ECSO 11.16.2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 7

Deputy took a walk-in report at ESCO in reference to stolen property from a work cite. Complainant stated that she went to retrieve work tools from a work cite, because the contractor was in jail, but the tools were gone. C/p went to Tom’s Pawn Shop and identified two of her saws, but they were unable to locate her electric clippers, shears, and 20-foot ladder.

Deputy was dispatched to Blackberry Road in reference to a window being broken at the residence. Upon arrival, deputy met with c/p who stated that his girlfriend had left the house to pick him up around 12:00 and returned around 12:45. C/p stated upon return, he noticed a window on the rear of the residence had been broken. Nothing had been removed from the residence but a neighbor spotted a vehicle parked near a pond trail that runs from his residence to HWY 56.

Deputy was dispatched to Emanuel Medical Center in reference to a dog bite case. Upon arrival deputy spoke with victim who stated that she went to drop off a piece of furniture at her cousin’s house. When she was backing out of the residence, she exited her vehicle to check her surroundings and a dog bit her on the left calf. Animal Control was notified.

Deputy took a report regarding a vehicle that was stolen. C/p stated that on 11/5/22 he let suspect and witness use his dump truck to move some items. The dump truck was later returned but the keys were left inside and that it was taken later in the evening.

Deputy was patrolling on Dellwood Rd and noticed offender failing to stop for a stop sign. A traffic stop was initiated and upon making contact with the offender, he didn’t have a license. Offender was placed under arrest and was transported to Emanuel County Jail and a friend took control of the vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to Brown Street to a structure fire and assisted with traffic control.

November 8

Deputy was dispatched to Glenwood Rd in reference to a prowler criminally trespassing on private property. Upon arrival deputy spoke with c/p who stated that two individuals were caught on his home security cameras hiding behind a tree making inappropriate noises by his window. No footprints were found but c/p was informed a report would be made.

Deputies responded to Norristown Junction in reference to a loitering violation. Upon arrival, contact was made with c/p who stated that a young male came into the store and asked to buy tobacco products. He was asked for ID but then exited the store and stated he had never been asked for an ID in there. C/p observed offender get on a bicycle and leave, but another a patron advised c/p that the offender was asking people in the parking lot to buy the products for him. The offender was advised to leave, and Law Enforcement was called. While speaking to c/p a victim pulled into the parking lot and stated that offender attempted to break into his residence and was run off when a family member threatened him with a firearm. A third call was also made about offender.

Deputy was dispatched to Superior Court Probation in reference to an offender that needed to be taken to jail. Offender was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail.

November 9

Offender was observed riding a bicycle on Quick Rd. and taken into custody for multiple outstanding warrants. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail without incident.

Deputy responded to Thompson St. in reference to damage to property. Complainant advised that two pit bulls belonging to suspects killed six of her breeding chickens. C/p advised she got home and discovered some of her chickens had been killed and the day prior, she witnessed the same dogs attack and kill a cat. Deputy spoke with one suspect who stated the dogs belong to her son that is incarcerated and advised that the dogs live between her house and her mom’s. Suspect was advised to keep the dogs pinned up and the incident would be reported to Animal Control.

Offender was arrested for an outstanding warrant and was found to be in possession of meth.

Deputy responded to Old Dellwood Rd. in reference to a single vehicle rollover blocking the roadway. EMS was already on scene and advised there was no one on scene. While deputy was enroute to the scene, he was advised by 911 that a male was walking from the direction. While working the scene, deputy was made aware by another deputy that the driver was back on scene. Offender was observed to be stumbling and struggling to keep his balance. The driver spoke with EMS and refused to be transported to the hospital. Once offender was done speaking with EMS, deputy asked him to speak with him about the accident. Deputy asked why he left the scene and he advised he was going to a friend’s house. Deputy could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from offender’s breath and he asked if he’d been drinking and offender stated he got drunk after the accident. Deputy knew this was not a reliable statement and asked offender to perform a breath test. Offender consented and was over the legal limit. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail and booked, then released due to his injuries sustained from the accident. Offender admitted to be intoxicated prior to the accident.

Victim stated that while inside, she saw offender at her vehicle and noticed offender at her vehicle taking tools out of the back of it. Victim stated when she walked outside, offender ran off, leaving his bicycle in her yard. Deputy spoke with several neighbors who stated they saw offender running through their yards.

Suspect told complainant she had to leave the residence but stated the two small children were going to stay with her. C/p stated she wanted her children back and they were going to go with her but the suspect refused so c/p called 911. Upon deputy’s arrival, suspect had left with the small children so deputy called suspect and advised her to return with the children. Suspect returned and stated that c/p was not taking care of her children but had no paperwork to keep the children in her custody. The small children were returned to c/p with no incident and suspect was advised of what to do if she felt they weren’t being taken care of. Deputy heard the youngest child wheezing very badly and appeared very sick, and advised c/p that the child needed to be seen by a doctor. C/p stated she would carry the child to the ER.

November 10

Deputies responded to Washington St. to assist SPD with a shooting.

Deputy responded to Dollar General in Twin City in reference to an alarm call.

Complainant stated her daughter loaned her vehicle to offender and he refuses to return it. The vehicle is actually in c/p’s name but it belongs to her daughter.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO who stated she lost her tag.

Deputy responded to Hwy 221 South in reference to a dog killing victim’s chickens. Victim stated the dogs went into his yard and killed 18 of his chickens, and that they are very expensive chickens with a rare blood line and the estimated cost of thee 18 chickens is appx. $3500. Victim stated he had photographs of the dogs and they belonged to suspect on King Dr. Victim also stated he has already spoken with suspect and was advised to kill the dogs because they can’t do anything with them. Victim stated the dogs have been messing with livestock down the road as well. Deputy took photographs of the chickens that were killed. Victim was advised of the civil process to get his money for the chickens.

November 11

Deputy took a walk-in report at EmCo Jail in reference to a stolen firearm. Complainant stated her pistol was stolen about two weeks ago, and knows who took it.

November 12

Vehicle was located at EmCo Det Ctr. and found to be stolen out of FL.

Deputy responded to Cool Springs Rd. in reference to a theft. Complainant stated she was in the process of remodeling the home and had several items stored in the house. Complainant had not been home in a couple of weeks and returned to find appx. $12,035 worth of items missing. They side door appeared to have been opened with a pry bar.

Deputy responded to Blackberry Trl. in reference to an alarm. All doors and windows were checked with no sign of attempted forced entry.

November 13

Deputy observed offender at his parent’s residence on JM Spearman Rd. When offender saw deputy, he fled in a vehicle. The pursuit ended with offender wrecking the vehicle in Ohoopee WMA area. Offender fled on foot through Ohoopee River evading arrest. Offender will be facing charges of fleeing and attempt to elude, driving on suspended license, and operating an unregistered vehicle.