ECSO 8-17-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 7

Deputy was involved in a foot pursuit while assisting another agency. Deputies stopped on New Street to assist with a call SPD was responding to. Offender was told not to leave on the belief that he had drugs in his possession but did not listen to commands and started to run. Offender finally stopped after he entered a wooded area and then complied to commands. During the pursuit, offender dropped a bag which contained a loaded 9mm pistol, a small bag of white powdery substance, a small bag of green leafy substance, small clear baggies, a scale, and rolling papers.

August 8

Deputies responded to Marlynn Dr. in reference to a disturbance caused by suspect identified as a mental subject that was recently released from DOC. Suspect was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Det. Ctr.

Deputy talked to complainant by phone who stated she witnessed suspects beating victim with a belt. C/p stated the suspects would beat victim and make her stay in a very hot room all day. C/p also stated they would bot feed the victim right and they actually hit her in her colostomy bag and she heard victim holler and tell them they hit her bag and they know they not supposed to hit her there. Victim’s son told c/p to stay out of their business because she is an outsider. C/p stated some officers already went to the residence and she was supposed to call and give her statement. It wasn’t clear if c/p was supposed to call ECSO or SPD since the residence is in the city limits so she was advised to call SPD also. C/p stated she moved from the Abundance St. before victim started being abused.

Deputies were dispatched to Keith Screw Rd. in reference to a burglary. Victim stated he noticed his home had been broken into and his TV was stolen. It was observed that there were some broken windows on the house where offender gained access.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO who stated she hit an animal on Grandy Creek Rd. and it messed up her car and made her AC stop working. Deputy observed moderate damage to the passenger side.

Deputies responded to Kathleen St. in reference to a structure fire. Deputies and SPD discovered a fully engulfed home and all occupants were assisted off the property with no reported injuries. Deputies then assisted with traffic control.

August 9

Deputy responded to Coleman Chapel Rd. regarding an unwanted person at the residence. Complainant stated offender was no longer allowed at his residence and that he has been told three times that he wasn’t allowed back. C/p stated offender has caused conflict each time he has been there and they had a dispute on 8/3 and it escalated to offender pushing c/p to the ground.

Deputy talked with complainant over the phone who stated his vehicle was stolen from Cowford Bridge Rd. C/p stated that a known subject admitted that another male subject stole the car and where it was possible at.

August 10

Deputy received a report from complainant stating she was on Hwy 80 and struck a deer causing minor damage.

Deputies discovered a vehicle on Keith Screws Rd. While the tag was being verified as belonging to suspect by 911, another vehicle came up to Keith Screws Rd. heading towards Cowford Bridge Rd. The vehicle came to a stop and suspect stepped out of the vehicle and was taken into custody. Suspect was riding with offender who had two small children in the vehicle.

Deputy was dispatched to Old Kenfield Rd. where he met with complainant who stated she is tired of her brother staying on her property and stealing her power from her camper. C/p also stated her brother has damaged her vehicle so she can’t drive it. C/p is fed up with her brother and does not want him on her property anymore. Offender had already left prior to deputy’s arrival.

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 in reference to a possible burglary. Deputy met with complainant wo sated her fiancé’s brother attempted to break the front door down. C/p stated offender went to her residence to retrieve a dog and she advised him not to go until her fiancé could be home so they could properly exchange the dog and offender began beating on her door and she refused to let him in so he threw his shoulder into the door and broke t eh door frame.

Deputy received a call from 911 stating a caller needed to make a report over the phone. Deputy talked with complainant who stated she lives in Garfield but has property in Twin City and a neighbor saw suspects take an AC unit from her property. C/p stated that one known suspect lives in Twin City.

August 11

Deputy responded to S&S Collision in reference to a domestic. Complainant advised that his fiancé went to his work and began causing issues. While enroute, c/p called back and advised that offender was leaving. A few moments later, c/p called 911 for a third time and advised that offender had since returned and busted windows at his work place. Upon arrival, deputy met with the owner of the building who stated he observed offender driving around the building. Deputy then droove around the perimeter but she was gone. Deputy then returned to the location and met with c/p who had locked himself inside the building. C/p stated he and his fiancé have been arguing and it escalated to the point that he left and stayed in a hotel. C/p state he refused to talk to offender all day so she went to this work in an attempt to keep arguing with him. C/p advised he locked himself inside and refused to go out and speak with offender and it made her irate and struck the window pane causing it to shatter. Victim advised deputy that the cost to repair the window would be around $500. Deputy then had c/p call offender so he could speak with her. Offender advised deputy tat c/p is an alcoholic and becomes belligerent and irate and verbally abuses her every day. Offender further advised that she had enough and lost her temper resulting in breaking the door window. Deputy advised offender that per the victim, building owner, she was not to go back on the property or her would pursue criminal charges for Criminal Damage to Property. C/p was advised of the TPO process.

Deputy was dispatched to Griffin Ferry Rd. in reference to a MVA.

August 12

Suspect was apprehended in reference to warrants.

Deputy was dispatched to Oak Grove Church Rd. and met with complainant who stated his John Deere mower, weed eater, trimmer, lawn edger, and leaf blower were stolen off his trailer that was kept in the backyard.

911 got a call from JW Hammock Rd. and all they could hear was static. 911 called the number back and couldn’t get anyone. Deputy went to the residence and talked to the occupant who stated she did not call 911. There was severe weather during the call.

August 13

Deputy was dispatched to Cowford Bridge Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Deputy spoke with the female show stated she was ok.

Deputies began receiving complaints of loud music coming from Club Rolex.

Deputies were dispatched to I16 to assist a motorist due to the vehicle losing power and becoming disabled.

Complainant stated someone went into his fenced yard and keyed both of his vehicles.

August 14

Deputies responded to Lake Ohoopee Rd. in reference to a welfare check on a 10-year-old that was struck by her mother. Victim was emotionally upset sitting on the front steps and advised deputies that she and her mother got into an altercation because her mother turned off the internet. Victim stated her mother then struck her in the face and she tried to all her father but he didn’t answer. The mother stated her daughter got upset because her phone was taken away and the internet was turned off and punched her in the nose. After speaking with the victim further, it is suspected that the victim may be suffering a mental illness and anger issues.

Deputies responded to Hereford Rd. in reference to a single vehicle accident. There were no injurie reported.

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 South in reference to a vehicle being ran off the road by a vehicle that was speeding and went into victim’s lane.

August 15

Deputies were dispatched to Ehrlich Farm Rd. in reference to an animal collision.

Complainant stated he struck a deer on Hwy 56 South causing minor damage to the vehicle.