ECSO 09-15-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

September 2

Complainant stated she has been taking care if witness until he passed away recently and he had gotten a vehicle for her while she was taking care of him but it was only in his name and not long after the witness passed away, his daughter/offender, went to c/p’s house and took the vehicle from her. C/p stated she did not believe it was right for offender to take the vehicle because she is the one that has been paying for the vehicle and she is the one that took care of witness because none of his family wanted to.

September 3

Deputy spoke with complainant who stated she went out of town and when she returned on 9/5, she noticed her AC was missing. C/p then stated someone told her that a known male subject got the AC and sold it to another known male subject. C/p has since then got the AC back in her possession.

September 5

Deputies responded to Hwy 221 S. in reference to harassing communications. C/p stated someone hacked her snapchat account and is now threatening her family over snapchat on her sister’s account.

September 6

Complainant stated when they went out to the farm to check on the equipment, they noticed the CB Radio and the hydraulic hoses had been cut on one of the tractors and someone attempted to take the battery out of the other tractor on the property. While looking around the areas of the tractors that was tampered with, deputy was able to dust for and recover a print on the battery box of the second tractor which was turned over to the Investigator.

September 7

Deputies were dispatched to Lucky St. in reference to a two-year-old locked in a vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked and the child was removed without incident.
Deputy responded to Williams Rd. to assist DCS with a probation search.

Deputy responded to Leman Rd. for a possible burglary report. Upon arrival, complainant stated his neighbor called him requesting to check the residence. Victim informed c/p that he could not get his security cameras to connect. C/p stated he arrived at the residence and observed the breaker box slightly opened and stated he opened the breaker box and observed the main power breaker to be off. C/p flipped it back on and the alarm began to sound and he entered the residence to find that the clocks were flashing and the ceiling fans were not spinning as they normally would be. C/p stated he looked through the residence and saw nothing out of place or taken. C/p further stated there was damage to all three doors that entered/exited the residence. Deputy observed damage on each door near the center which looked to be an attempted forced entry without success. It appeared that subjects had attempted to open the doors with a tool unsuccessfully but left markings on each. C/p had a key to the residence and stated when he entered, there was no one inside and no other damages. Deputy checked all doors and windows and saw no other damage or altercations that would lead to entering the residence. Deputy spoke with victim on the phone who stated this was his second home and he had not been there in some time. It was stated that power went out at the residence on 9/7, and he had cameras at several different locations around the residence that should have count any activity prior to the power being turned off. Victim also stated the security company was in route at the time and that he was working on getting the cameras running again and being able to access footage. Deputy informed victim to call the ECSO when he got access to the footage and if anything was discovered on it.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO parking lot in reference to vehicle damage that happened the prior night. C/p stated while he was locking the gate to his club house, a small black vehicle went by and struck his driver side door causing damage. C/p was unable to get a tag or description of the vehicle other than it being a small black car.

September 8

Complainant stated she was traveling on SR 26 near Adrian Homes when a deer ran into her path.

Victim reported having some hand tools stolen from his logging woods on Hwy 80 E. Witness reportedly saw a subject on a bicycle with tools that he felt like were not his. The witness reportedly recovered the tools and returned them to victim.

September 9

Deputy responded to Hooks’ Grocery for a gas drive-off. Complainant described the vehicle with tag number and stated it was driving towards Vidalia on Hwy 297. C/p stated a male subject who seemed high drove off without paying for gas and he was concerned about getting offender off the road. Deputy ran the tag and it came back to offender living in Cobbtown. Deputy patrolled the area that could lead back to offender’s address and was informed by 911 that a male subject matching the description was seen walking on Nunez-Lexsy Rd. Deputy went to the area and offender was located. Deputy exited his unit and offender walked to the patrol car and put his hands behind his back stating he was hot from walking, and stated he could not remember where his vehicle was but it was on a dirt road somewhere in the area. Deputy transported offender back to Hooks’ Grocery and c/p positively identified him as being the person that drove off without paying for his gas. Offender stated he had gotten gas and yelled from outside to put it on a female subject’s tab. C/p stated there was not a tab for that female subject and that she did not hear offender yell. Offender was transported to ECDC and a warrant was issued for theft by taking. Offender’s vehicle was located at New Hope Church Rd. and Lawson Wilkes Rd. in the roadway and towed.

Complainant struck the bridge barrier on Lambs Bridge Rd. with his vehicle. Vehicle sustained disabling damage and was towed.

Complainant stated she and her nephew/offender got into a heated argument because he wanted a cigarette from her but she refused to give him one and told him he needed to go get a job if he wanted his own cigarettes. C/p stated from that point, it escalated because offender began showing out, cussing at her then hitting and pushing her while she had other small children inside the residence. Offender stated he did push c/p back because she was all in his face. C/p at the time of the incident did not want to press charges, she just wanted offender gone from the residence. He was transported to his mother’s residence.

Complainant stated when she got up and went outside, she noticed that someone had scratched her vehicle all the way around and scratched vulgar words in her hood. C/p stated she has an idea of who may have done it but she can’t prove it at the time.

September 10

While deputy was at a wreck scene on Lambs Bridge Rd., a vehicle went by without slowing down and deputy initiated a traffic stop. Once the vehicle finally stopped, contact was made with the driver who stated he did not have a driver license and was taken to deputy’s patrol unit. While writing out the citation and waiting on response from GCIC, SPD officer looked at the driver license of the other 2 occupants and advised that the vehicle should be searched due to possible weapons. A gun was observed on the floorboard behind the driver seat and ran through GCIC to find it was stolen. The three occupants of the vehicle denied having anything to do with the gun, and were taken to EmCo Jail where a brief interview was performed.

Vehicle was traveling on Lambs Bridge Rd. when a deer ran into the path of the vehicle and collided with the front center. Vehicle was drivable and removed by the driver.

Deputies traveled to Jaycee Fairgrounds in reference to a report of criminal trespass.

September 11

Deputies responded to Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to complainant advising offender locked her out of the house and he shouldn’t be there. Upon arrival, c/p was no longer on scene and offender advised that they have an active TPO in place and c/p had left to a refuge and has been gone for almost 80 days and that his lawyer advised him that he could remain in the home until their court date. Offender advised c/p arrived unannounced and started banging on the front door and he refused to open it. Deputies contacted c/p and she advised that she had been in a refuge and that the court order stated that she remained in the home until court. Both parties were advised of the process to seek in resolving the matter further.

September 12

Deputies were dispatched to New Life Rd. to assist EMS with a medial call. 911 advised that the caller/complainant sounded intoxicated while requesting EMS for medical issues. Upon arrival, deputies and EMS met with c/p and he was transported by EMS to EMC without incident for further treatment.

Deputies were dispatched to Abb Johnson Rd. in reference to cows in the roadway. Upon arrival, deputies met with the owner of the livestock who advised he had hgotten the loose cattle put back in the field.

Deputies were3 dispatched to Hwy 80 E. in reference to an altercation between neighbors.

Deputies responded to a possible accident on Hwy 80 E/Kemp Rd. Upon arrival, deputies found complainant and vehicle off the roadway facing oncoming traffic. C/p’s vehicle had a broken front passenger wheel that occurre3d while she was driving West on Hwy 80 and was able to maneuver off the roadway. No injuries were reported and the vehicle was towed.

Deputies were dispatched to Williams Rd. to meet with victim in reference to an incident that occurred.

Deputies were dispatched to Pinetucky Rd. in reference to a suspicious person.

Deputies responded to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a suspicious drunk male walking down the road. The male subject was located sitting out in front of Emanuel Christian Ministries under a tree. Offender was highly intoxicated and transported to his residence in Twin City.

Deputy responded to Hwy 80 E. to assist GSP after he was involved in a brief car chase.

Deputy responded to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a stolen vehicle. He met with complainant and owner of the vehicle who stated she last saw the vehicle parked in the parking stall in front of her apartment at 1:00 am. Victim stated she went outside and discovered her vehicle was missing at appx. 9:00 am and observed drag marks from the vehicle tires. The drag marks led from the parking stall and continued out into the roadway of Old Wadley Rd. and disappeared as if it had been loaded onto a car trailer or wrecker bed. Deputy asked victim if she had any liens against the vehicle or if the vehicle was paid for and she stated it was paid for and that she had not borrowed any money against it and produced a title. Deputy then gave 911 the vehicle information in order for them to issue a BOLO.


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