ECSO 06-09-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 31

Complainant stated someone around her house is smoking that stuff but did not know where it was coming from.

June 1

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, the vehicle was fully ingulfed and complainant was out of the vehicle. Fire Dept. arrived on scene and extinguished the fire and c/o was advised that he was driving and threw a cigarette butt out the window and it must have landed in the bed of the truck. C/o also stated that he had a gas jug and possible residue of used oil on the truck bed floor. C/o stated he saw flames and pulled over immediately and called 911.

Deputy responded to an abandoned vehicle on S. Main St. Contact was made with a family member of the registered owner of the vehicle and the vehicle was said to have mechanical failure and was removed by request.

Deputy responded to Flounder Rd. in reference to an alarm. Upon arrival, deputy checked all doors and windows and observed no apparent sign of attempted forced entry. Doors and windows were intact and appeared to be locked and secured.

Deputies were dispatched to Patrick Rd. in reference to an alarm. Motion was advised to be the entry/exit. Upon arrival, all doors and windows were checked and appeared to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.

Deputy spoke with victim via cell phone in reference to fraudulent activity on her bank account. Victim stated she received an email advising an unknown offender had donated $418 to a GoFundMe account. Victim also stated another transaction was attempted but was stopped by the bank.

Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Rd. in reference to a tractor trailer blocking the roadway. Upon arriving on scene, deputies made contact with the driver who moved the vehicle.

A vehicle was found abandoned on Canoochee Rd. and was observed to be partially blocking the roadway. Deputies attempted to make contact with the owner at his residence, resulting in no contact. The vehicle was removed.

Deputies were dispatched to Beagle Rd. in reference to loose livestock in/near the roadway. Owner was contacted and arrived to return the livestock to the pasture.

Deputy responded to Lake Luck Dr. in reference to assault/battery.

Deputies received a call about a MVA on Clark Ln. Upon arriving on scene, it was found that the offender ran off the road and hit a tree causing disabling damage to the vehicle. Offender was transported to Statesboro. Witness, who is offender’s brother, arrived on scene and stated offender picked him up from work in Burke Co. and while on the way home, offender saw a broke down vehicle so he turned around in the road, hitting a mailbox, and preceded to go back to the car. Offender stole the battery from the engine compartment, then opened the car door and stole a wallet and lottery tickets. Burke Co. was notified and had an investigation in progress. The presumed stolen battery was in the back of offender’s truck and was turned over to Burke Co.

Complainant stated her son is telling unknown people he is going to beat her up and burn her house down, and he has been making the same threats for years but she feels like he is going to actually do it this time.

June 2

Deputies responded to Page Garrett Rd. in reference to complainant hearing a male’s voice in her yard. Upon arrival, deputy checked the area and walked around the residence and did not see any signs of forced entry, nor was anyone found on the premises or in the area.

Complainant stated he hit a dog causing damage to the front of his vehicle.

Superior Court Probation contacted ECSO asking for assistance on a Probation Revocation arrest. Deputy took offender into custody where she was searched and handcuffed, transported to Em. Co. Det. Ctr. And released to jail staff.

Deputy met with complainant on Alcott Dr. in reference to several nuisance dogs that were reported to have killed and maimed several goats and sheep that belonged to c/o. Upon further investigation, it was determined that the dogs had killed at least one goat and maimed another nine that day, and killed seventeen other goats the previous Sunday. The incidents occurred at night in early morning hours where the dogs entered onto the livestock farm under a property fence. Damages in total are estimated to be appx. $4000.

Deputies responded to Caraway’s Pawn Shop for a complainant stating two males left after paying for several items with a fake $20 bill. Deputies rode the area looking for the described vehicle but were unable to locate it. Deputy went to Caraway’ and spoke with c/o and owner who stated the males went in and looked around the store, then attempted to sell a ring and an amp. The ring was found to be fake so it was returned to them. The two males picked out 3 tweeters and took them to the register and checked out. One male had the money in his wallet and gave it to the other male. The male that handed the money to the cashier did not take his change given or the receipt. Cashier began putting the cash in the drawer and observed the $20 bill to not look right. C/o and owner tried to stop the suspects from backing out but were unable to.

Complainant stated offender borrowed some of her tools and she just recently found out that offender was arrested so she went to try to get her tools back from offender’s girlfriend but she refused to give them back.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to an ongoing issue involving an unknown person. C/o is an employee of DCS Dept. of Community Supervision. She stated she had several harassing calls from an unknown subject while at work on the work phone. It is believed that the unknown female subject in question was able to gain information of c/o through another DCS employee. Deputy was also advised that there was an ongoing investigation into the incident by the Washington Sheriff’s Office.

June 3

Deputy responded to Beagle Rd. in reference to cows in the road. Upon arrival, contact was made with the owner of the cows. Owner was advised that the Sheriff’s Office received several calls in recent weeks concerning his cows being in the road. Owner was further advised that he would be cited if the problem continued.

Deputy met with complainant concerning a civil matter. C/o stated he entered into a verbal agreement with another subject for the purposes of fixing a vehicle. C/o stated the agreement was made appx. One month earlier and he paid another party $1550 cash for services not rendered and the other party in question refused to refund the money or release the vehicle.

A tip of a threat was reported from Crider Foods. Investigators and Sheriff’s Command Staff and representatives of Crider Foods worked together to attempt to locate the caller.

Complainant went to the Sheriff’s Office to file a report about his tag being stolen. C/o stated his vehicle was broke down and when deputies stopped to assist him, they asked him about his tag and that’s when he realized it had been stolen or lost.

Complainant contacted the Sheriff’s Office and advised that someone had been in his mailbox and that three of his letters had been opened since they were delivered. C/o further advised that he does not know who could have been in his mailbox. C/o has already been in contact with the Post Master for his area and was advised to call the Sheriff’s Office and the Post Office would follow up.

Deputy responded to a call at Dollar General in Oak Park in reference to a possible domestic. Upon arrival, complainant stated that she and her boyfriend got into an argument and he poured beer on her and hit her in the back of her head with his fist. After looking at the c/o, deputy could see a small wet spot on c/o’s shorts but was unable to locate any marks indicating that she was hit. Deputy wet over to the residence to speak with offender and he stated that he did pour beer on c/o because she kept trying to argue with him and wouldn’t leave him alone but he did not hit her. Offender stated that the argument started because she was supposed to pick him up when he got off work but ended up having to walk an hour before he was able to get anyone to pick him up and he was upset about it when he got home.

June 4

Deputies were dispatched to N. Racetrack St. in reference to a deer collision. Complainant stated she was on Modoc Rd. when a deer ran out in front of her vehicle, but was able to drive to her residence. The front of her vehicle was missing the front bumper and the grille. There was also damage to the hood, both headlights, and front quarter panels. The damage did not appear to be consistent with a collision with a deer.

Deputies were dispatched to Crestview Trailer Park for an unwanted person/domestic dispute.

Deputies were requested to assist Twin City PD with the arrest of offender. Offender was located and taken into custody without incident.

Deputies responded to Hwy 56 N. in reference to a minor crash. The driver stated he stopped for a vehicle attempting to turn into a driveway as was hit by the vehicle behind him. Offender stated she did not see complainant. Both vehicles were drivable with minor rear end damage to c/o’s car.

June 5

Deputies responded to Woodchuck Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Two arrests were made on scene.

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, GSP was already on scene and advised that the vehicle was not on fire and they had an oil leak. GSP called for a tow truck per owner’s request.

June 6

Deputies responded to Falcon Trail in reference to a domestic. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with the complainant who advised that his girlfriend was intoxicated and started destroying their home. C/o stated offender was trying to provoke him to fighting back and he did advise that he pushed her away in the hallway as she was trying to fight him while he was holding their 2-year-old daughter. Deputies then entered the home and there was broken windows, tv, cabinets, and several household items and made contact with offender in the back room of the residence and detained her because she was refusing to follow simple instruction when deputies asked to see her hands. Deputy took offender outside and tried to get her side of the incident and she refused to talk. Offender then stated that the c/o choked her, but no visible signs were present. When asked on the details of the alleged chocking, she advised that it has happened before and she then started to get belligerent. C/o did not which to press charges for the domestic and offender was charged with disorderly conduct and transported to the county jail.

Deputies responded to I16 in reference to a vehicle that hydroplaned and struck the guard rail. Upon arrival, GSP was already on scene and no injuries reported.

Deputies responded to New Beginnings in Garfield in reference to a male that failed a drug test being unruly. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant and he advised that eh offender’s wife was on the way to pick offender up and that he had calmed down. Deputies spoke with offender and no action was taken.

Deputy met with Candler County Sheriff’s Dept. to pick up offender that had an outstanding warrant with Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office. Offender was taken into custody and transported to the county jail.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to subjects trespassing on the property. Upon arrival, deputy met with the neighbor that saw the subjects on the property who stated the offender had been evicted from the residence by complainant who is the homeowner. Deputy entered the residence to clear it when offender was found asleep in the bedroom on the first floor. Deputy asked offender why she was at the residence and she stated c/o said she could stay there until Tuesday. Deputy had the neighbor call c/o and she stated that she told offender she could stay one night because she had nowhere to go and no money. C/o stated that she also gave offender $100 to get her some food. C/o arrived on scene and told offender that she said it was only for one night and that her son was not allowed there. Offender got all her belongings and agreed to leave the residence. C/o stated she did not want to press charges, but offender owes her $1500 for rent and $3500 for damages to the residence and a light bill.

Deputy met with complainant at the intersection of Old McLeod Bridge Rd and Woodchuck Rd. in reference to an incident that was said to have occurred on Woodchuck Rd. C/o stated he was blocked and confronted by an older male in a Uhaul truck. C/o further stated that after the subject had blocked the road, he got out and approached him in what the c/o described as an aggressive manner. C/o also stated that the subject argumentative complaining that c/o was driving too fast down the road. Multiple attempts were made by responding deputies to locate the party in question but no contact was made.

Vehicle was found abandoned at the dump site on Canoochee Rd. near Hawhammock Church Rd.

June 7

Deputy received a call about an unruly juvenile on Ricky Rowland Dr. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant who stated her son busted out his bedroom window, tried to choke her their dog, and put his hands on c/o trying to push her. C/o stated it all started because offender was mad that he is on intense probation and has a curfew every day and he blames it on her. C/o also stated that offender did this while her 3-year-old daughter was inside. Deputy spoke with DJJ Officer and they advised for offender to stay with his grandmother for the night and they would visit him the following day. About two hours after the, deputy received another call from the grandmother stating that offender grabbed her arms and left bruises after she refused to let him hold her cellphone and he refused and kept pacing around the house cussing. Deputy call another DJJ Officer

And advised her of the incident and she stated for offender to be taken into custody and transported to Claxton YDC.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 80 E. for a welfare check. Complainant was victim’s son stating that he had not heard from her since lunch. When deputy arrived, he spoke with the neighbor who stated he attempted to knock several times with no answer. Deputy attempted to call victim and her boyfriend but neither answered the phone. Deputy then knocked on the door and announced who he was and there was no answer. Deputy observed victim’s vehicle at the residence with a window down but no one was inside it. Deputy then called the son who stated he had a key to the residence and would attempt to get there to see if she was inside at some point during the night. Deputy saw no signs of distress at the location and no reason to make entry into the residence.

June 8

Deputies responded to Twin City for a prowler. Complainant stated he was in her front yard throwing items at her residence. Upon arrival, deputies were unable to locate the subject but spoke with c/o. C/o stated she did not know the subject, but went in the front yard and left then went back, and was hitting the side of the residence so hard that they believed he may have left a hole, but no damage was found.


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