ECSO Report 9-21-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 11

Deputies were dispatched to Fanning Circle and Glenwood Road in reference to a third-party call of a male threatening another male with a gun. No persons were found in area upon arrival. No calls were received by supposed victim.

September 12

Deputies responded to a vehicle sitting and not moving at the intersection of Hwy 57 E and Hwy 1 S Bypass. Upon arrival no vehicle was found.

Dispatched to report of a vehicle sitting and not moving at intersection of Big Creek Road and Willow Road. No vehicle was found upon arrival.

Deputies arrested offender on nine misdemeanor shoplifting for SPD.

Victim states he bought a new tag and before he could put it on his vehicle, he lost it.

Victim states that she has been receiving threatening text messages from the offender. The offender also left a threatening note on her door. C/p was advised of the process she needed to do to take a warrant out on her.

Listed offender was taken into custody for several outstanding warrants. Offender was then transported to the Emanuel County Jail and turned over to jail without incident.

Deputies responded to a call in reference to a driver slumped over the wheel of his vehicle. Upon arrival, there was no car to be found. Later, another call was made in reference to the same man. Deputies had to bang on the window to wake up driver, then performed a field sobriety test. Driver failed HGN and began to resist. He was cuffed and placed into a patrol vehicle. Offender acted out all the way to the jail and then kicked the holding cell door and screamed.

C/p states she rents from the offender who is also her aunt. Offender had been harassing her via phone calls and texts. C/p also stated the offender entered her residence without permission on more than one occasion when she wasn’t home.

Deputy took a report in reference to a man making threats to a woman and her husband. C/p stated that she was allowing her niece and her children to live with her due to domestic violence against her boyfriend, the offender. Offender was upset due to some of their children’s shoes going missing during the move and accused c/p of stealing them. C/p stated offender threatened to beat her and her husband if the shoes were not returned. She blocked his number so that she would stop being harassed.

C/p stated that offender became irate after being caught breaking into his office. C/p said that offender sent word that he was gonna burn the establishment down. Offender was also said to be showing signs of narcotic use. No criminal charges were pressed.

September 13

Deputy initiated a traffic stop due to an expired license plate. Deputy approached passenger side of vehicle and asked for the driver’s license, which she did not have on her. After obtaining information and returning to his car, deputy found that the offenders license was suspended due to a DUI. He informed the offender that she was going to be detained and allowed her to take her phone along with her purse with her to jail, but could not be in the backseat with her. She then asked for her purse to be left with her friend, and it was taken back to her. Passenger had a valid license and took the vehicle with her. Driver was issued a citation for expired registration on her vehicle.

Victim called 911 and stated that she was being harassed vie text messages. Victim had left town and was staying with a friend. Victim believed the number calling was made with an app, because when you tried to call it would ring once and hang up. Victim has no idea who it could be.

Inv. was contacted by deputy with Johnson Co. to ask for assistance with searching and setting up a perimeter on New Home Church Rd. Deputy stated they were attempting to serve an arrest warrant when four individuals fled on foot out the back door of the residence. Deputy advised they observed what appeared to be illegal narcotics in plain view of the residence. Inv. arrived at the location and used an unmanned aircraft to assist in the search of the wooded area. K-9 team located suspect/offender in the wooded area behind the residence. A short time later, another person was located walking in planted pines who was observed taking off running back into a wooded area behind the residence. Johnson Co. deputies were notified and suspect was taken into custody. While at the residence, Inv. assisted JCSO with searching the residence after a search warrant was obtained. Inv. searched a vehicle in front of the residence and found a baggie with a powder-like substance suspected to be heroin or fentanyl.

September 14

Deputies responded to Dellwood Main St. in reference to a domestic in progress. Complainant advised she was arguing with her boyfriend/offender and he snatched her keys from her and hit her in the face. Offender then advised he was holding their child in his arms and c/p slapped him. Both parties admitted to a physical altercation and were both arrested for disorderly conduct.

Deputy responded to Nazarene Church Rd. in reference to an unknown vehicle in the parking lot. Upon running the tag, it was stolen. Deputy advised complainant of the process to seek in removing the vehicle removed from the property.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Dellwood Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be burglary interior front with no contact being made with the key holder. Deputy made contact with homeowner who advised everything was okay.

Complainant stated her neighbor is cutting down trees and dragging them onto her property.

Victim stated someone stole 27 of his Clonazepam pills.

September 15

Victim stated he found out his girlfriend/offender was cheating on him and they got into an argument and she grabbed a knife and stabbed him, so he grabbed her and threw her down. Offender left the residence and told another offender who is her son what happened and he texted the victim saying he was going to the house and fight him. Victim was advised to call 911 if offenders showed up at his residence.

Deputies responded to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a camper fire. Camper was fully engulfed and complainant advised she and other neighbors saw suspect running south on Lambs Bridge Rd. and then noticed heavy smoke coming from the camper. Fire Dept. arrived and extinguished the fire and deputies searched the area for the suspect.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 94 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender had a warrant out of Wrens, and it was confirmed they wanted a hold placed on her. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy met with complainant on Modoc Rd. where she stated she believes she is being harassed and stalked by offender. C/p stated she last spoke with offender on 9/12 via text messages and has blocked him in an attempt to cease all contact with him and she and her husband began receiving texts from an unknown number accusing c/p of cheating. C/p stated she went out of town and believes she was followed by offender. C/p stated she found out offender left work early and was at the Time Save and Raco at the same time she was and believes he followed her from Twin City.

Deputies were dispatched to Long Bay Dr. in reference to offender striking victim with a gun.

Deputy met with victim on Moss Trl. in reference to a theft and damage to property incident. Victim stated suspect took lots of items and did damage to the property that is estimated to be valued at up to $10,000.

Victim stated someone entered his pump house and took his Husqvarna chainsaw. Victim stated he has some new neighbors who live “off the grid” in a camper and are believed to be the ones who took it.

September 16

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a report concerning a vehicle belonging to c/p that was loaned out to suspect and never returned.

Deputy responded to Singh Food Mart in Twin City in reference to a robbery.

Deputy responded to Rustic Grill in reference to a disturbance between former employees and the owner of the establishment. Victim stated she had two former employees pick their last check up when an argument ensued. Victim states she previously told them to be there between 3 – 3:30 p.m. and when they arrived, their checks were not ready and they became infuriated and started cussing her out and shoved her. Victim stated at that point, one of them grabbed her wallet and checkbook but she managed to get it back. Victim advised she wanted to pursue criminal charges against both and wants them criminally trespassed from the premises.

Deputy responded to Redbud Ave. in reference to an unwanted person. While enroute, 911 advised offender became irate and hit complainant’s vehicle hood, leaving a dent in it. 911 then advised the incident was an active domestic dispute mother and son. 911 then advised offender left the incident location running towards Westside One Stop. Deputy was advised by a family member that the c/p left the residence for work. Deputy made contact with c/p via phone who advised she wanted to file a report. C/p stated her son became irate after she told him to get ready to go to town for the day while she went to work. C/p advised she wants to pursue charges against offender.

Deputy responded to Hwy 1 South in reference to a dispute concerning an unwanted person that had initially been invited by witness.

September 17

Deputy responded to Edgewood Rd. in regarding damage being done to property. Complainant stated she discovered a diamond shaped window on the front door to her home was knocked out. C/p stated no items were missing and no other damage was done.

Deputy was dispatched to 5th Ave in Twin City in reference to suspect who was reported by witness who observed suspect across the rod inside a wood line. Subject in question was identified as a robbery suspect who has active felony arrest warrants. Deputy advised suspect the reason and nature of the encounter during which time suspect fled on foot. Deputy gave chase and pursued suspect into a nearby residential area where suspect was taken into custody with physical force. Suspect was transported to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Deputy responded to Ga Hwy 57 East in reference to an alarm. Deputy walked the perimeter and observed all doors and windows to appear secure with no apparent signs of forced entry. Two large bred dogs were inside the residence. Deputy made contact with the homeowner.

September 18

911 was called by Candler Co. SO and wanted to know if they could locate a vehicle that was seen in the area of some burglaries that occurred. No vehicle was observed matching the description.

Deputy took a report regarding a customer harassing an employee. Complainant stated while she was working at Dollar General, offender entered the store and was shopping until she noticed c/p was working. C/p stated offender approached her and kicked one of the boxes of products and stated harassing her. C/p also stated she told offender that she needed to leave and finally did so. C/p stated offender went back into the store and started cussing her out and threatening her.

Deputy responded to Marlynn Rd. in reference to someone causing a disturbance. Offender was walking in the road near the residence yelling and was irate about a conflict. Offender was told by deputies that he needed to calm down and return home because he was causing disturbance in the neighborhood and he continued to act irate and would not calm down so he was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 85 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he attempted to initiate a traffic stop and offender failed to stop and accelerated. Deputy notified 911 he was in a chase and to contact Candler Co. Offender kept heading east on Hwy 46 at speeds reaching up to 110 MPH. Deputy observed an unknown object thrown out the vehicle and notified 911 of the location. Offender sped through Metter city limits going 78 – 86 MPH then going 100 – 110 on Hwy 46. Offender turned on Hwy 301 towards Statesboro and Bulloch Co. SO finally got the vehicle stopped. Offender was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail.

September 19

Deputy responded to Pelican Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant stated she did not want subject on the property anymore. Subject previously resided on the property in a camper by moved out about three weeks prior.