ECSO 09-01-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
August 23
Deputy responded to Hwy 57 W. in reference to a vehicle that left the roadway. Upon arrival, deputy met with the driver who stated she swerved to avoid a collision with a deer as it left the shoulder of the roadway and entered her lane of travel and she swerved out of her lane and ran off the shoulder of the road causing both of her passenger side tires to deflate.
Deputy me with complainant at the SO to discuss fraudulent activity on her account.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 W. in reference to a reckless driver. Vehicle was advised to be failing to maintain lane. Deputies traveled the area but were unable to make contact with the vehicle before it crossed over into Johnson Co. JCSO was advised of the vehicle description and direction of travel.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 23 S. in reference to a domestic dispute with weapons involved.
Deputies were dispatched to Thigpen Dr. in reference to unlocking a vehicle. Vehicle was unlocked without incident.
August 24
Deputies were dispatched to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a possible prowler around complainant’s residence.
Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be entry door. Deputies met with homeowner who advised the alarm had been set off accidentally.
Deputies arrived at Twin City City Shop in reference to a writ of possession for a trailer. Trailer was found to be loaded and hooked to a truck. Contact was made with the offender who arrived and advised the landing gear for the trailer was damaged and he could not safely disconnect from the trailer until unloaded. An agreement with the plaintiff on the writ and offender was made for offender to have the trailer delivered to the plaintiff.
Deputy unlocked complainant’s vehicle in WalMart parking lot.
Deputy responded to Superior Probation office in reference to a transport of a wanted subject. Deputy met with officer and offender and officer advised that offender had an outstanding warrant out of Washington Co. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail without incident. Officer advised that WCSO would be picking offender up.
Deputy got out with a vehicle that appeared to have broken down and was left beside the roadway. A few moments later, a towing company arrived on scene and stated he was contacted by c/p to tow the vehicle.
Deputy assisted SPD in the apprehension of a subject on Rentz St. that had outstanding warrants for kidnapping out of Fulton Co. Offender was taken into custody by SPD peacefully and without incident.
Deputy responded to US 1 N. Bypass in reference to a sow out beside the highway. Upon arrival, deputy located the cow off the roadway in an old field and then returned to normal patrol operations Deputy received several calls afterwards about the cow being back out near the roadway.
Upon returning to the location, deputy met with a subject who was familiar with the cow and the owner and advised that he would put the cow back in the owner’s pin.
Victim stated he was last at his residence on Lawson Wilkes Rd. around 6 weeks ago and when he returned, he noticed items were stolen. The items were outside by a cabin he had restored. Investigator was also on scene and talked to the victim and took pictures. The victim stated that someone also tried to sabotage his well by putting a cap over his air vent and took the cover off the points. Victim stated that by covering the air vent, it would burn his pump up but luckily the breaker tripped.
Victim states she was trying to turn around in the middle of the road when she got stuck in the ditch. Deputies pulled up and saw an individual run off and another take off on a bicycle. One deputy said the individual that ran off was a known subject but the person that took off on the bicycle couldn’t be identified.
August 25
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 E. in reference to a suspicious vehicle. Complainant advised a two door pickup truck was parked on the shoulder of the road in front of her residence and two males were walking around the vehicle. Upon arrival, no one was observed walking in the nearby area and the vehicle appeared to have a flat tire. Deputies met with c/p who advised the subjects were picked up a short time prior to deputy’s arrival. It was believed the vehicle was left while offender retrieved another tire.
Deputy conducted a traffic enforcement on Hwy 121 when a vehicle flashed his lights and stopped him. Complainant stated he owns property which has a driveway into the property and someone drove onto his property and dumped items on his planted pines. C/p stated he had just had someone spray the property and was going to look at it and noticed the pile. Deputy saw a pile of what appeared to be carpet and other items stacked about 3 feet high in the planted pines. C/p has a game camera and stated he was going to check to see if it picked up anything.
Complainant on Herrington St. made a report about stolen property.
Deputies responded to Fellowship Dr. in reference to a dispute. Both parties are known to each other and reside together. Upon arrival, complainant stated she and offender got into an argument and was verbally threatened by offender while in the presence of their children. Further into the investigation, contact was made with offender who gave conflicting statements in regards to c/p’s statements. While on scene, c/p further stated she wanted offender to leave and was not interested in pressing charges. Both parties were separated and advised of available remedies.
August 27
Victim stated his wrecker service picked up a vehicle for the Sheriff’s Dept. on 8/26, and the next morning, one of his employees got to work and offender was waiting out by the gate. Offender followed employee to the office and grabbed the keys and went to try to crank the vehicle but the battery was dead. Employee knew the battery was dead so he didn’t try to stop her. Later on, offender got another employee who didn’t know about the situation to jump her off and she took the car without paying the $200 wrecker bill.
Deputy talked to complainant over the phone about rental property.
Deputies responded to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a vehicle fire. Prior to arrival, firefighters advised that no flames were visible. Upon arrival, complainant stated his engine blew up. The vehicle was inoperable and removed by c/p.
Deputies responded to Bonnie Rd. in reference to a private property crash. Complainant advised the truck backed up and struck the car causing minor damage. No injuries were reported.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 56 S. in reference to a reckless driver. Vehicle was described and advised of failing to maintain lane. Deputies made contact with the vehicle and observed it to have inconsistent speeds and failing to maintain lane. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver was taken into custody for multiple outstanding warrants.
Deputies were dispatched to Easy Stop in reference to damages that occurred to a gas pump. Complainant stated an unknown 18-wheeler backed this trailer up into a gas pump and fled the scene. After assessing the scene, extensive damage to the gas pump was observed. The gas pump was broken and the frame was bent in multiple places, and it had been shifted off balance.
August 28
Vehicle was found abandoned on Old Nunez Rd. It was observed to be partially on the sidewalk and partially in the roadway with a flat tire. Deputies rode the area in attempt to locate possible driver/owner but did not locate anyone at the time. Towing service was contacted to remove the vehicle due to it obstructing the lane of travel.
Deputies responded to Scuffletown Rd. in reference to a harassment report. Deputies met with complainant and witness who stated offender, which is the next door neighbor, went over to their residence and started cutting donuts in their yard and driving all the way around their residence. C/p and witness stated this incident has happened several times. Deputies attempted to contact offender but had negative contact.
August 29
Deputies were dispatched to Atkinson Dr. in reference to a prowler. Complainant stated he heard what he believed to be someone pulling on the glass door at his front door as if they were trying to gain entry. C/p further advised of foot prints left at the front door due to the ground being wet with dew it the time. Deputies checked the area around c/p’s residence and patrolled the neighborhood. No persons were found walking in the area, nor were any further disturbances noted at the time.
Deputy received a report from complainant advising his tenant put $515 cash in a bank envelope and placed it above the visor in his work truck. A little time later, he sent his brother to retrieve the money and discovered the driver side door open and the money envelope was in the vehicle, but no money was found. C/p suspects someone may have seen the tenant place the envelope in the vehicle and stole it.
Deputies responded to Crossing-Green Rd. in reference to a dispute over property. Complainant stated she had moved out about a month ago and went back to get her belongings out of the shed that belongs to her and she and offender started arguing over a utility trailer and other belongings. Deputies then spoke with offender via phone and he advised he told c/p to set up a time during the day and call before going to the residence. Offender stated the trailer in question was in his name and both parties were advised of the process to see through Magistrate Court to resolve the matter. Offender also stated that the c/p had bedroom furniture inside the home and more clothing and he would put them into c/p’s h ed for pick-up at a later scheduled time. Offender was upset because c/p went to the residence unannounced so late at night.
Deputies responded to Kersey Ln. in reference to a suspicious vehicle stuck in the roadway.
August 30
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 E. in reference to a theft. Complainant advised he observed a flash light around the storage buildings in victim’s backyard. C/p stated he contacted witness who advised the lights were not his but saw them as well. C/p stated he found items to be missing from storage shelters behind victim’s residence.
Deputies were dispatched to Watson St. in Adrian in reference to someone entering his vehicle. Complainant advised he went outside and saw the interior light on in his vehicle. C/p also stated he found that someone entered through the passenger side door and went through the vehicle, particularly the center console and glove compartment, which appeared to be true of the incident, with damages noted to the center console.
Deputies traveled to the area of Little Canoochee Creek Rd. to livestock in the roadway. Deputies were advised of two cows that had been in the roadway and ran into a wooded area near the field they are kept in. Contact was made with the owner who moved the remaining cows from the field in question and began looking for the other two that were loose.


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