ECSO 11-24-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 15

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone on US 1 South, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy approached the vehicle and could smell a strong odor of marijuana. He then identified himself and advised the driver what she was being stopped for. Deputy then asked for offender’s insurance due to GCIC stated that the vehicle was uninsured. Deputy then asked offender to exit the vehicle and asked offender about the insurance and she stating that she wasn’t gonna be able to get it until Tuesday, so deputy advised that the vehicle would have to be towed, and he could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. Offender stated that she doesn’t smoke and deputy got all occupants out of the vehicle one at a time. The front passenger was an 8-year-old female juvenile. While getting offender out, she tried to grab her purse and was advised to leave it. Deputy then began to search the vehicle, finding a Bud Light bottle and a smoke cigar wrapper in the passenger floorboard that had a green leafy substance inside the cigar and inside the bottle. As deputy got to the backseat, he found a firearm in the back passenger floorboard. Deputy then ran the firearm thorough GCIC and it came back “no record”. Deputy then continued to search the vehicle getting to the purse in the back seat and found multiple clear plastic bags containing residue of white powdery substance and a grinder with two small plastic bags inside it. Deputy detained offender and advised her that she was being detained until they could figure out what the white powdery substance was. Offender then advised deputy without being questioned that the powder was cocaine., but they were old and she hadn’t used in about a month. Deputy then contact investigator to come to the scene. Offender was cited and transported to EmCo Jail. When he took offender inside for booking, jail officer took out a bag that had “Menthol Cough Drops” on the bag and inside was green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Female was then charged with possession of cocaine and crossing the guard line.

Deputies responded to US 1 Bypass in reference to an abandoned vehicle parked partially in the turning lane. Deputies ran the license plate and the tag was not assigned to the vehicle. Deputy then called 911 and had them run the VIN and it came back to the vehicle and offender. Deputy called for towing because the vehicle was casing a traffic hazard.

Deputies responded to Franklin Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Deputies met with complainant who stated his sister went to his residence and started banging on his door and attempted to write a note and leave it on one of his vehicles under his carport. C/p stated that he spoke with offender and advised her to leave the property and if she had any further issues, to take him to court so they could be resolved peacefully. While speaking with c/p, 911 advised deputies that offender who had already left the scene was on her way back to the residence to speak with deputies. Upon offender’s arrival, deputies issued a Criminal Trespass Warning to offender at the request of c/p. Offender was advised that she could face criminal trespass charges if she returned to c/p’s residence. Offender than advised that she only went over there to see if she could remove some personal property from a residence that c/p owns. Offender was advised to contact ECSO and schedule a date and time for her to retrieve her personal items.

Deputies responded to Harrington St. in reference toa 16-year-old that had been attacked.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 90 MPH in a 55 MPH zone on Hwy 121 North, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Before deputy could exit his patrol unit, the vehicle passenger started throwing up outside the passenger door. Deputy made way up to the vehicle and advised the driver why he was being stopped. Deputy could smell a strong odor of burnt and green marijuana coming from the vehicle. The driver stated his wife was sick and that Metter Hospital wouldn’t see her so they were trying to get to Jenkins Co. Hospital. Deputy then asked driver for his license and he stated he didn’t have them on him and gave his name and DOB. Deputy then advised the driver that he would get EMS enroute for his wife. Offender was looked up to find that the info given was false. Deputy then went to the vehicle and had the driver exit the vehicle. Driver was hesitant at first and asked why her was being arrested, and was told he was being detained until they could figure out who he was, and the vehicle had a strong odor of marijuana coming from it. Offender then advised that he was the given name and had lost weight, and had smoked earlier. Deputy got offender to his vehicle without locking the handcuffs and as he was attempting to move something in the backseat, offender started running across Hwy 121 into a clear cut. Deputy advised 91 that he was 1080 on foot, and followed offender into the clear cut where offender fell. As deputy was getting closer, he saw offender disappear out of sight, and as he got closer, he noticed the clear cut dropped off at the road appx. 7-8 feet down. Offender was on the ground and deputy told him to stop and gave verbal commands. Offender got up and ran again across Begonia Rd. into another wooded area and fell again and stated he was done running. Offender pleaded with deputy to give him a break and deputy advised he was only being charged with misdemeanors. Deputy then walked offender to his patrol unit and placed him in the vehicle. Offender stated the cuffs were too tight so deputy adjusted them. Offender then stated he couldn’t feel his right hand and it was numb. Deputy then had TCPD officer assist with the handcuffs and noticed offender’s right wrist was broken. EMT was notified that offender needed attention immediately. Offender was placed in the back of the ambulance and transported to Statesboro Hospital.

November 16

Deputies were dispatched to Wadley-Coleman Lake Rd. in reference to complainant having issues with his son. C/p stated his son has not been acting like himself and suffers from mental illness that started in 2011 when he returned home from the military and since then, witness has been c/p’s caregiver. Witness also stated c/p requested deputies to come out to assess his situation and he would like to be transported to the VA Hospital in Dublin so he can be admitted because he doesn’t want to be at the residence anymore. When deputies asked what issues occurred for him to want to leave the residence, c/p refused to answer the question but insisted that he wanted to be transported. Deputies contacted 911 and EMS to get a transport as requested by c/p but the location requested was not available after hours. The only solution was to be transported to EMC for an evaluation and be held there until the morning for transport to requested location. Deputies explained the option to c/p and he accepted. When EMS arrived, they assessed c/p and transported him to EMC.

Deputy came up on an abandoned vehicle o Hwy 57 East. Upon getting out with the vehicle, he noticed the vehicle did not have a tag displayed. After running the VIN, he discovered the registration was cancelled and the tag assigned to the vehicle was no longer valid. Deputy requested for the vehicle to be towed for the infractions and the vehicle was not secured and had front end damage with the front bumper in the backseat.

Deputies were dispatched to Lindsey Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Complainant stated she was eating when offender began to argue with her about the plate of food. Offender was told to leave but refused. After 911 was called by c/p, offender left on foot.

November 17

Complainant called ECSO and stated he needed to file a report in reference to a theft. C/p stated unknown persons went into an “open-air” garage located at the rear of his property and took items. C/p stated a leather tool belt and misc tools were sitting out in the open, but the backpack blower was secured using Crypt Tonight 15’ cable.

Deputy was dispatched to Whippoorwill Rd. in reference to a burglary. Complainant stated he placed his checkbook on the counter and when he returned, it was not there. C/p stated he thought he must have misplaced it so he called the bank and cancelled the checks. He placed a bank bag containing $6500 cash, 2 checkbooks, payment book, and tax papers on the same counter and left for church and when he returned, the bag was missing. He stated he searched everywhere in the house for it and couldn’t find it. There was nothing else in the house out of place or that had been touched. C/p has a construction company doing some work on the outside of his residence and stated that he is friends with the owner of the company and he was at church with him on this date. There are some employees of the company that he does not know but they had already left for the day before he went to church.

November 19

Deputies were dispatched to I16 in reference to a caller advising of what appeared to be a backpack with a quilt over it near the wood line. Deputy observed what was believed to be the object in question and it appeared as thought the item was a tarp which had fallen from a vehicle and had blown down the tree line.

Deputies were dispatched to Holly Circle Rd. in reference to criminal trespass. Caller advised he had been walking in the area and observed a male in camo carrying a rifle. It was advised the male appeared to be hunting but the area has several residences which were advised to be AirBnB/rental homes. Complainant/owner of the property, advised deputies of boundary lines and where the unknown male had been walking. Deputies checked the area but had no contact with anyone who appeared to be hunting on c/p’s property.

November 20

Deputies responded to McKenzie Dr. in reference to a structure fire. Upon arrival, the mobile home was engulfed. No occupants were inside. Deputies assisted Fire with traffic and crowd control.

Deputies were dispatched to Hall’s Mini Mart in reference to a general alarm. Deputies met with complainant who stated an unknown female went into the store and picked up 4 Hunt’s Brothers pizzas and then stood in line as if she was going to pay. After waiting for 2 minutes, she walked out of the store without paying. After she left, c/p hit the alarm button then called 911. The manager was not available to review the surveillance system.

Deputy responded to fairgrounds in reference to a noise complaint. Deputy discovered that there was an event going on at the time and advised 911. Later, deputy got dispatched again about loud music and upon arrival, he could hear the music from the roadway. Deputy advised security on site to turn the music down and they advised that they would.

November 21

Deputies assisted GSP with a single MVA rollover with ejection. Driver appeared to have life threatening injuries as a result of the crash and was flown to Memorial for medical treatment.

Deputies responded to Hwy 80 East in reference to a stolen golf cart. Deputies met with complainant and witness who stated the golf cart had been found prior to their arrival and was still on the property. C/p stated she was house sitting for the owner while she’s out of state and advised the homeowner of the incident. C/p also stated she called the homeowner and advised her that the golf cart had been located and where it was found. C/p then advised that the golf cart was located by the witness parked beside a camper located at the back of the property behind victim’s residence. Witness stated as he walked towards the camper where the golf cart was parked, offender came out and a brief verbal altercation was started between the two. Witness walked deputies to the golf cart and removed it in order to return it for the victim. Deputies made contact with offender who stated victim had a verbal agreement with offender that he could stay in the camper as long as he wanted to and further stated he had been living there for appx. 2 years. Offender was then advised that victim could pursue criminal charges for taking the golf cart without permission and he stated the victim gave him permission to use whatever he needed whenever he needed. Offender was advised that the victim would have to serve him with an eviction as well as the other victim who is the owner of the camper. Neither victim was on scene at the time.