ECSO 1.25.2023


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

January 16

Deputy responded to Mill St. in Adrian in reference to a burglary. Complainant stated her nephew was in jail and when they went to check his residence, someone had broken in and taken all of his big screen TVs. C/p stated the carport door was locked upon their arrival but the kitchen sink window was open. There was a white bucket under the kitchen window. C/p stated there was a TV in every room in the residence. Entering the first room of the residence through the carport, dust indicated that a TV was missing off the dresser. C/p stated that there was a lot of liquor bottles missing also. There was a mounting bracket on the living room wall with no TV. In the next bedroom, there was no evidence that a TV was in the room. In the last two bedrooms, TVs were supposed to be on the dressers bust dust collection showed no voids where anything was sitting.

January 17

Deputy took a walk-in report at ECSO in reference to a lost or stolen tag. Complainant stated it was supposed to arrive in the mail and he never got it.

Deputy responded to Harrington St. in reference to terroristic threats. Complainant stated his step-son has been threatening to burn his house down and went to the gas station with a gas can. After speaking with c/p, deputy went to the backyard where offender stays in a camper with his girlfriend and he ran into the woods. Deputy spoke with offender’s mother who was very upset that her husband called the SO on her son since that last time they were called and he was locked up for DOC. Offender’s mother went to find her son so the deputy could speak with him but she could not find him. When offender’s mother returned, she was upset and became irate with her husband and began to throw all this tools and belongings out of his car and told him to leave. Deputy tried to deescalate the situation, but offender’s mother stated she did not want to talk and had nothing else to say.

Deputy met with complainant who stated that for the last two years, suspect has been cyber bullying and attacking her on social media. C/p lost her job because of suspect sending messages to her boss. C/p is from FL but has been hiding out in GA at her parent’s house in TC. Offender is her ex-husband’s wife and step-mom to her two kids. C/p pays child support for her kids and this is how suspect keeps finding out where she works and then starts harassing complainant’s boss util she is let go. C/p has attempted suicide before, which is the reason she lost custody of her children and offender got footage of this and put it on social media and made fun of it. Suspect continues to tell c/p that she will kill her.

January 18

Deputy was contacted by phone in reference to an abandoned vehicle left partially in the roadway. Vehicle was found to be partially on the shoulder and partially blocking the lane of travel. Due to the vehicle being a hazard to passing motorists, the vehicle was removed by a towing company.

Vehicle was partially in the roadway on Griffin Ferry Rd., causing a traffic hazard. Vehicle was removed by a towing company.

Deputies were dispatched to Beagle Rd. in reference to a civil issue. Offender stated complainant was evicting him from the residence without notice. C/p stated he purchased the property and advised offender and others they needed to move out, and advised the notice was given weeks ago. C/p did remove an AC unit that offenders had been tampering with. C/p and offender agreed that offenders would be moved out by Feb. 3. C/p was advised to seek a Writ of Possession through Magistrate Court if offenders did not move by the agreed date. One offender was placed under arrest for an outstanding bench warrant through Magistrate Court and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy met with complainant where she states offender talked to her about repaving her church parking lot and her driveway. C/p stated she dealt with another male subject and he stated he would repave her parking lot and paint the lines back it. C/p gave the male subject a check for $9,850 and stated the stuff that he put down as asphalt is peeling up, and looks to be some type of phelt like would be put on a roof. C/p also stated the owner of a local business paid the male subject over $13,000 for the same service and her parking lot is doing the same thing.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 56 North in reference to a caller striking something metal in the road, causing damage to his vehicle. Complainant stated there was a metal shelf in the road and was unable to avoid it due to an oncoming car.

January 19

Deputy responded to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a domestic. Complainant advised she had been arguing with offender who had been yelling at her kids and she wanted him to leave. Deputy made contact with offender who advised the two had been arguing and he was done with the relationship and asked deputy if he could get a ride to Twin City. Deputy dealt with both subjects on similar calls in the past and advised both of the TPO and eviction process. Dispute was only verbal and offender was given a courtesy ride to Twin City.

Deputies responded to Old Swainsboro Rd. in Twin City in reference to a domestic. Complainant stated his wife/offender was intoxicated and upset and started arguing with him. C/p advised his wife is a crack user and when she hasn’t had a fix in a few days, she gets very violent. C/p stated their daughter went to the house to fix a vehicle and that is when offender went outside and jumped on their daughter. C/p advised their daughter left and offender continued to argue with him and hit him several times and he pushed her off of him. C/p had a bloody elbow from the altercation and called his daughter back to the house. Upon the daughter’s arrival, she stated her mother is a “crackhead” and she gets violent when she needs it. C/p and victim stated that law enforcement has been there on several occasions in reference to offender acting out and also stated offender was in rehab a few years ago. Victim stated she took her boyfriend over to see about a truck and as she sat in her car, offender went outside and opened the door and started yelling at her and hitting her. Victim then started hitting offender back as offender continued to pull victim’s hair and punching her. The two were separated and the victim left. Witness stated he was checking the vehicle and saw offender going towards victim’s car and started hitting the victim. Offender stated that a second witness on scene that saw c/p choke her in the kitchen. After speaking with the second witness, he advised that offender started the altercation. All parties involved had visible marks of the altercation but no marks were found on offender’s neck. Due to the witness and physical evidence, offender was taken into custody for being the primary aggressor. While enroute to the jail, offender stated she was having trouble breathing and neck pain. Deputy then rerouted to EMC ER. While at EMC, offender stated she was wrongfully arrested and she had been jumped by her husband and daughter and she would have deputy’s job because he cost her to lose her nursing job. Offender continued for over two hours stating that deputy arrested a drunk and let a child molester go and that her husband has firearms in the home and is a felon. Offender also stated that her daughter is a drug dealer and has several drugs in her home, and wanted the deputy to go retrieve her debit card and car keys from her husband, and if not, she would press charges on the deputy. Offender was evaluated and continued to say she was having chest pains, even after doctors advised her that she was fine. Deputy released offender to EMC staff for full medical release and will take a warrant out for her arrest.

January 21

Deputy responded to Windle Hooks Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Complainant stated he received text messages and pictures from his son showing marks along his arm from where his mother grabbed him in an attempt to discipline him. C/p stated his son wanted him to pick him up from his mother. C/p and offender are currently in the process of finalizing a divorce and it was offender’s weekend to have the child. Deputies went to the location and checked on the child and there were no visible marks on his arm. Offender stated she did grab him when he tried to pull away from him for refusing to give up his phone when she asked for it. The child stated he was not hurt or injured.

Deputy responded to Bowden Dr. in reference to threats being made, Complainant stated he was driving down Long Bay Dr. when the vehicle in front of him stopped and the driver got out and started yelling at him, told him to stop tailgating him, and threatened to stab and shoot him. C/p stated he was at least two car lengths away from the vehicle. Deputy then learned from c/p’s mom who the driver of the vehicle was and was aware of suspect from previous reports of his eradicate driving around Oak park. Negative contact was made with suspect.

January 22

Complainant stated a deer hit her on Hwy 1 South. C/p then drove to a residence and called 911 and stated she would meet deputy at Enmarket.

Deputy responded to a single vehicle accident on I16. The vehicle lost control and went off the roadway into the ditch. Driver or passengers were not present when deputy arrived. Vehicle was recovered and handed off to a towing company.


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