ECSO Reports 10-19-2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 8

Victim met with investigators regarding an alleged incident that took place outside of the Starblazer club in Swainsboro. Victim stated offender started an argument and had a gun in his waistband. Victim wanted to make a report in case further altercations occur.

Deputies responded to a single vehicle accident on Bell St. Vehicle left the road and struck a utility power pole that caused extensive damage to property and vehicle. The driver refused medical services.

October 11

Victim states that her and the offender are married and have been having marital issues. Victim had gotten divorce papers, but had to print them off. The couple have a 5-year-old together and offender wanted to get the child on this day. When offender asked about setting up visitation, a verbal argument began. Victim grabbed the child and went back inside her workplace; offender followed her inside and grabbed her right arm and pushed her. Upon arrival, there was a visible mark on her arm.

Deputy met with complainant’s daughter at Sherriff’s office to report tag lost or stolen.

Deputies responded to George L. Smith State Park in reference to a welfare check. The c/p, the victim’s daughter, advised Emanuel 911 that she spoke with the victim before calling 911 and stated that the victim was having thoughts of self-harm and was highly intoxicated. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who stated that he was an alcoholic and needed help. Deputy offered to take him to hospital, but victim went inside and fell asleep. Victim was turned over to EMS and was treated at Candler County Hospital.

C/p stated that he noticed that the license plate that was affixed to his vehicle was either lost or stolen and does not recall where the incident may have occurred.

October 12

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a dispute. C/p advised that she made a report at SPD because her ex-boyfriend was seen sitting next to her house and called her and asked where she was going, then started following her. C/p stated offender followed her through several roads and tried to run her off the road. C/p stated this has happened in the past and believes offender has a tracking device on her phone or vehicle.

Deputy assisted SPD on a call for a vehicle that struck a pole on S. Main St. A vehicle struck a light pole in Tractor Supply parking lot.

October 13

Complainant called the Sheriff concerning two unauthorized offenders on his son’s property. One offender contacted c/p by text on a previous day, wanting to clean his yard but c/p didn’t respond. Offenders took it upon themselves to perform yard maintenance and remove property from a residence on Blackberry Trl. without authorization. Both offenders showed up and produced a bill for $13,500 for labor in cleaning the yard and were told by c/p to attempt to collect it through Magistrate Court and to leave the property. One offender was polite and conversed respectfully with c/p and deputy. Other offender was belligerent, disrespectful and disruptive.

Deputy met with victim on Leopard Rd. in reference to a theft report. Victim stated he discovered building material that mostly consisted of lumber and tin roofing had been taken from his property that is under renovation. Suspect was identified by victim as an employee who has worked for victim and someone who would know the routines and activities of the work sites.

Deputies assisted Mobile Crisis with a call on W. Broad St. concerning victim who was reported suicidal. Subject was transported to EMC for evaluation.

Deputies responded to Hwy. 1 South and Sandhill Church Rd. in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, the vehicle was fully engulfed. C/p stated he was driving and heard a loud bang and smoke started coming from under the hood. Vehicle fire was extinguished by Swainsboro FD.

October 14

Deputies received a report from complainant in reference to suspect returning to her property and also parking down the road from her house. Deputies were on another serious call and were not able to respond at the time of the call. C/p then advised that the suspect left the area and deputies responded to the area but were unable to make contact with the vehicle.

Deputies responded to Hwy 23 South in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon further investigation, both subjects got into a heated argument that ensued over another female that the male subject/husband was involved with. During the altercation, the male subject was pushed by offender and sustained what he claimed was a suspected injury to a recent surgery, along with a minor cut on his arm. Both parties were intoxicated and the male subject was transported by EMS due to the nature of the said complaint. Offender was detained and transported to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated that about three weeks ago, he called about stray dogs at his house and was told someone would be out there that day but they didn’t show up so he called back the next day and they stated they would be out there the following day and they never showed up. C/p wanted to know what he could do about the situation.

Deputy was located on Sheldon Dr. holding the perimeter in reference to a previous call when he was approached by victim who stated someone had been on his property the night before because his horses were let out. Victim and deputy were looking at the pasture and gate, then his pond house and noticed the door was kicked in. Deputies went in and cleared the pond house and the door had indeed been kicked in, with a foot print on the door. Deputy asked victim to step inside to see what was missing and found that appx. $800 worth of items were taken.

Complainant stated offender keeps harassing her on Facebook and is an ongoing occurrence.

Complainant stated she ordered some packages to be delivered to Lake Luck Dr. and UPS tracking shows they were delivered but she never got them.

October 15

Deputies responded to JM Spearman Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated she and her boyfriend/offender got into an argument and offender put his finger against her head and pushed it in and threatened her. C/p stated she packed up her things two months ago to move out but hasn’t done so yet. Offender stated he did not lay a hand on c/p but stated he would hit her back in the heat of the moment but he never would hit her or never has hit her. Offender stated c/p doesn’t work and treats his kids awful and wants her gone because the situation is bad and is only getting worse.

Deputy responded to Griffin Ferry Rd. in reference to a stolen gun. Complainant stated his car had been gone through and his Glock 43x was stolen.

Deputy responded to Falcon Trl. in reference to complainant stating he saw a male subject walking in front of her house and when he saw her, he walked up the road and got into a parked car with the lights off, then drove past her house and went two houses down and turned around and drove slowly by her residence, then left the area.

October 16

Deputy responded to I16 regarding an animal collision. Complainant stated his vehicle struck a deer, causing inoperable damage.