ECSO Reports 5-25-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 15

Complainant stated someone used her phone and called the victim several times, cursing and disrespecting her. C/p stated she wanted to make a report so everyone would know she didn’t do this.

May 16

Deputy responded to Summer St. in reference to an incident that ¬¬¬¬already occurred.

Deputy took a report regarding a stolen set of tires. Victim stated she purchased a set of tires and had them mounted on a truck that belongs to her ex-boyfriend and he agreed to pay the remaining balance when they split. Since the relationship end, victim stated offender failed to make the payments in a timely manner and has resulted in late fees which have affected her credit score.

Offender has blocked victim in order to stop her from contacting him.

Deputy talked with complainant over the phone where he stated his firearm had been stolen.

SPD officers responded to Summer St. to assist ECSO with a call due to deputies being tied up with an overturned log truck. Inv. responded to the call a short time later and was advised by SPD that offender and victim had been arguing and neighbors called it in. SPD officer went on to say that offender threatened to kill victim in his presence. Another SPD officer also told Inv. she was present when offender made the threat. Offender was transported to the jail for an outstanding bench warrant. Inv. advised SPD officer that he would also be taking a warrant on offender for terroristic threats.

Deputy took a report regarding a stolen vehicle. Victim stated that she moved to a new residence and left the vehicle behind and planned on moving it but it wasn’t running right now so arrangements were made to move it. Victim stated the vehicle did not have a battery installed at the time. When victim arrived at the property, the vehicle was gone and stated that the landlord said the car had been removed 3 weeks prior.

May 17

Deputy responded to Tiger Trl. in reference to a dispute. Complainant advised that her and her roommate/offender had been arguing the past few days and upon going home she discovered that the offender changed the locks to the residence and she made access into the home through a window. C/p wanted a report generated in case offender went home and possibly got upset.

Deputy responded to Sam Overstreet Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Upon arrival, all doors and windows were secured and no signs of forced entry were found. A vehicle was on scene and logged with dispatch.

Deputy was called to arrest offender for violating his probation. Offender was located at the probation office when the incident occurred. At the time of arrival, offender was already detained and awaiting transport to the jail.

Deputy took a report regarding complainant having suspect entering her residence without her permission and knowledge. C/p stated she arrived home from work to find suspect asleep after he forced his way into the residence. C/p stated suspect does not have keys to her home and can see signs that he forced his way in the back door. C/p also stated suspect has been watching their children at the residence up until 2 months ago before law enforcement was called to the residence and is now no longer allowed at her residence.

Deputies were dispatched to EMC to assist SPD with an irate detainee. Subject in question was highly combative and inured three officers in the process of arrest. Subject was retrained with the use of belly chain and leg irons for transport to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Complainant advised a bike was taken form an outside building on Overstreet Rd. and believes a known person may be the one that took it. There was no evidence of forced entry and is believed that the 4-wheeler broke down with c/p’s son and was abandoned at an unknown location.

May 18

Deputies responded to Hwy 80 East in reference to an unknown subject banging on complainant’s door and trying to open it. While enroute, 911 advised deputies of the subject’s description and c/p could see a vehicle parked in front of his residence with the alarm going off. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the male subject/offender who stated he was there to see a female and that they had been seeing each other for a while. While offender was explaining to deputies what he was doing there, deputy observed offender slurring. Deputy got within a few feet of offender and detected a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Deputy asked offender if he drove the vehicle to the residence and he stated yes, so deputy asked how much alcohol he consumed prior to the incident and offender stated he had a couple. Deputy then walked to his patrol vehicle and checked his mobile cad to check the name of the c/p to see if it was in fact the female subject offender went to see. C/p was the only name on the cad. Deputy walked back over to offender and placed him under arrest for suspicion of DUI and transported to EmCo Jail. Two breath samples were taken and offender was charged with DUI.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 1 North in reference to offender not letting complainant leave While enroute, 911 stated c/p left and was standing by Blundale Church. Deputy got to the church and spoke with c/p who stated she just wanted to go back to the residence to get her clothes. Deputy asked c/p who the offender was and another deputy stated the city had a felony warrant on him. Deputies followed c/p back to the residence and the front door was locked so c/p and deputy went to the back door and it was unlocked. C/p went in and unlocked the front door and stated the residence is hers but she wanted to leave. Deputies searched the residence for offender while another deputy stayed with c/p to get her clothes. Deputy found offender hiding in a bedroom and instructed him there was a warrant on him and was giving him instructions and offender did not comply. Another deputy went into the room and observed deputy trying to get offender in cuffs and offender was resisting. The two deputies were able to get offender into custody. C/p stated she didn’t want a report and didn’t want him to go to jail. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail and booked on the city warrant.

Deputies were dispatched to Leman Rd. in reference to a report. Deputy called complainant who stated the offender went to her residence and became irate and began beating on the front door and yelling. C/p stated she did not let offender in due to an incident that happened prior. After about 5 minutes of offender beating on the door, she left.

911 dispatched a call to Racketown Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute where complainant called 911 and stated that offender had shot her vehicle. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with c/p and she stated that she went to her residence to get some clothes for her daughter and met offender there to unlock the residence due to them going through a divorce. When c/p arrived at the residence, she and offender got into an argument and c/p stated offender jumped on the passenger side of her vehicle and she took off with offender still on the vehicle. Offender stated he fired a shot into the ground to get her to stop and he then fell off the vehicle and c/p left. C/p went to a nearby store to meet with law enforcement.

Deputy was dispatched to Tiger Trl. in reference to stolen property. Victim stated his girlfriend took his battery out of his car as well as removed the radiator cap and took some fuses out. C/p stated when he spoke to her the day prior, she said she would bring it back but she never returned any of his property and has been ignoring his phone calls.

Deputy stopped a vehicle on Hwy 192 South for speeding. During the stop, it was determined that offender had a suspended license and was instructed to call someone to get his vehicle, as he was being detained. Once someone arrived to obtain the vehicle, offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

While serving a warrant on Overstreet Rd., offender was located and placed under arrest without incident.

Deputy responded to a call regarding offender who was p0laced under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatche3d to Hwy 80 East in reference to a burglary that took place the night before. Victim state she heard a noise around 2am but was too afraid to go see what it was and when she woke up, she noticed that a room connected to her home where her late husband kept all his tools, had been broken into. There was a lock that was screwed on the door but it had been damaged and seemed to look like forced entry. Victim stated it was a toolbox full of an assortment of tools missing.

May 19

Deputy met with complainant who stated she needed a report to get a new tag for her vehicle.

May 20

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a lost tag. Vehicle was said to have been involved in an accident out of state during which time the license plate was believed to have been lost.

Deputy met with victim at Queensborough Bank in reference to a fraudulent check. Victim stated she had been in contact with a male subject on Facebook who sent her a check for $2450 from Infinity FCU in Poland and after depositing the check into her account, the subject had her send $400 of Google gift cards in return. Due to the check being fraudulent, it caused victim’s account to be overdrawn.

May 21

Deputy received a report from complainant stating that offender’s/sons went into her home while she was at the hospital and took items from her residence without her permission. C/p stated offenders took a flat screen TV and a window unit and when she confronted them about it, they threatened to beat her up and burn her house down with her in it. C/p also stated that they pulled their private parts out and were shaking them at her, while taunting her, and have been causing issues with her daughter’s husband that lives next door, using racial slurs towards him. C/p also stated that offenders went to her other son’s residence across from her and hooked up a large water slide to her water pump and she didn’t give them permission. C/p stated when she asked offenders to remove the water hose from her pump house, they told her that is she wanted it off to do it herself, and if she came outside, they would beat her up. /p stated offenders are out of control and would like some help with them.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle no occupants not wearing seatbelts. The driver informed deputy that she did not have a license and upon verification, deputy found that the driver’s license is suspended.

Deputies responded to Island Dr. in reference to complainant advising that he saw two people walking around his neighbor’s house and the neighbor was out of town. Deputies searched the residence and did not find anyone or any sings of forced entry. C/p stated that prior to deputy’s arrival, he heard what sounded like they were trying to gain access to one of the neighbor’s sheds, but after checking the sheds, everything was secured. Deputies rode the area and didn’t find anyone in the area.

May 22

Deputies were requested by Burke Co. SO to assist with traffic control on Hwy 56 North due to a power line being down.

Deputy responded to Dollar General in Oak Park in reference to a back door that had been tampered with. Complainant advised that an employee called her and advised her that they found the back doors open and they suspected that someone tampered with them. Employees discovered the doors open and a box of paper towels just on the outside of the threshold that was wet from the rain. Deputy did not see any signs of forced entry but saw a stack of boxes that had fallen close to the doors and could have possibly opened the doors from the inside.

Deputy responded to Oak Grove Church Rd. in reference to a missing dog. Complainant stated her registered pit bull mix valued at $2000 was missing and she and family members had been riding the area all day and believed they heard him barking at a location when they called his name. C/p stated they made contact with a male subject that lives at the location and he started acting strange when they mentioned the dog missing. C/p stated she believed they heard the dog barking inside the suspect’s residence. Deputy then spoke with suspect and advised that if he did in fact have the dog and refused to return it to the rightful owner, that he could possibly face jail time. Suspect allowed deputy to walk the wooded area around his residence. Deputy called the dog numerous times with no response.

Deputies responded to N. Hall St. in reference to an alarm.

Deputies responded to Culbreath Ln. in reference to an alarm.