ECSO: August 3, 2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

July 25

Deputies were dispatched to Modoc Rd. to assist SPD to a fight call with a subject on scene bleeding. Subjects were uncooperative and refused to give further details of the incident. Victim was found to have lacerations to his head which appeared to require medical attention but victim refused EMS upon their arrival. The incident was found to have occurred at the intersection of Center St. and Modoc Rd. with victim being struck by a weapon. Suspect was believed to have been the offender in the incident. Scene was turned over to SPD Det. for further investigation.

Deputies were dispatched to Fairground Rd. in reference to a suspicious person. Caller list witness as a male subject walking along the fence with a flashlight. Deputies checked the area around the business but did not locate any persons walking.

Deputies responded to McGarrh Mill Pond Rd. in reference to property damage. Complainant advised she had been gone for two weeks and returned to find all her and her children’s belongings outside and ruined due to the weather. C/p’s belongings were located under a carport and had been covered with a tarp. C/p stated the suspect threw her property out of the residence and he has not lived there since December of last year. Property owner showed up on scene and advised that c/p was verbally told months ago to move out and she has refused. Deputies advised the property owner of the eviction process and also advised c/p of the process to seek for possible property damage. Deputy talked to suspect via phone and he stated that he and c/p share a child and she left 3-4 months ago and has been staying in motels and had told c/p months ago to retrieve her property but she refused. C/p advised she would move out by the end of the week and deputies informed her of the eviction process.

Deputies were dispatched to Maple St. in Twin City in reference to an unwanted person. Deputies were unable to make contact with anyone at the residence 911 made contact with the caller who advised the unwanted person who his grandson, had left and everything was fine.

Deputy took a report at Chevron in Twin City in reference to complainant stated offender backed into the pump trash can and damaged the windshield cleaner bucket.

Deputy took a walk-in report at ECSO in regards to a stolen debit/credit card. Complainant stated she checked her bank account and noticed several charges that she had not made or authorized. C/p stated she then noticed her debit/credit card was missing and the last time she used it was the day prior at El Valle. C/p provided a print-out of all the fraudulent charges that were made.

July 26

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a stolen license plate that is believed to have been taken from his vehicle while in Swainsboro.

Deputy was dispatched to Oak St. in Twin City in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant stated she noticed a long scratch along the side the side of her vehicle and has no idea how it was done. There was also damage to the fuel door of the vehicle.

July 27

Deputies were dispatched to Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to a prowler. Complainant advised of subjects on the roof of her camper turning her power off. Caller advised 911 she did not wish to speak to deputies, only asking for them to patrol the area. Deputies met with c/p who advised of what she believes to be teenagers climbing on top of her camper that she lives in and turning off her power. C/p stated the unknown persons have also tampered with her belongings outside of the camper and storage compartments of the camper. Deputies did not note any persons on the roof of the camper, nor were any persons found walking the area. Shortly after deputies left the location, c/p contacted 911 again advising of the same activity at her residence. C/p is believed to have mental health and/or drug issues.

Deputy assisted investigators with the execution of a search warrant on a residence on Mary Ann St. Offender was arrested for possession of meth. During the search, illegal controlled substances and drug related objects were located. Offender was asked as he was walking to the patrol unit if he had anything on his person and was informed that if he did and crossed the guard line at the jail with it that he could be charged with a felony. Offender informed deputy that he had nothing and took a seat in the back of the patrol unit and was transported to EmCo Jail. Upon arriving at the jail, ISO on duty was asked to complete a strip search before entering the jail, and nothing was found. ISO on duty exited the bathroom with offender, and was holding a bandana wrapped tight and closed with a rubber band. Deputy activated his body camera and opened the item the ISO took off of offender and inside the bandana were two blood strip tubes. The first tube had a package of naloxone fiber, a SIM card, and a small rock-like substance inside it. The second tube had a crystal-like substance believed to be meth in it. Deputy advised the booking officer to add the charge of crossing the guard line with narcotics to the booking sheet and placed the tubes in an evidence bag. Evidence was turned over to Inv.

Deputies responded to Cross Jones Rd. in reference to a person having suicidal thoughts. Complainant was found in the yard of the residence and stated she was having suicidal thoughts and requested help. C/p was transported by EMS to EMC for evaluation.

June 28

Deputy took a report regarding property being stolen. Complainant stated that on 7/17 around 1400 hours, his trail camera captured a white extended cab truck at the location. C/p stated a male subject could be seen driving the vehicle but could not be identified. C/p also stated the subject gained access to the property from Thompson St.

July 29

Deputies responded to Tiger Trl. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant advised the suspect had been in her yard by her bedroom window the night before around 2 to 3 a.m. and found him in her yard again, then he walked off towards the woods. C/p advised that she knows the suspect but had no dealings with him and does not want him to return to her property. Suspect was located in the area and deputies advised c/p to notify them if suspect returns.

Deputy unlocked a vehicle with no incident or damage.

Deputies responded to Bowne Dr. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant advised that she heard someone in her yard and was concerned for her family’s safety. C/p stated she had just moved in the does not know anyone in the area and heard someone by her back door. Deputies searched the area and did not find anyone in the area.

Complainant stated she put her baby to bed then she went to bed and her dogs started barking and someone started beating on the front door. Deputy checked around the house and an outside building, but nobody was found.

Victim stated her son/witness was mowing the roads on their property and when came across a wheeled tote with several fishing reels, tackle boxes, and landscaping fence in it. C/p doesn’t know where it came from. Det. looked around but could not find anything. The following day, witness came across a machete stuck in a tree.

July 30

Deputy met with Toombs County deputy in reference to a courtesy transport. Toombs County advised they found a female walking North on Hey 1 South trying to get to her daughter’s house due to a dispute with her husband. Witness was transported to her daughter’s residence.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 86 East in reference to cows in the road, but did not locate any loose cattle in or alongside the roadway.

Deputies were dispatched to Long Bay Dr. in reference to a report of property damage.

Deputies were dispatched to Gwenda St in reference to an unwanted person.

Deputies were dispatched to Club Rolex in reference to loud music.

July 31

Deputies were dispatched with EMS to Miller Dr. in reference to an intoxicated male. The male was advised to be vomiting and not verbally responding. The male subject was seen by EMS and released without needing transport for further medical attention. The caller advised she had never consumed alcoholic beverages and did not know the male to be displaying the consequences of overindulgence.

Deputies were dispatched to Bowen Dr. to meet with complainant in reference to criminal trespass. C/p stated she recently moved to the location and had been having several issues with unknown persons trespassing. C/p has filed reports through ECSO for these prior incidents. C/p stated she arrived home and found what appeared to indicate an unknown person(s) had attempted to gain entry to her residence. C/p stated the damages to the door and deadbolt were not present when she left. It did not appear as though entry had been made into the residence.

August 1

Deputies assisted SPD with an alarm call at SMS. SPD found an open door to the building and deputies assisted with entry and clearing of a portion of the building.


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