ECSO Report 5-4-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

April 22

Deputies were dispatched to EmCo Jail in reference to terroristic threats. Complainant stated offender contacted him via cellphone accusing him of talking to an ex-girlfriend of offender. C/p informed offender that he was not talking to his ex-girlfriend and he had not contacted her. Offender then stated that he was going to beat up c/p as well as other family members. Offender also stated he will be coming with his motorcycle gang that he is a newly member of in a Hells Angels supporter MC. C/p stated he and offender are step-brothers and he wishes they can talk about the issue but offender continues to make threats of harm via text messages. C/p stated offender has contacted him every day since 4/22.

April 24

Complainant went to ECSO and stated that he is part owner of La Rosita Mexican Store and Restaurant and a person that goes by a name on Facebook posted a public post with the restaurant stating that it was full of illegals and was probably a front for dealing Fentanyl. C/p was advised that a report would be done but to follow-up with his attorney due to no crime being committed.

Deputies were dispatched to Sunset Dr. I reference to items that have been taken from the location. Complainant stated he previously told offender to not go onto his property and that he and offender set a date of 4/30 with ECSO to gather the belongings. However, offender went on the property and damaged both vehicles as well as a trailer. C/p stated he would press charges on offender at a later date.

April 25

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 1 North in reference to a vehicle striking an object in the road. Deputy spoke with the driver who stated he struck what he believed to be a tire in the roadway, causing damage to his steering but it was drivable.

April 26

Deputy was conducting traffic on Railroad Ave. in Oak Park in reference to recent complaints from citizens when he observed a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy made his initial approach and informed the driver why he was being stopped and asked for his license. Driver informed deputy that he did not have a license because they are suspended due to child support. Deputy asked the driver to step out of the vehicle and retrieved his info and verified his statements. Once verified, deputy informed the driver that he had numerous suspensions for child support as well as failure to appears and had a warrant out of Vidalia. Deputy ran the tag on the vehicle to find that it was registered to a different vehicle. He then ran the VIN and it returned with suspended registration and no insurance. Inside the vehicle were numerous homemade knives, tires, and assorted food. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

April 27

Deputies were alerted to a call on Lake Luck Dr. in reference to a possible kidnapping and terroristic threats made against victim. All parties are known to each other and the suspect and witness are biological parents of the victim. All statements and allegations were made by witness to law enforcement.

Deputy responded to Superior Court Probation office to assist probation with a revocation warrant. Deputy made contact with offender and placed him in handcuffs and patted him down. Probation provided copies of the warrant and stated they had already contacted Jefferson County. Deputy transported offender to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Deputy was dispatched to a two-vehicle collision on Hwy 57 East. Deputy spoke with the driver who was later identified as the offender, who had thick, slurred speech and was unable to stay balanced. Deputy did not smell alcoholic beverage coming from her person so he asked if she had taken any narcotics prescribed or non-prescribed and she stated not today, but stated a list of medications prescribed to her. Deputy then asked what caused her to run into the rear of the other vehicle and she stated she was fatigued from seeing her aunt in hospice and didn’t realize she was that close to the vehicle. Deputy then asked offender to step out and perform a HGN and she showed no signs, but was still unable to balance of follow directions of not moving her head during the test.

April 28

Deputies responded to Griffin Ferry Rd. in reference to a vehicle accident called in by OnStar. Deputies spoke with complainant/driver who advised he swerved to miss a deer and lost control, partially taking out a livestock fence that belonged to the victim, and came to a stop in an open field. Driver and witness/passenger did not have seatbelts on and all air bags deployed. Minor injuries were reported and both occupants were transported by EMS for evaluation. The vehicle hade major damage and was towed.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Nunez Rd. to meet with complainant in reference to vehicle damage. C/p stated he was pulling a U-haul trailer loaded with sheets of metal and as he started slowing down, he heard a loud noise and felt a bump to the vehicle. C/p checked the trailer and found it came detache3d from the hitch and struck the rear of his truck. It appeared as though this caused the tongue of the trailer to become wedged between the bumper and tailgate. C/p removed the truck and trailer from the roadway and waited on deputies. C/p stated the U-haul was attached to the hitch by employees of the rental company when it was rented. 

Complainant was served with a TPO/stalking order in reference to suspect. Later in the day, a call was dispatched to Green St. where deputy met with c/p who stated the suspect drove by during which time c/p further advised suspect engaged him verbally with what was described as harassing statements. Incident location is c/p’s residence and place of work.

Deputy responded to Cox Field’s in Twin City for a private property crash report. Complainant stated she went to leave and observed there to be damage to her vehicle. Deputy observed minor damage to the rear end. Witnesses on scene stated they observed a described vehicle hit c/p’s vehicle, get out and look, then leave.

April 30

Deputies responded to Ed Youmans Rd. in reference to individuals trespassing. Upon arrival, there was no one at the residence, however deputy made contact with complainant who advised there was a red mule missing from the yard and stated the neighbors probably got it as it belonged to her uncle. Deputy made contact at the neighbor’s house with the witness who advised the owner of the machine got it. Deputy called the owner and he advised that it was his brother’s property and his brother passed so he went and got it. Deputy made contact with c/p for a second time and advised her of what took place. C/p advised that everything was ok.

Deputy received a call about a suspicious firearm that an individual was trying to sell on Facebook. Complainant advised that he saw the post made by offender and contacted her via messenger. C/p advised that he gathered details on the firearm and asked the seller to send a photo of the serial number and it appeared as if someone had attempted to file it smooth. Deputy attempted to read the serial number I the photo but was unsuccessful. Deputy informed the caller to hold on to the photo as an Investigator may wish to see it on a later date. Caller advised that when he asked the female about the firearm, she advised that she did not have it with her at the time and that it was located at her brother’s house.

Deputy was dispatched to Oak Island Crab House and met with complainant who stated her son/victim was driving on Slater Rd. being followed by a vehicle that was following too closely at a high rate of speed. C/p stated the car followed him all the way to Oak Island where he stopped, and noticed two older males inside the car, had stopped too. The passenger got out and went to victim’s driver side and asked why he was driving so fast on his road – I have kids out there. Victim stated offender then proceeded to try to open his car door, tearing the handle off and then began punching victim in the face and left. Victim called his mother and they went to the residence where they thought offender might have been but they were not there and the property owners stated there was no one there and they did not have a clue what was going on. Deputy asked victim did he recognize any of the offenders and he stated no and that he just remembers a car with tint, two while males, and offender that hit him was bald, shirtless, and had a beard.

May 1

Deputy was dispatched to Club Rolex in Oak Park in reference to loud music. Upon arrival, music could be heard from across the street. Deputy made contact with the owner and advised them to turn it down.

Victim and offender were racing on the track when an altercation occurred. After both parties left the track, and according to the victim, both were going to their pit area and the victim was sitting in his car at his pit when according to victim and witnesses, offender intentionally drove his car into the side of victim’s car, causing severe damage to both sides. Both parties refuse medical treatment.

9141 dispatch3d deputies to Green Grove Church Rd. in reference to someone discharging a firearm at or in the direction of victims. Complainant advised 911 that the person that discharged the weapon had been discovered parked on their property and when approached, the vehicle raced around the yard numerous times before traveling in the direction of McGarrh Mill Pond Rd. The called advised 911 that the victims followed the vehicle to McGarrh Mill Pond Rd., at which time shots were fired from the described. The vehicle was later stopped on Hwy 56 and a search of the vehicle revealed a 9mm.