ECSO 10-20-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 11

Deputy met with a Bulloch Deputy on Hwy 80 & 121 in reference to offender who had been apprehended within Bulloch County for warrants pending in Emanuel County. Offender was turned over to ECSO deputy for transport to ECDC and turned over to jail staff.

Victim went by the ECSO and wante3d to file a report in reference to an assault. Victim stated she was talking with offender when he just snapped and slapped her and hit her and a short time late, pushed her out of their moving vehicle while traveling down Pinetucky Rd.

Deputy was requested to Longbay Dr. due to a possible vehicle arson. Deputy was advised that offender caught his vehicle on fire with a butane torch that he stated he accidentally dropped in the passenger floor board of the vehicle. Complainant stated when she was woken by the horn from the vehicle being on fire, she ran outside and her and offender trie3d to put it out with a water hose and when that did not work, they ran down to the neighbor’s residence to call 911.C/p also stated her son got into an argument/fight with offender because he thought the offender set the car on fire o purpose and the car was sitting right next to him mom’s camper that she lives in. C/p stated that after the confrontation, offender took off running down the road towards the neighbor’s residence. Deputy went to the neighboring residence to try and locate offender but they stated he was last seen towards Hwy 1 South. Deputy then went to the area and started looking for offender and was able to locate him just past Ohoopee River bridge hiding behind a tree in the wood line. Deputy then carried offender back over to Longbay Dr. so the Chief and Fire Investigator could speak with him.

October 12

911 dispatched a call to the intersection of Old Nunez Rd. and US 1 Bypass in reference to a possible domestic dispute. Deputy observed offender outside the vehicle walking over to talk to another deputy who also arrived on scene and as the offender was talking to deputy, other deputy spoke to the victim and noticed victim’s face and left eye were swollen. Deputy told victim why they were there and asked if offender did that to her face and she nodded yes and was crying. Deputy asked if she wanted to prosecute and she stated “yes”. Deputy then talked to offender and advised him of why they were there and he stated that they were arguing but he did not hit her. After deputy talked to victim, offender was placed under arrest for battery and taken to EmCo Jail.

October 13

Deputy talked with complainant over the phone who stated her vehicle had two slashed tires and key marks on it. C/p stated she didn’t know who did the damage to her vehicle.

Complainant stated she was behind a semi and his tire blew out and cracked her windshield.

Deputy responded to Eldora Rd. in reference to a motorcycle theft. While enroute, 911 advised reporting deputy that c/p stated he witnessed the incident take place off of his ring doorbell camera. C/p stated the offender works for a company out of Monroe and was contracted out by a company out of Woodstock. C/p further stated offender backed into his driveway, threw an old box spring mattress off of a trailer and loaded up two motorcycles, one of which belongs to c/p. C/p stated the contacted the finance company and was able to get the name and number of the recovery agent. C/p state3d he advised the recovery agent that he had taken the wrong motorcycle and offender stated he had recovery paperwork for one motorcycle and did not know which one, so he took both. Offender returned c/p’s motorcycle.

Deputies along with Oak Park Fire Dept. were dispatched to I16 westbound in reference to a tractor tailer’s brakes smoking. Complainant stated he was traveling when the rear brakes on his truck locked up and started smoking. OPFD advised there were no visible flames but put water on the brakes to cool them down.

Deputies responded to Williams Rd. in reference to someone pulling a gun a complainant and they didn’t know who it was.

Deputies were dispatched to St. Paul Rd. in reference to EMS assistance call. Upon arrival, deputies met with the coroner. Victim was pronounced DOA due to a heart attack. Deputies waited until EMS left with the victim, then secured the residence.

Complainant stated she thinks offender/son stole her firearm when he visited her.

October 14

Deputy responded to N. Railroad Ave. in Garfield in reference to a stolen property report. Complainant stated she lost her debit card in a neighboring city at a convenient store and started receiving alerts through her email and followed the latest transaction to the convenient store in Garfield. The cashier at the store advised c/p that she knew offender who had her debit card and advised her where he lived. C/p then pointed towards the apartments at Hugh Johnson Circle and stated offender lived in the first apartment on the right. C/p further stated all she wanted at this time was for her debit card to be returned and she did not want to pursue any criminal charges against offender. Deputy met with offender outside his apartment and was given c/p’s debit card to return to c/p. Offender then apologized profusely to c/p and advised her that he did not get paid from his job until 10/22, but would repay her.

Deputy responded to Eagle Pass in reference to two males trespassing at his pond. Deputy met with two offenders and advised the, that they were trespassing and the landowner wanted them gone.

Deputy responded to Ga. Equipment in reference to a theft of property. Most items were recovered.

Deputy responded to Summertown Store in reference to a gas payment not received. Deputy spoke with both parties and resolved the misunderstanding and the bill was paid.

Deputies were dispatched to Williams Rd. for a prowler call. Offender had blood on his shirt and scratches on his face and arms. Offender also had an odor of alcohol coming from his body. Complainant stated she heard her dogs barking and went outside and found offender walking up Williams Rd. with a dog in his hand. Offender stated he has been running for four days and had been to Mexico and California, and was buried up to his neck in dirt and watched his nephew get his face cut off. Deputies transported offender to EmCo Jail, then went back to Williams Rd. to search if offender had been in an accident but found no signs of an accident. Contact was made with a family member who stated offender was at his father’s house on Williams Rd. and that he had been seeing things for the past four days.

October 15

Complainant stated she was traveling on Hwy 1 North when she struck a deer with her vehicle, causing moderate damage.

Complainant stated she was traveling on Quick Rd. when a deer ran in front of her vehicle, causing minor damage.

Deputy responded to Modoc Center Rd. for a four-wheeler complaint. Complainants stated a male was driving recklessly up and down the road, cutting circles and obstructing traffic. Deputy made contact with offender, as well as some others, and they stated they understood and would drive more safely around the residences.

October 16

Victim stated she was traveling down Griffin Ferry Rd when she saw a dog in the road. Victim stated she slowed down so she wouldn’t hit it but two more ran out and all three started attacking her car, biting the tires and front spoiler, causing damage to front spoiler.

Deputy met with complainant and witness on Linsey Rd. in reference to a verbal dispute concerning children from both parties. Children were said to have broken out a window of the residence belonging to the witness around which time a verbal dispute ensued among both parties. While on scene, deputy was advised from c/p that the kids were not responsible for the window as they window had already been broken prior to the incident.

Deputy met with complainant on JM Spearman Rd. in reference to a vehicle3 being damaged by road debris. Vehicle sustained superficial damage.

Deputy responded to Poplar St. for a complainant of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, complainant stated he and his wife had been going through a divorce for 3 years and there was a court order that no items be removed from the residence they shared until the divorce was finalized. The residence being on Ricksville Rd., c/p stated he had driven by the residence and observed a vehicle that they once shared sitting in the yard and should not have been moved because it was broken down and he didn’t believe that his ex would be paying someone to fix it. C/p stated that he had recently driven by the residence and observed the vehicle was gone and that it was a violation of the court order. Deputy proceeded to Ricksville Rd. and spoke with offender who stated the vehicle had been picked up by a friend and he was supposed to be fixing it for her because she believed her personal vehicle was not going to last much longer. Offender stated the vehicle was a gift to her from her ex but stated there was court paperwork stating none of the property was to leave the residence until the divorce was finalized. Deputy informed offender that if she had been taking items from the property, she could be held in contempt of court.

Deputy responded to Swainsboro Raceway for damage to a vehicle call. Complainant stated when she parked her vehicle at the location, there was no damage but when she returned, she observed damage to the front passenger door. Deputy observed the damage which looked superficial with a possible paint transfer. C/p stated no one was parked near her but knew there had been some people at the event that did not like her.

Complainant was traveling on I16 when a dog ran out in front of his vehicle causing moderate damage.

Victim stated offender keeps going to her job harassing her and making unwanted sexual comments to her and about her. She also stated he would go to her house and harass her there also.

911 dispatched a call to the Red Roof in reference to damage to a vehicle. Deputies spoke with complainant who stated he and his wife were at the gas pump and as they were leaving, they ran over a piece of rebar that was stuck in the ground at the edge of the recently poured concrete. C/p stated there was no tape put up around the area. Deputy then spoke with the manager who stated the area was taped off and she disagreed with c/p’s version of the events.

Complainant stated he struck a deer while traveling North on US 1.

October 17

Driver struck a deer that entered onto the highway causing moderate damage to his vehicle.

Complainant state her dogs were barking and she looked out the window and saw a truck leaving her yard. C/p went to the door and yelled for them to stop but it kept going.