ECSO 10-13-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 1

Complainant stated his Ruger 9mm handgun was stolen.

October 2

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 S. at Indian Trail in reference to a MVA rollover. While enroute, the caller advised 911 that there was no driver able to be located and was looking for a possible ejected patient/ Deputy arrived on scene along with Fire and EMS. Fire Dept. used thermal imaging and were unable to locate any heat signatures in the clear cut the vehicle had left the roadway and went into. A bill of sale was found in the vehicle showing the seller and buyers name sold on 9/26. The vehicle had no tag displayed, no insurance, and canceled registration. Units were unable to locate a driver or owner of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

October 3

Deputy responded to a call about an abandoned wrecked vehicle on I16 West bound. Upon arrival, deputy could see that the vehicle had been involved in a wreck but the driver was not on scene. Shortly after, complainant pulled up with his father and advised it was his vehicle and he was the driver. C/p stated he was traveling back home West bound on I16 from Statesboro and fell asleep, causing him to side swipe the cable guard in the center median which caused extensive damage to the front driver side area of his vehicle.

October 4

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 E at Plantation Dr. in reference to an animal collision. Complainant stated he was traveling West on Hwy 80 E. when he struck a deer that ran into the roadway. It appeared as though the vehicle received damages to the front left side, and was removed by a towing company.

Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. near Hwy 192 in reference to a single vehicle accident with minor injuries. GSP responded as well for accident investigation. Victim/driver was seen and released by EMS on scene. Victim was later transported by family members to EMC ER for complaints to a wrist injury.

Complainant called the ECSO to report hitting a deer on S. Main St. by Handi House. When deputy ran her tag for a report, it appeared that she didn’t’ have a valid insurance on the vehicle.

Deputies assisted GSP and MCCD with a tractor trailer rollover. No injuries were reported while on scene and the tractor trailer was removed by a towing company.

October 5

Offender was arrested for a firearm that was located after a probation search at his residence on Kemp Rd.

Deputies responded to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to complainant advising she saw a vehicle in the ditch and there was a male walking away from it. Dispatch was not aware if it was an accident at the time of the call and caller did not feel safe to stop. Upon arrival, deputies found the vehicle in the ditch with no one around it and unsecured. Deputies then recognized the vehicle being driven in the past by offender and a wrecker was called due to the vehicle being unsecured. Moments later, offender walked up on scene with the given clothing description given by dispatch and advised he ran out of gas and walked to a friend’s house. Deputy asked offender who was driving because of knowledge that offender’s license is currently suspended and he advised a female was driving but could not provide a name or location.

Deputy responded to ABC Food Mart in reference to a locked vehicle. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with complainant and unlocked the vehicle with no damage.

Deputy responded to Payton Rd. in Garfield to speak with complainant about a nuisance dog. C/p stated a dog has been roaming around in the area and in his yard and it would growl at him and his fur would stand up. C/p asked that deputy speak with the owner of the dog and gave their address. C/p was informed he needed to get in contact with animal control about the loose dog. Deputy went to the given address and when he pulled in the driveway, the dog barked and the owner stepped out. The dog continued to bark and walk with the owner to deputy’s vehicle and deputy informed him that they received a call about the dog and she needs to find a way to keep the dog contained. Offender stated the dog usually is inside but her husband had not been home and she can’t bathe it without her husband there and she couldn’t keep it in the house without bathing it.

Deputies were dispatched to Scott Ave. in reference to stolen license plate registration stickers. Victim stated he placed them on the vehicles after purchasing them. Deputy saw registration renewal receipts showing where they were purchased, and determined that the stickers were stolen off of the assigned vehicles.

October 6

Deputy met with complainant on Bonsue Dr. in reference to a call about a possible prowler. C/p stated he was alarmed to the sound of his dog barking in the back so he went outside to inspect and heard what he thought was someone running through grass and woods on the other side of the fend near the dog kennel. A search and concentrated patrol of the immediate area was made during which time no signs of disturbance was found or any person of interest.

Complainant stated his brother/offender helped him fix his vehicle a while back and now, offender started texting him stating he wanted his money or he was going to beat him up. C/p stated he didn’t think he had to pay offender back because he has never asked for the money until now but he don’t mind paying him back until offender started sending threatening texts.

October 7

Deputies met with complainant at the Red Roof Truck Stop in Oak Park in reference to a caller stating to 911 via emergency line that he could hear a female screaming for help in the area. C/p stated that while at his residence on Morning Dove Ln. in Oak Park, he had been expecting a female who he met on a social media dating site and when he walked outside and could hear the female creaming. C/p stated he then drove to the end of the road and could hear her screaming further in the distance near Long Bay Dr. C/p then stated he drove the Long Bay area to the Red Roof and could then hear screaming down Hwy 48 West near I16. When asked, subject stated he met the female three days prior on Snapchat and did not known her real name. Subject is believed to be mentally ill and did not make much sense at the time of contact.

Deputies responded to N. Prong Rd. in reference to a dispute. Offender is biological mother of victim but did not have legal guardianship at tie of incident. Further investigation determined offender, along with an unidentified male, arrived at the residence unannounced and uninvited, at which time offender attempted to persuade and threaten victim to get into the car and a heated verbal dispute ensued among all partied who were on the property. During that time, witness stated he over-heard what he took as an implied threat from offender, at which point a shot was fired into the air as a means of protection.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 E. in reference to an animal/vehicle accident. The vehicle was disabled on the side of the road due to a deer running into her lane of travel, causing major damage and air to deploy.

Complainant stated someone went to his property on Mt. Shady Church Rd. and etched a word in the ceiling of his roof on his front porch.

Deputies responded to Ricky Rowland Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute concerning offender who was said to have thrown a 4-year-old across the living room of said residence. Once on scene, offender was placed under investigation detention. Contact was made with witness and victim, and the witness is the legal guardian of offender who stated the altercation initially ensued over a dirt bike belonging to offender and offender became violent when she asked about why he had purposely broken his cell phone, at which point the witness stated the situation escalated and became physical. Witness then stated offender struck her face, at which time offender was irate and cursing and picked up the victim and threw her across the living room. The amount of force and manner in which was described to deputies indicated that offender had total disregard for the safety and well-being of the victim. Witness was taking victim to the ER for evaluation. At the time of contact, both hands of the offender were bloody and the witness had blood stains on her t-shirt and did show signs of physical abuse that consisted of a minor swollen lip with fresh blood. Offender was transported to ECDC.

Deputies responded to Sunset Dr. in reference to a disturbance call with an active fight in progress. Upon arrival, offender was GOA. Victim stated offender struck her with a plastic chair that caused minor visible injury to her left hand and wrist. When asked by both the victim and witness, offender was said to have entered into a verbal dispute that initially ensued between victim and witness around which time offender and victim got into a physical altercation that resulted in victim’s injury. Contact was made later with alleged offender who gave consistent statements to the situation.

October 8

Deputy responded to WalMart in reference to a 3-year-old being locked inside a vehicle. The parents were present and advised that their battery died as they closed the doors and the doors locked with the keys in the ignition. Vehicles was unlocked with no damage and the child was okay.

October 9

Deputy responded to illegal drug activity on Falcon Trl. Complainant was at a different location and deputy made contact with him and he advised that he had information of the sales of illegal drugs.

Deputies responded to Ricksville Rd. in reference to a harassment call. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with complainant who advised that she was at Dollar General in Adrian and her estranged husband was behind her in the store and she has a TPO on him, and when she left the store, she realized offender was following her. C/p then rushed home and notified her son/witness and they observed offender walking behind their residence by the wood line. Witness and offender exchanged words and had a disagreement over some property on the premises and offender left the area.

Deputies were dispatched to 5 Points Gas Station where offender stated he was driving a tractor trailer/unloaded log truck, and stopped at the store to refuel, and when he pulled up to the pump, he heard a loud noise but did not know what it was. Offender stated he refueled the truck and began to leave when he was called to return to the store and was advised he struck the shelter over the gas pumps with his trailer. Witness is an employee of the store and advised he observed the incident occur. C/p was advised to be the store owner whom witness contacted via phone to advise of the incident. It appeared as though the log trailer struck the shelter covering the fuel pumps causing damages to it and 2 electric signs.

Deputies responded to Moores Ferry Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Complainant stated she had not talked to her sister since September. Deputies met with witness and asked if she could get the victim to the door so she walked back inside and returned a few minutes later and advised deputies that she would not get up. Deputies then asked if they could step inside and check on her and the witness led them into victim’s bedroom. Witness nudged the victim and she finally woke up from what appeared to be a deep sleep and responded to deputies, and was advised to call her sister. Deputies were later advised that complainant called 911 and stated her sister was incoherent and did not remember talking with deputies and believed the victim had a stroke. C/p also advised that she was extremely displeased with the deputies for leaving her sister while she was in bad shape ad not calling EMS the first time. Deputy called complainant via phone and explained the incident. C/p then stated that the victim had slurred speech and believed to have had stroke and was in the middle of having another one. Deputy advised that victim’s speech did not sound slurred when he talked with her nor is he familiar with victim’s normal speech pattern. C/p then advised that victim was going by ambulance, non-emergent, to EMC.

October 10

Deputies traveled to Lambs Bridge Rd. to make contact with parties in reference to fraudulent activity by offenders.

Deputies were dispatched to Tiger Trl. in reference to harassment. Complainant stated offender, who has an active TPO on c/p, rode past c/p’s residence slowly several times screaming vulgar words. An hour later, offender was driving a described vehicle on Tiger Trl. and the victim was standing on the side of the road talking on the phone when offender swerved into the opposite lane as if he was trying to hit her. Several harassing messages were sent to c/p and victim from offender’s FB.

Deputies responded to Whippoorwill Rd. in reference to a vehicle accident with no injuries and a possible drunk driver.

Deputies were dispatched to Bishop Chapel Church Rd. in reference to a fight. Deputies attempted to locate victim and offender but both parties had fled the scene. Deputies were then dispatched to S. Main St. to make contact with the victim who stated she was watching a dice game that offender was a part of and when offender lost her money, she became irate and began to display aggression towards other people. Victim walked out to the parking lot away from the scene and offender began to argue with her about the dice game players. While passing the victim, offender began hitting victim in the face and on top of the head. Victim was unable to get away from offender and security was able to break up the fight and both parties fled the scene. Victim had visible bruises and knots on her head as well as scratches. Offender was unable to be located.

Deputies assisted Summertown FD with a vehicle at the Cadillac Club boat ramp. Vehicle was completely burned during the fire.

Deputies responded to Fairground Rd. in reference to an unknown disturbance caused by a female subject. Deputies met with both parties involved and found out that complainant was awakened by other parties as they arrived back at the residence after picking up another family member form the hospital and taking them home. The verbal altercation ensued and after several minutes, both parties separated.

Deputies were dispatched to W. Main St. in Adrian in reference to a noise complaint. Caller advised of loud music in the area. Prior to deputy’s arrival, c/p called 911 back to advise she believed the disturbance had been caused by a vehicle passing by her residence.


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