ECSO 09-22-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 13

Deputies assisted GSP with a two vehicle MVA.

911 dispatched a call to Hwy 192 and US 1 S. in reference to a log truck trailer on fire. Upon arrival, the trailer had been put out.

Deputy heard 911 ask for assistance from a Stillmore Officer. 911 stated the officer was on Hwy 57 headed to Hwy 1. Deputy turned onto Hwy 57 off Hwy 1 and saw offender’s car heading toward him and Stillmore officer was behind it. Deputy turned around and began to pursue offender down Hwy 1.

September 14

Deputy met with complainant on Buck Will in reference to a nuisance dog reported to have killed several chickens on the property. Upon further investigation, it was determined that twelve chickens had been killed and had appeared that a large dog entered into the coop through an opening in the wire Deputy was further advised that the dog is believed to have come from a nearby neighbor next door to c/p. To further investigate, deputy attempted to make contact with the neighbor, during which time several dogs were found on the property, one of which matched the description given by complainant. No contact was made with owner of the dog.

Deputy responded to Oak Chapel Rd in Kite for a domestic dispute. 911 advised the daughter had locked herself in the room with a firearm because her mother was threatening her. Prior to deputy’s arrival, 911 advised the daughter was able to lock the mother out of the residence and she may be damaging her vehicle. Upon deputy’s arrival, he made contact with the mother who was sitting on the front porch with several bags. Deputy had her sit in the rear seat of his patrol unit while he made contact with the daughter. The daughter was inside the residence so deputy informed 911 to advise to exit the residence unarmed and she did so. Deputy spoke with both parties and investigation led to separation being the best outcome.

Deputy responded to Crider’s for a locked vehicle. Deputy made contact with complainant and unlocked the vehicle.

Deputies responded to Hwy 56 S. in reference to a dispute. Upon arrival, deputy met with complainant in the parking lot during which time he stated he and his roommate got into a minor dispute that turned physical.

September 15

Investigator met with Citizens Bank employee regarding possible financial elder abuse.

September 16

Deputies responded to Beasley Trucking sand pit on Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked by the gate. Upon arrival, deputies did not find anyone in or around the vehicle and it was secured. Deputies searched the area for anyone possibly walking and found no one. Caller advised deputies that he saw the vehicle at the church on Lambs Bridge Rd. and it was driven by a slender male. He also stated he saw a silver sedan driven by a female that was following the vehicle on Lambs Bridge Rd. prior to him discovering it at his employer’s property.

Deputy received a call from complainant at ECSO who stated she was at Flatt’s Lounge and believed to have dropped her wallet at some point. C/p stated she did not call sooner until she realized her SS card and bank card was in the wallet. Some transactions have been made on her account but she has since closed her accounts.

Deputies responded to Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to a domestic disturbance call dispatched through 911. While enroute, deputies were advised via radio that the male subject had been served with a TPO the day prior concerning the victim and the residence in question and were further advised that the offender was still on scene. Upon arrival, deputies could detect sounds of panic of a male and female voice that consisted of screams and what sounded like objects that were thrown against a wall. During that time, deputy attempted entry through the front door while another deputy covered the back door of the residence. As deputy attempted entry, he announced and identified himself as Law Enforcement, at which point after a moment of silence, he detected a commotion from the back of the residence. Deputy then ran to the back side of the residence with his sidearm drawn from the holster where he made contact with the other deputy who was drawn down on the offender with his taser. Offender’s exit from the back door upon initial contact was described as aggressive and oriented in the direct of the truck which was positioned just a few yards from the back door steps. At that point and time, not knowing the full extent of the situation, both deputies gave offender loud verbal commands to stop and show both hands. Offender was somewhat hesitant and was slow to comply with commands given. After a brief moment, offender complied with deputies and was detained. Offender was high-strung loud/irate and sweating profusely. At one point, he attempted to break the car window while seated and cuffed in the back of the patrol unit. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail and the case was turned over to Criminal Investigation Division.

Deputies were dispatched to Pine Needle Dr. in reference to a welfare check.

Deputies were dispatched to Fairground Rd. in reference to a possible missing person.

September 17

Deputies responded to Hwy 1 S. in reference to offender threatening complainant with a knife and hatchet. Complainant advised he and his brother got into an argument and his brother punched him in the lip and got a knife and hatchet and started to threaten him. Offender was taken away from the scene by witness and dropped off at a location on Hwy 46 E. C/p sis not want to press charges.

911 dispatched a call to Lewis Rd. in reference to stolen mail. Deputy spoke with victim who stated he put 2 envelopes in his mailbox with the flag up and he later noticed his box open and the mail was gone.

911 dispatched a call to Cannady Bridge Rd. in reference to a burglary. Deputies spoke with victim who stated he left his residence and upon returning, observed offender coming out of his residence and left the scene. Victim also noticed the door to a camper that belongs to another victim on the same property was open but was closed when he left. Victim also stated offender took 60 of his Rx pills out of his pill bottle. Victim identified offender.

September 18

Deputy responded to Lambs Bridge Rd. for a vehicle break-in. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with complainant who stated someone broke into his vehicle at some point the day before. He stated someone put their belongings inside of it. He showed markings on the inside of the passenger side front door frame when he believed someone forcibly broke into it. When asked to look to see if anything was missing and show deputy what wasn’t his, he stated everything looked to be his and he did not see anything missing. C/p was determined that the same people who had been stealing from his job were the same people who had broken into his vehicle. C/p then stated he did not own the other car parked in the yard and did not know who it belonged to. He stated he wanted it taken to impound to be searched. Deputy informed c/p that he had no basis to do that but could call a wrecker and have it towed from the property. It was made aware to deputy that another female that lived there had let subject park the vehicle in the yard when it broke down and they had not gone to pick it up yet. C/p stated he observed wires on the vehicle that he knew belonged on a tractor from his old job but he had no way of proving it. C/p did not speak much, only when asked, due to him being preoccupied on the phone with an investigator.

Complainant stated her boyfriend’s cousin showed up at her residence on Summer St. around 4am and ever since she arrived, she had been showing out. C/p stated offender was throwing belongs all over the room, making threats towards her and hit her. C/p stated she did not want offender to get into any trouble but she didn’t want her at the residence. Deputy tried talking to offender about the situation but she just sat on the bench swing looking towards the ground like she was possibly high on some type of medication or narcotic, or possible having some sort of mental health issue because her eyes were constantly bouncing. When deputy tried getting offender’s info, she misspelled her name and gave the wrong birthdate. During the time deputy was asking offender questions about why she was at c/p’s residence, he would get a delayed response or she would act like she could not hear him talking. Deputy then told offender several times that she needed to leave the property and they would give her a ride to another residence but she just stood there staring at c/p, not wanting to leave. Deputy then told offender one final time that she had to leave or she would go to jail for disorderly conduct and offender just continued to stand there staring at c/p. Deputy then placed offender under arrest and transported her to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 S. for a domestic in progress called in by a juvenile. Deputy made contact with the juvenile who stated the two parties were inside the residence. Deputy had him stay back and approached the residence, announcing himself, and having both step outside. Deputy heard yelling inside the residence as he approached. The male stepped out first and the female came out shortly after. Deputy spoke with offender who stated he and victim had been dating for several years and had a child together, the juvenile that called was his step-child. Offender stated he and victim had been arguing all day about everything, but stated there had been no physical altercation involved, and stated he was about to leave prior to deputy’s arrival. Deputy spoke with victim who sated she and offender had been arguing since the day prior but it was verbal. She stated at a point, offender backed her in a corner and she was giving the juvenile a phone, telling him to call the police if the situation got worse. Victim stated offender attempted to take the phone form the juvenile but was unsuccessful. Deputy then spoke with the juvenile who stated offender and victim had been arguing and they were worried that offender would hit victim because it had happened before. He also stated victim gave him the phone and instructed him to call the police. Offender then grabbed for the phone but did not successfully get it. Offender stated he would leave and stay in a hotel for the evening.

Deputy responded to Monroe St. in Garfield for a camper on fire.

Deputies met with victim on Trout Trail in reference to damage to property. Damaged property in question consisted of two separate bedroom windows that were found broken and spider webbed in several spots that appeared to have been caused with a blunt object consistent with that of a pipe or similar object. While on scene, no other signs of disturbance were found. Further investigation into the incident indicated that offender would have entered onto the property around 1:30am the night prior and was conscious of the security cameras that were in operation at the time of the incident. Based on the location of one camera and location of damage found indicated that the offender knew how to approach the residence and where to stand to avoid direct view of the camera. Based upon testimonial statements and physical evidence found on scene along with past incidents between both parties, it is believed the incident was an attempt to harass victim as there were other and more convenient ways to enter into the residence had offender intended to commit burglary or theft on the property.

September 19

Deputies responded to Five Pont are in reference to complainant advising that his friend had posted on FB that he had been involved in an accident and needed help. Deputies searched the whole area and did not find or see any signs of a possible accident in the area. Deputies later were notified that the c/p advised his friend posted that he was near the Cobbtown Bridge located in Toombs. Tattnall County. Dispatch advised other agencies.

Deputy met with both parties at the sand pit on Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to a report concerning stolen property taken from Beasley Trucking. All listed offenders were identified by witness, one of which was a previous employee of Beasley Trucking, who was said to be in possession of several keys to the trucking compound and office building. Offender in question is said to be a known associate with other said offenders.


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