done to harass her due to the prior incident. Deputy spoke with offender and advised of the complaint. Offender sated he had not been harassing c/p, and would be packing his belongings and moving out of the trailer park. Deputies were later called back to the location for the same behavior and offender was in the process of moving from the location.

Deputies were dispatched to Egret Pl. in reference to a domestic in progress.

June 24

Deputies were dispatched to Atlanta St. in Stillmore in reference to a caller requesting assistance with a vehicle stuck in the roadway. While enroute, 911 advised the caller contacted them again stating that deputies could cancel and requested information for a tow service. Deputy was later contacted by the towing service who advised the subject did not have funds to pay for services. Deputy met with c/p and offender and it appeared as though offender had attempted to turn into a driveway and misjudged clearance, causing the front of the vehicle to become stuck in the ditch, leaving it sideways and blocking the roadway. C/p stated he had been contacted by offender requesting assistance and began removing the vehicle as the passenger began paperwork and gathering payment. It was advised that offender did not have funds to pay for services rendered. Offender was advised that the towing service would be removing the vehicle and he could retrieve it from their tow yard when funds were acquired. Offender was transported to Metter where he was turned over to Candler Co. SO and transported to his residence.

Deputy responded to ECSO in reference to a TPO. Deputy met with complainant who stated he had offender’s phone number blocked but was still getting phone calls from her as No Caller ID. While deputy was in the presence of c/p, his phone rang as No Caller ID and deputy advised him to answer it while his body cam was recording. C/p answered and offender made a vulgar statement and c/p hung up.

June 25

911 dispatched a call to Hwy 1 South in reference to an irate customer. Complainant stated a male became very angry because c/p told him he would have to pay for his gas before pumping because of his credit or debit card not working and would not cut the pump on so offender started yelling at employees. On the way out, offender slung the door open so hard, it pulled the screws out of the door frame. C/p got offenders tag # to his vehicle, as well as the camper he was pulling.

Deputy took a report regarding terroristic threats. Complainant stated offender has made multiple threats via text to cause him harm over being with offender’s ex. C/p stated offender said if he sees his ex at c/p’s house, he’s going to make him pay.

Complainant stated they were having a family get-together on Bonsue Dr. and suspect who lives across the road started going over there. C/p stated they would tell him to leave, and he would, but kept going back. The more the suspect went back over there, the more aggressive he would get and was talking all crazy. When deputy arrived on scene, suspect was talking crazy. Suspect asked deputy if he wanted some crawfish because he had some in the washing machine. Suspect kept walking around screaming real loud disturbing the neighborhood. Suspect was then placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

June 26

Deputies responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Deputies met with offender who stated he and his parents got into a verbal altercation over food being cooked on the grill and it ended up with food on the ground and all parties being covered in bbq sauce. Complainant did not want to pursue any criminal charges against offender, so he was transported to another location so he could find a ride back to Swainsboro. All parties were under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Deputy spoke with complainant in reference to a cruelty to animals’ report. C/p stated she went to offender’s house and observed three mixed breed dogs that were extremely emaciated. C/p stated she asked offender if they were her dogs and she stated a vulgar remark against the dogs. C/p then stated she was able to get her hands on one of the dogs believed to be a four-month-old puppy and took it home with her to nourish it back to health. C/p stated she is going back to attempt to get the other two, which are larger mixed breed dogs.

Deputy responded to Bear Rd. in reference to a nuisance animal complaint. Deputy met with complainant who stated the neighbor’s pit-bulls went to their property and tried to bite her little brother/victim, but victim was able to jump in the bed of a truck to get away. C/p stated this was not the first time they have had to deal with the dog going in their yard and trying to bite them. C/p stated on one occasion about eight months ago, her mother was bitten by one of the dogs. Deputy advised c/p of the magistrate process. Deputy then went to the neighbor’s house and spoke with them and advised the dog’s owner that he needed to chain the dog up and put her in a pen due to being aggressive, and advised that if the dog does actually bite someone, he can face civil and criminal penalties.

Deputy was dispatched to Trout Trl. in reference to domestic disturbance. Victim stated the offender/boyfriends’ mother, got into an argument with her over victim stating she didn’t want offender’s dogs in her house and offender pushed her and pulled her hair, knocking her down. Witness stated that was the truth. Victim wanted offender to leave and she didn’t have a ride, so deputy transported her to her residence on Beagle Rd.

Deputy responded to a call regarding a noise complaint at Club Rolex. While enroute, 911 received a call about shots fired. Upon arrival, both deputies were told there were no shots fired. Deputy made contact with the owner and issued a noise citation.

Deputy was dispatched to Club Rolex in reference to shots fired. Deputy spoke with witness who was hired to work security for the club. He stated there was a big fight that broke out inside the club and a couple of the subjects went out to their vehicles to retrieve weapons and he and his security personnel followed them and sprayed them with pepper spray and they left. Everyone deputies talked to stated there were no shots fired. People were leaving calmly and there were a lot of people at the food trailer while deputies were there. The male subject that called in the report of shots being fired would not give his name.