ECSO 09-08-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
August 30
Deputy responded to Walnut Rd. for a domestic dispute. 911 advised a female was stating her ex-husband wouldn’t leave and he was pointing a gun at her. Upon arrival, deputy met with all parties and the witness stated the victim was allowed to be at the residence and the witness lives there. Victim was dropping off a credit card that belonged to the witness. Victim state he had no firearm and the witness never gave him a clear answer if he would give consent to enter the residence to look for one. Offender stated victim shut off her phone and she had gone to talk to the witness about it. She stated the last message she received from the witness stated the victim was still at the residence. Offender still went to the residence (have to pass offender’s house to get to offender’s house) and stated she knew she could have left when she saw the victim’s truck but decided she needed to tell him to leave. Victim was able to show through email a court document that offender was not to be in contact with victim, but there was no sign on there about what to do in contempt or a termination date. Victim was informed to get a copy of the report and have a motion for contempt with the court. Offender was informed to leave and she stated she was going to town to get a new phone. Witness and victim stayed on scene.
Deputy responded to US 1 S. & Old Kenfield Rd. in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, driver and two by-standers had the fire under control, however, there was still smoke coming from the brake chambers of the trailer. FD arrived on scene and cooled down the brakes, and a mechanic from DOT Foods arrived and stated he would get the trailer operational and they would take it back to the lot.
Deputy was running radar on Hwy 80 E. at Clyde Barnes Rd. when he observed what appeared to be a moped go around a curve and was being passed by other vehicles and pulled over to the side of the roadway and other vehicles passed. The moped then drove appx. 100 yards down the road and pulled over again. Deputy then went to check on the vehicle and notified dispatch that he was out with the moped and it had not tag displayed. Deputy got out with the driver who stated he was having battery issues and he was just trying to get home. Deputy asked offender how many CC’s the moped was and he advised 150 CC’s. Deputy then stated to offender that he had to have the moped registered and insurance to dive on the highway. Offender was then asked about his license and while stating his license were suspended, deputy observed slurred speech and could smell alcohol coming from his person. Deputy then asked offender if he had been drinking and he stated he had not. Deputy advised offender that he could smell it and that he didn’t like being lied to and offender stated he had one alcoholic beverage earlier in the day. Deputy then asked offender if he would perform a field sobriety test and he stated he would. Offender had to use his arms to keep balance and almost fell, and had to be explained the instructions multiple times. Offender was then asked for a sample of his breath on the Alco Sensor and attempted to not blow air into the tube, but when he gave a small sample, it tested positive for alcohol. Offender was placed under arrest for DUI.
Deputy was dispatched to Pinetucky Rd. for dogs that were not being taken care of and it was stated that there was no food or water for the dogs. Upon arrival with Animal Control, there were at least 10 dogs, several being locked inside a gate around the front of the house. Several of the dogs, mainly the younger ones, looked malnourished with their bones very visible. Three older dogs were outside of the gate and looked to be in healthy shape. There did not appear to be any food inside the gate area or outside. The only water source was miscellaneous bucket type items that were filled with green water, likely from rain. The front door to the house was open but when called, no one answered. Deputy went down the lane to the next house and spoke with complainant who was the step-father of the owner of the dogs. C/p stated offender had just returned home from being held at Johnson County Jail for 90 days but he was probably not home and in Kite looking for drugs. C/p stated offender stayed with him for a few days after his release due to having no power or other essentials working at the house but he was told to leave due to an incident. C/p stated offender could not take care of the dogs but knew they needed help. Animal Control collected 7 dogs all physically looking malnourished and uncared for.
Victim on JM Spearman Rd. claimed she let offender borrow a cellphone and offender claimed she doesn’t have it in her possession.
Complainant on Meeks Rd. stated when he went outside to his vehicle, he noticed someone had been inside his vehicle because his change from the center console was all over the passenger seat of the vehicle and his wallet was missing from the cup holder.
August 31
Deputy met with complainant at Raco in reference to a service call in Garfield that had been dispatched to deputies concerning the placement of a vehicle. C/p was determined to the legal owner of the property in question upon legal documents provided to deputies.
Deputy responded to Hwy 192 N. for an older female that had quit breathing. Upon arrival, EMS was already on scene. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated victim called for her and she went to assist her out of bed and when she got in the room, victim was halfway on the bad and halfway on the floor. C/p attempted to assist victim who still seemed conscious but she was unable to get her on the bed and she slid all the way to the floor. C/p stated she observed victim’s eyes roll back and she stopped breathing, and she called 911.EMS transported victim to EMC.
Deputy responded to Ricky Rolland Dr. for an unruly juvenile he was familiar with. Deputy attempted to speak with the juvenile about the situation, and he eventually attempted to flee the residence and deputy was able to grab him. He stated he just did not want to stay at the residence and was attempting to find a way to not be there that evening so when deputy informed him that he still would not be going anywhere, he pulled out of deputy’s grip. Law enforcement was able to hold on to his wrist and was able to be placed on the ground to be detained from running away. Deputy was able to get in touch with DJJ who stated they would look into the matter due to the juvenile having prior history, and got approval to take the juvenile to the EmCo Detention Center for a temporary hold.
September 1
Deputy assisted Jenkins Co. SO with serving an outstanding warrant from their agency at Garfield Villas. Offender was taken into custody by JCSO deputies without incident.
Deputies, along with Twin City FD, were dispatched to Hwy 23 S @ Whetsell Rd. in reference to a tractor trailer on fire. Upon arrival, TCFD had gotten the fire extinguished. It appeared as though the tractor suffered extensive damages, primarily to the rear driver side. Complainant, owner and driver, advised he had been traveling on Hwy 80 E. prior to the incident and the tractor shut off. He then advised the tuck started back and he continued traveling and as he was driving, he received a phone call advising the tractor was on fire. It is believed the fire starte3d due to electrical issues. No injuries were reported.
Deputy received a damage report from complainant advising that she was following a truck the was pulling a trailer and something fell off and hit her car. C/p stated she was running late for work and continued driving and once she got to work, she discovered a hammer lodged in her front grill and called the company to advise them of the incident.
Deputy assisted SPD with two suspicious males that were sitting in the Boneyard and the caller advised that one of them was possibly wanted. Upon arrival, SPD had already made contact with the suspects and was in the process of identifying them when offender started to resist when officers were trying to make sure he didn’t have weapons, as he was actively putting his hands in his pockets. Offender then started to pull away from officer and deputy assisted in restraining him, at which timed offender became very belligerent and continued to resist. Officers were finally able to cuff him, and he had a cigarette butt in his mouth and spit it in deputy’s face as he continued to resist and tried to head butt and kick deputy and other officers. Offender was placed in leg restraints and put into a patrol unit, where he continued to kick the windows and partition. He was then transported to the county jail, where he continued to resist and had to be 0laced in a restraint chair.
Deputies were dispatched to Old Savannah Rd. @ Herndon Rd. in reference to a possible altercation. 911 advised the caller to state a male and female had been at the location arguing with each other. It was further advised that the female exited the vehicle carrying a duffle bag with the truck following her as she attempted to walk away. Deputies traveled the area but did not locate any persons or vehicles matching the given description, and advised 911 to contact Jenkins Co. SO to advise them of the incident and 911 advised the original call to have been transferred from JCSO.
September 2
Vehicle was found to be abandoned on Mt. Olivet Church Rd. between Canoochee-Garfield Rd. and Lewis Circle. Vehicle was observed to still be partially in the roadway blocking the lane of travel. Wrecker was contacted to remove the vehicle that was registered through SC.
Complainant stated he hit a deer with his vehicle causing disabling damage. Air bags deployed on impact. C/p suffered minor lacerations to both forearms.
Deputies were dispatched to George L. Smith State Park Road in reference to shots fired. 911 advised the caller to state a male was standing beside the roadway firing a gun. No persons or vehicle matching the given description were found in the area. Deputies did find several .9mm shell casings in the roadway and a dead rattlesnake. Nearby residents confirmed they had seen someone stop to shoot the snake. 
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 East, the victim states he left to go to town and when he came back about 30 minutes later, he found that someone ran into his fence, causing damage. They tore down two fence post and wire. 
Deputies were dispatched to 80 West & JM Spearman Rd in reference to a pursuit of a white Ford Focus. The deputy observed the vehicle heading towards him at 116 MPH. He entered the pursuit with the other units about a mile behind him. Swainsboro Police Department was able to set up and deploy spike strips on Hwy 80 and the Bypass, causing the vehicle to slow down due to both passenger tires being punctured. Once stopped the offender refused to exit the vehicle and was finally pulled from the vehicle and placed into custody with no further incident.
Deputies were dispatched to a residence with the complainant stating he received a call from his neighbor stating that his bull had gotten out and was on their property. The complainant stated he was out of town and would retrieve the bull as soon as he was back. When he was back and ready to get the bull, the witness told him that the neighbor across the road came over stating that the bull belonged to them and went over to the property and retrieved it. Deputies have tried to make contact with the neighbor, but there is a gate on their driveway and no access to get back to the residence. 
Deputies were dispatched in reference to a domestic. Complainant stated that she and the offender started arguing because she would not give him her bank card. He got mad and hit her in the lip and kicked her 3-year-old in the process. Complainant did not want to press charges, she just wanted him to leave. Complainant stated she was moving back to Florida in the morning. Complainant stated that he had also waved a knife at her earlier that day. 
September 3
Deputies were dispatched to West Church St after a caller advised his neighbor that the police were at his residence and he has returned there. He went back home to see why the officers were there and they informed him that there was a warrant out of Houston County for him. He stated there must be a misunderstanding, but the officers told him he has to take that up with Houston County. He was arrested and taken to the Emanuel County detention Center. 
September 4
Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Catfish in reference to a burglary. 
Deputies were dispatched to Railroad Ave with the complainant stating that the offender was attempting to walk through his backyard and he went outside to confront him, they got in an argument and the man stated he always walks through there. Complainant stated he does not want the offender back on his property. He was told if he was caught back on the property, he would be charged with criminal trespassing. 
Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd in reference to a single vehicle accident. Driver stated they swerved to miss a deer and it cause her to travel off the road way into the trees. 
Deputies were dispatched to Meeks Road for a private property collision. The complainant stated her vehicle had been struck by a golf cart. The driver of the golf cart stated she was backing out and backed into the vehicle. Minimal damage to the vehicle, the owner was not in the vehicle at the time. Report for insurance purposes. 
Deputies were dispatched to Harrington St for a threats call. The complainant stated the man across the road had been threatening him, telling him it was his last day and cursing at him. He stated he does not know the man, but he was in the backyard and has everything on surveillance. Officers spoke to two men across the road and they stated it wasn’t either of them, but they were advised not to speak to the complainant regardless. 
Deputies were dispatched to Herndon Rd in reference to a 911 hang-up. A female called back before arrival and stated everything was okay. Deputy continued to the house to be sure. Caller stated she and her husband had a small verbal argument and she felt like he may hurt himself, she stated he was inside now and everything was fine and she no longer feared he may hurt himself. 
September 5
Deputies were dispatched to the racetrack with a woman stating while her daughter was taking a nap inside the vehicle at the racetrack, her back driver side window was busted out with a small object such as a rock. 
Deputies were dispatched to Strawberry Circle in reference to the complainant stating that she has not been to her house in a while because she resides elsewhere now, but when she went to check the mail, the mailbox and post were missing. 
Deputy observed a black GMC Sierra drive infant of his marked patrol unit on South Main St approaching Lambs Bridge Rd. The vehicle was breaking for the red light and the deputy noticed the brake light was out and activated his emergency lights and siren to conduct a traffic stop. The driver handed the officer a small blue book with an ID card inside, both labeled International Drivers License. The card was expired. He handed the officer another blue book with different cards in it with correct dates, but the Georgia ID stated he had taken the drivers test three times and failed each time. Th driver was placed under arrest for driving without a valid license and brake light requirements. 
September 6
Deputies were dispatched to Brown Springs Rd in reference to several shots being fired in the area near houses. Reporting deputy rode the area and was advised that there were several different dove hunts going on at the same time in the area. 
Deputies were dispatched to a vehicle fire due to electrical issues. The fire was put out and the vehicle was towed. 
Deputies were dispatched to Highway 80 East, Hadden’s Trailer Park in reference to complainant receiving threats from offender.


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