ECSO 9-14-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 5

Deputies were dispatched to Watson Road for a report. Complainant stated his landlord had stopped in the middle of the road and was taking pictures of the house. C/p confronted the offender and asked why they were doing this. Offender informed c/p that he was there in regards of past due rent and was going to take c/p to court. C/p advised that he had the money, but was not going to pay unless the offender would fix his well. C/p also stated that offender knew about the issue in June and was yet to do anything about it. C/p stated rent owed to be from June 2022 until current date.

Deputy responded to Canady Lane in reference to offender pointing a firearm at their daughter’s head. Upon arrival Deputy spoke with c/p who stated a male juvenile had pointed a gun at his daughter’s head and threatened to shoot her. The female juvenile stated that this happened on three separate occasions, and the father had finally taken the gun from the offender. Deputy took gun into possession. Deputy then went to Bird Flanders Road where he spoke to the offender who stated that the female broke his site and the firearm was pointed at her, but it wasn’t loaded. He never admitted to pointing the gun or threatening her. He stated that c/p beat him and pulled him out of the vehicle he was in.

September 6

Deputy made an arrest on Badger Rd. for warrants and transported offender to EmCo Jail.

Complainant who works for Excelsior EMC was checking old service and found a live service line laying on the ground. An old trailer had been torn down and hauled off and someone unhooked the service line and took the service pole.

Deputy talked with complainant at ECSO and stated that in the area of Cross-Green, there is road construction being done and there’s a “bump” sign up but it’s more of a hole and it caused damage to both of her tires on the driver side of her vehicle.

Deputy observed a vehicle on Hwy 1 South traveling at a high rate of speed and upon checking his radar, it indicated the vehicle was going 71 MPH in a 45 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Driver/offender had suspended license and a warrant through Johnson County. Upon verifying the warrant, offender was transported to Johnson Co. line and met with Johnson Co. deputy and was released to their custody.

Deputy stopped a vehicle for going 73 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. It was determined that the driver/offender was wanted out of Washington Co. for battery and wanted to place a hold on him. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to an animal collision. No injuries were reported and the deer was still in the roadway. Complainant advised the deer ran out in front of her on a curve and sustained minor damage.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 South in reference to a call of a reckless driver. Caller advised the vehicle was traveling South in the Northbound lane of traffic. Deputies traveled the area but had not contact with any wrong way drivers.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a report of damage to complainant’s residence.

Responded to the East Georgia Dorms in reference to a locked vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked with no further damage.

Officer transported offender from Superior Probation to Emanuel County Jail.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a report of damage to c/p’s residence on S. old Reidsville Rd.

Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Road in reference to a male walking in the roadway. Caller advised that the man was wearing jeans and no shirt and was staggering around in the road.

September 7

Deputy reported to Superior Court Probation in reference to a transport. Offender was taken into custody and transported to Emanuel County Jail without incident.

Deputy responded to Plum Tree Lane in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, deputy met with people installing windows on the house. One of the men stated that he set the alarm off while trying to knock on the window to notify the homeowner that they were about to begin installation.

Complainant stated that she hit a deer with her vehicle. Vehicle suffered slight damage to the front bumper, grill, and hood. Vehicle was removed from incident location by c/p.

Deputies received a call to Wendell Hooks Road in reference to a verbal disagreement concerning a rental agreement made between both parties on Whippoorwill Road. C/p was not on scene but family advised details.

September 8

Deputy observed a vehicle on Hwy 297 with suspended registration and no insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Driver advised he had insurance and called his provider, then informed deputy that his insurance company advised his payment did not go through. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail. A brief inventory was done on the vehicle and a citation given by a trooper in August was found for offender driving while unlicensed.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 192 North in reference to harassment. Complainant stated offender/daughter has been calling and emailing her, harassing her and being nasty to her.

Deputy responded to West 6th Ave. in Stillmore regarding dogs being shot at by a pellet gun. Complainant stated that during the last several days, she has heard people in the woods behind her house.

Deputy met with complainant on Hwy 56 North in reference to an alleged fraud report. C/p stated she discovered AME Ins. Co. made monthly drafts from her NFCU account for the past eighteen months without authorization.

September 9

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 North in reference to complainant stating he had people outside his door trying to get in. Upon arrival, deputies did not see anyone in the area and after several attempts on trying to get a contact with complainant on scene and via phone. Deputies spoke with the neighbor and she advised she heard people outside and advised that she wasn’t involved.

Deputy was dispatched to Redbud Ave. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated she was working all night and when she got home, her boyfriend had been out all night and did not even take her son to school, so she told him to leave. C/p stated offender stated if she called the police, he was going to hit her. Deputy spoke with offender who stated c/p got home and started fussing and he was going to leave. Offender left the residence.

Deputies were dispatched to John Deere Rd. in reference to a caller advising of unknown people in her yard. Deputies met with c/p who seemed visibly upset and she stated there were several people in her yard and in vehicles under a shelter. Deputies checked the area and found no other persons. C/p continued to point at vehicles stating she could see people in them and deputies reassured her there were no people in the vehicles or in her yard prior to leaving. Deputies then made contact with a family member of c/p’s across the road and advised them of c/p’s behavior. The family member stated he would go check on c/p. It is believed c/p is suffering from some form of mental illness.

Deputies were dispatched to Bus. 1 North in reference to a possible prowler. Caller advised he could hear what he believed to be someone outside his apartment. Deputies checked the area and found no other persons present. 911 advised they were still on the line with the caller and advised he wished to speak to deputies. Deputies were unable to make contact with anyone at the apartment after waiting several minutes for the caller to come to the door.

September 10

Deputies were dispatched to Maple Ave. in reference to offender threatening complainant. C/p stated offender went to the residence to gather his belongings and he began making threats “to beat up” whoever had messed with his things. C/p stated offender had not acted on these threats or offered violence towards her and stated the witness must have overheard offender while c/p was on the phone with her. Offender stated he left several belongings at the location in a vehicle owned by c/p’s mother. Offender stated he was upset when he found several of the items had been stolen. Offender stated he believes he knows who stole his property.

Vehicle was reported to be abandoned on Canoochee-Garfield Rd. and was partially in the roadway. Vehicle was observed to be halfway in the lane of travel causing a hazard to other motorists. Vehicle was removed by a towing company.

Deputies responded to Durden Rd. in reference to complainant calling 911 and arguing with someone and refusing to give dispatch any further info and hung up. Dispatch tried several times to call c/p back and got no answer. Upon arrival, deputies knocked on the doors and windows and no one would come to the door. Deputies could not hear anyone inside and no signs of a crime was present. Deputies called c/p twice via phone while on scene with no answer.

Deputies were dispatched to North Railroad Ave. in reference to a call of shots fired in the area.

Deputies served a warrant at the Sunset Inn. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatched to Houston St. in Adrian in reference to a possible domestic in progress from an anonymous caller. Deputies met with the female who stated she and her husband were arguing and he took her phone but gave it back. Deputy spoke with offender and he stated they were arguing because his wife got home from work and started going off on her so he got upset and they were arguing and it went from inside to outside in the front yard and they were loud and that’s why 911 was called by some neighbor. Both parties stated there was no physical altercation at anytime. Deputy did observe holes in the wall and asked where they came from and offender stated he was responsible for that and that he was prior military and suffers from PTSD.

September 11

Deputy was approached by complainant who advised she had gotten a call from a friend stating suspect had thrown some of her belongings in the trash cans on Hwy 80 East. C/p stated she has made several reports with TCPD and has concerns about her case. Deputy informed c/p that she would have to speak with SPD and he would do a report for her gathering her items out of the dumpsters in case Code Enforcement had questions.

Deputies were dispatched to SW Railroad Ave. in reference to loud noise. Complainant advised of a neighbor making a lot of noise and disturbing her. Deputies made contact with suspected neighbor who is in the process of remodeling a mobile home. The male had been hammering nails but advised he would keep the noise to a minimum and work on something else.

Deputies received a complaint of loud music coming from Club Rolex.

Deputies were dispatched to Hunnicutt Cir. in reference to a call of shots fired. Caller advised of a residence the shots were believed to have come from. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with several individuals walking who stated they were looking for a lost dog. It was advised another subject was on a go-kart helping look for the dog and it back-fired. The sound was deemed to have been the “shot” the caller heard.

Deputy was dispatched to North Coleman St. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle as unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputies were dispatched to the dumpsters at Fanning Cir. in reference to a third-party call of a male threatening another male with a gun. Upon arrival, no persons were found in the area and no calls were received by the person who was supposedly threatened.

September 12, 2022

Deputies were dispatched to Singh Food Mart in reference to a business alarm. Motion was advised to be glass front and front door motion with not contact being made with the key holder. All doors and windows were checked and found to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.