ECSO - 9-23-2020


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 11

Complainant stated she attempted to contact offender about getting their child for her visitation rights but he would not contact her back or allow her to exercise her visitation rights.

September 12

Complainant stated he accidentally struck another vehicle while backing out of a parking lot, causing minor damage to the rear of the victim’s vehicle.

September 13

Officer responded to Cowford Bridge Rd Bethel United Methodist in reference to vandalism.

Victim stated she and her husband got into a verbal argument over offender disciplining her child inappropriately, which turned physical and he assaulted her.

Deputies were dispatched to Park Circle Dr. in reference to a vehicle that had wrecked and the driver left the scene.

Complainant stated he struck a deer causing moderate damage to his vehicle.

Complainant reported while she was driving down Canoochee Rd, a vehicle was coming behind her and was not able to pass her and rear ended her, causing her to go into the woods.

September 14

Complainant stated the EMC got an alarm that the power meter at 122 Dellwood Main St. had been tampered with.

September 15

Complainant stated she hit a deer on Hwy 57, causing driver side damage to her vehicle.

Complainant stated offender transferred $800 unknowingly, and has also stole his car keys and been to his residence on three occasions attempting to start a fight.

Officer responded to a Lambs Bridge Rd. address in reference to offender trying to attack two complainants.

September 16

Complainants stated that as they were leaving the court room the offender cussed both of them, bowed up, and made contact with them.

Complainant stated she was in the court house parking lot and the offenders stated yelling at her and one offender stated she was going to her complainant and she should hav a long time ago. The second offender stated he was going to get her as well.

Deputy received a report from complainant that two of his neighbors kids had broken the driver and passenger windows out of his vehicle.

Officer responded to a business in reference to a four wheeler sitting and abandoned behind the building and the owner wanted it removed.

September 17

Deputies responded to local business in reference to serve an out-of-county warrant.

Deputy responded to assist SPD with a male walking away from them just outside the city limits. Upon arrival, investigation revealed the offender was under the influence.

Deputy responded to a Kemp Rd. residence in reference to complainant stating her neighbors son had been shooting a gun and was concerned for her safety. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with offender and discovered that he was shooting at a target in his back yard.

Complainant reported one of his trailers had been taken from his lot.

Officer took a theft reporting reference to someone stealing a lockbox from under her bed that had money, titles, and other misc items in it. Complainants also stated her car keys are missing and the key to the lockbox are on her keyring. Complainant also stated she believes she knows who took it.

September 18

Complainant stated someone abandoned a vehicle in the driveway of her deceased mother’s residence. She also stated her neighbors advised her that an unknown male subject was seen walking around the residence.

September 19

Complainant stated he found his yellow lab deceased on the side of Beagle Rd. and it appeared to have been killed by another dog, possibly belonging to a neighbor.

Complainant stated someone used his wife’s debit card and email to make an online purchase for $400 and was being shipped to a Louisville address.

September 20

Officer took a report regarding a verbal altercation that turned into a domestic dispute and his wife struck him in the head with a piece of metal.

Deputy responded to a Bowen Dr. residence in reference to a possible DOA.

Deputy made contact with complainant who stated her father had his truck for sale and a male went to look at it and proceeded to test drive it. A good amount of time passed and offender had not returned. The victim went to look for him and found his truck wrecked on a dirt road and victim had fled the scene and didn’t make contact with victim.

Deputy responded to a possible domestic dispute on Union Chapel Rd.

Deputy responded to a 911 call in reference to offender pulling a gun and pointing it at them on Mt. Olivet Church Rd.

September 21

Officer spoke with complainant that stated they had a window unit stolen from their church dining room.

Deputy received a report at EMC in reference to a dog bite. Complainant advised that a yellow lad had been in the area for 2-3 days and is very aggressive. They have tried finding the owner as the dog has a collar but have had not luck.

Deputies were dispatched to assist GSP with a traffic control due to an 18-wheeler wreck.

Deputy spoke with complainant who stated that offender has hacked her phone and sent her pictures and threatened her while he is in jail.


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