ECSO 07-21-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
July 9
Complainant stated he received a phone call from an unknown caller stating they were from the FBI and they needed the last four digits of c/p’s SS# or he would go to jail and have his property seized. C/p stated that after a brief conversation with the unknown caller, he gave his last four digits of his SS# and the name of his bank. Caller instructed c/p to go to the nearest store to send funds, so c/p went to Kroger and asked the manager if they could help him. After informing the manager of the situation, he told c/p that the phone call was a scam. C/p stated he did not send the funds but he noticed after returning home that $322 was withdrawn from his bank account. C/p stated he did not withdraw any funds form his account nor purchase any items prior to noticing the missing funds.
July 10
Complainant stated his brother hired someone to clear some of his land and they crossed the property line and cleared part of his property.
July 12
Deputies received a call about dogs attacking victim’s chickens. Deputy made contact with victim who stated two dogs attacked her chickens and she was able to catch one of them. Victim stated she does not know who the dogs belong to, but they moved the pins and killed 15-20 chickens. Victim stated two of the chickens cost $600 each and the total cost of her chickens was around $2000. Victim stated she wants to press charges but was informed that without knowing who the dogs belong to, no charges could be issued at the time. Deputy informed victim to either get in contact with animal control or take the dog to the shelter to see if they can help her identify who it belongs to.
Deputies were dispatched to US 1 S. in reference to an 18-wheeler hitting a support wire of a light pole. After locating the vehicle, complainant stated that while he was backing the trailer into a parking spot, he oversteered the truck to avoid a pot hole and the front passenger fender collided with the support wire. As a result, the vehicle received damage also.
Deputies were dispatched to Cross Jones Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Prior to arriving, deputies received another call for a welfare check of a child at the same location. Deputies arrived and spoke to the homeowner who advised the alarm had been set off accidentally. Deputies also spoke to the mother and child in question in reference to the welfare check and the child appeared to be in good health and advised all was well at the residence.
July 13
Deputies were dispatched to a one vehicle collision on I16 with possible injuries. Upon arrival, the collision involved two vehicles. GSP was requested and the scene was turned over to them. One driver went to EMC.
Deputy was called to the SO to take a report. Complainant stated she was driving on S. Main St. in the left lane and a vehicle went into her lane and the rear of the vehicle struck her vehicle and did not stop. C/p stated she went home instead of reporting the accident because she was scared because this is the first time she was involved in something like this.
Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 1 S. for damage to property. Upon arrival, deputy met with complainant who stated a vehicle pulling a pine straw trailer hit the canopy over the gas pumps. The trailer hit the support beam, bending it. C/p stated she talked to the driver and told him about the damage and he gave her a business card, and pulled off. C/p called the owner of the company and he told her he knew of the incident and would pay for the damages.
Deputy was dispatched to Canoochee Garfield Rd. to a female that was hit in the face. Deputies arrived on scene and female was gone upon arrival, so they went to the work place of the offender and he was not at work. Deputy spoke with a male subject who saw the female at the store but got into a vehicle alone and was last seen headed towards Swainsboro.
Deputy got out with an abandoned vehicle on Bird Flanders Rd. Vehicle was unoccupied and had a faded note on the windshield with a name. Deputy ran the tag and discovered the vehicle was unregistered and had no valid insurance.
Complainant stated he received a call from a female claiming to be with Liberty National Insurance and claimed to be from Screven County. C/p stated he believed the call to be a scam and did not want anyone going on his property in relation to the call. When deputy tried to call the number given, it went to a recording stating a name with Liberty National. In a few minutes, deputy got a call back and stated c/p was insured with them and they needed to service his accounts.
July 14
Deputies were requested to EmCo Metal Products in reference to an open gate at a business. It was advised the gate is normally closed and secured after normal business hours. TCPD found there to be no damages to the building or signs of forced entry prior to deputy’s arrival. It is unknown if any theft of unsecured materials on the property occurred. Gate was closed prior to leaving.
Deputy responded to Briarcliff Rd. for an interior motion alarm. Upon arrival, deputy checked all doors and they were locked and saw no exterior damage to windows. Deputy observed two cats inside the residence that could have set the alarm off.
Deputy responded to Hwy 192 in Twin City for a damaged vehicle. Upon arrival, deputy found complainant and the vehicle to be in a field. C/p stated he was using the excavator that was sitting in the field near the truck and stated he picked up a tree and forgot his truck was parked unoccupied at the location. C/p stated he panicked when he noticed the truck and dropped the tree, causing the tree to collide with the driver’s side of the truck. Deputy observed functional damage to the driver’s side.
Deputy responded to an alarm call on Hwy 192. GSP arrived on scene prior to deputy’s arrival and spoke with the resident who stated he purchased an alarm system for a family member that lived at another address on Hwy 192 and he that did not have a system at his residence. GSP and the resident then went to the other location and deputy met them there. All doors were checked and secured. No exterior windows looked tampered with. Resident had a key and requested deputy to walk through the residence with him. The residence was cleared and nothing was tampered with. Resident was advised to inform the alarm company of the correct address and deputy advised 911 of the address difference.
July 15
Complainant stated that while traveling down Hudson Rd. her vehicle shut off, making her lose control and it rolled off into the pond. C/p was able to get out of the vehicle o her own and refused treatment from EMS.
Deputy responded to Dye Rd. for a female complainant stating someone hacked into her phone and blocked the signal. Upon arrival, deputy met with c/p who he had meat on another incident. C/p possible has a mental illness from what he learned from past experiences. C/p was not making much sense in what she was saying and was all over the place with attempting to explain what her issue was. C/p seemed to be having an issue with a new iPhone she just recently purchased not having service. She stated this was due to two individuals and stated prior to deputy’s arrival, they left and hid. C/p stated apps had been downloaded on the phone that she had not placed there. Deputy attempted to explain to c/p that her iCloud likely redownloaded it to the phone and she insisted she started everything “fresh” and that nothing should have transferred to the new phone. C/p’s phone did not have service so deputy was unable to identify what was causing the issue. Deputies were able to get in touch with c/p’s mother who stated she would be returning to the residence to speak with c/p.
Deputy responded to a suicidal person call on Oak Grove Church Rd. Upon his arrival, he was able to locate the complainant who allowed deputies to enter and they could hear her loudly crying in the back of the residence. Deputy entered and found her in the back bedroom stating she had “buried her boyfriend Sunday”. Deputy attempted to get her to calm down, taking deep breaths. C/p’s sister was her neighbor and stated c/p was supposed to be going to Ogeechee Mental Health but had not been going. C/p stated she had been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder. EMS arrived on scene and c/p willing went with them to EMC.
Deputy made a traffic stop for speeding and offender was intoxicated.
Deputies met with complainant on Hwy 57 E. in reference to a theft incident. C/p stated all items had been left on the property unsecured and had been taken from the back porch and a storage house in the back yard. While on scene, there were several items of monetary value found in close proximity of the incident that were left untouched and no forced entry was found. C/p advised he will provide further information on items via serial #’s and purchase receipts.
Deputies assisted DCS in reference to a wanted person on Queen St. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail without incident for Parole Violation.
Deputies were dispatched to Meadow Rd. to assist EMS with a combative elderly patient. It was advised that the patient needed transport for mental evaluation. Upon arriving, patient was assessed by EMS and released back to the residence and family members were advised of the 1013 process.
Deputies were dispatched to Dye Rd. in reference to complainant requesting a deputy while she picked up victim from the residence. It was advised that victim had been arguing with her boyfriend and c/p wished for a deputy to be present to avoid further conflict. Upon arrival, deputies met with c/p and victim and c/p advised of victim experiencing mental health issues and was advised of the 1013 process. Victim wished to leave with c/p and gathered needed belongings for the night. C/p was advised to contact the ECSO if needed while victim removed property from the residence at a later time.
July 17
Deputies responded to Green Spence Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute between brother and sister.
Deputies were dispatched to Williams Rd. in reference to a theft.
Deputies were dispatched to Ben Lane Rd. in reference to victim’s dog being found to have been shot and killed.
Deputy received a report from complainant on Hwy 1 S. who stated she had a blown tire and she ran over an object in the roadway. C/p advised she pulled over and saw someone turn around and pick the object up off the road and drove off.
Deputies responded to Halls Bridge Rd. in reference to a motorcycle accident with injuries. Upon arrival, no accident was located and a citizen advised that he saw a group of four-wheelers leaving the area. Deputies and first responded drove down the dirt road looking for the accident and four-wheelers and GSP made contact with the group just before Hwy 80 W. Riders advised that a buddy lost control of his bike and was unconscious for a few minutes but then woke up and said he was fine and had a friend take him home.
July 18
Deputy met with complainant on Ivy W. Rountree Rd. in reference to a stolen Xbox.
Deputies were dispatched to the area of Hwy 46 E. in reference to a call of a male subject running down the road. The caller stated the male subject appeared to have blood all over it and he was carrying a gun.
Deputies responded to Bird Flanders Rd. in reference to a suspicious vehicle being parked behind a residence.
Deputies were dispatched to EMC in reference to a dog bite. Complainant stated that while he was organizing tools in his tool shed, offender’s 2 pit bulls entered his yard and went in the tool shed and attacked him. C/p stated he was bitten on both legs, causing him to fall. C/p further stated that while on the ground, one of the dogs tried to bite his neck but he fought the dog off and managed to get up and he continued to fight off the dogs until they stoppe3d attacking him. After the dog attack ceased, c/p was transported to EMC to treat his wounds.
Complainant stated that while on a family outing, a vehicle backed into her vehicle and fled the scene. C/p was able to see a female driving the runaway vehicle with a male occupant in the passenger seat.
Deputies were dispatched to the area of Hwy 297 in reference to a reckless driver that was speeding and failing to maintain lane. Deputy made contact with the vehicle and followed it to observe its behavior for possible traffic violations. During the time, no traffic violations were observed.
Deputies were dispatched to Red Roof in reference to a vehicle being damaged while traveling on I16. Deputies met with complainant and it was determined that the incident occurred in Treutlen Co. C/p was provided with contact info for Treutlen Co. Sheriff’s Office for a report.
Deputies were dispatched to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to criminal trespass.
July 19
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 192 S. in reference to complainant advising of someone in his yard with a flashlight. Upon arrival, deputies met with complainant who stated he observed a light, which he believed to possibly be a flashlight, shining into his bedroom window. No persons were located around c/p’s residence, not any signs of foot traffic in the location that the light was seen.
Deputies were dispatched to Parham Rd. in reference to a suspicious vehicle. It was advised that the caller heard a vehicle door shut and observed a truck leaving from near her residence. The caller did not wish to speak with deputies, only requested patrol of the area. Deputies patrolled the area but did not observe any vehicles traveling the roadways at the time.
Complainant wanted to make a report in reference to offender borrowing money from him and is not paying him back.