ECSO 06-02-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
May 23
Complainant met with Investigator Reddish regarding terroristic threats.
May 25
Deputy responded to Hereford Rd. for a domestic that had recently happened. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with victim who was crying. Victim stated her boyfriend jumped her and caused her shoulder to pop out of place. Deputy saw several visible injuries. Info was taken and deputies attempted to make contact with offender but were unable to. Offender was stated to still likely be at a residence on US1 and was unlicensed. Info was taken and warrants are pending.
Witness stated he is in charge of Crossroads Recovery and inside one of the residences located on W. Pine St, he found two small bags that contained a white powder substance suspected to be cocaine. Both bags were field tested and was positive for cocaine.
Deputy spoke with victims who stated firearms were located in victim’s closet and have been stolen. A pistol that was still inside the box was removed and another pistol was taken. One victim stated she believes she knows who stole the weapons.
May 26
Deputy responded to Beagle Rd. in reference to a live stock at large destroying a small garden.
Complainant stated unknown suspect has been using his VISA card, MC, and Barclay card. CC/o stated the charges are in excess of $10,000.
Offender parked his car on the shoulder of the Gazelle Rd. and walked into the woods to visit some gopher turtles. He then stated he was just going into the woods to pee. This is the second time offender has been in that location and was told not to be back the first time.
Complainant stated she and witness were in line at Sonic when the guy that was weed eating caused a rock to fly up and break her passenger side window. C/o stated she left her info with the person at the window and was told a manager would call her but she never got a call. C/o called back and was told she would have to get in touch with corporate. C/o stated she could not get in touch with corporate but was told to leave her info and someone would get in touch with her. C/o also stated no one would tell her who the lawn crew was.
Deputies were dispatched t Hunnicutt Cir. for an alarm. Motion was advised to be in the hallway. Upon arriving, all doors and windows were checked and appeared to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.
Deputies were dispatched to Union Chapel Rd. in reference to an alarm. Upon arriving, all doors and windows were checked and appeared to be secure with no signs of tamper or forced entry.
Deputies arrived at Hwy 1 S. for the purpose of serving an arrest warrant on offender. Offender was located and taken into custody without incident.
Deputies were dispatched to the area of Plantation Dr. in reference to a suspicious male. It was advised that the male was knocking on doors of residences asking for gas and advising his vehicle had broken down. Deputy made contact with the vehicle and offenders at the end of Plantation Dr. Offender advised she turned on the wrong road and her vehicle ran out of gas. When asked, the driver provided her license. One offender advised he did not have his ID, but gave his name and DOB. Other offender gave a name and DOB, to later find that she gave false information to conceal her identity due to her knowing she had an outstanding arrest warrant. Offender was placed under arrest when her real name was provided. 
Deputies responded to Hadden’s Trailer Park in reference to property damage. Upon arrival, complainant advised he has been trying to evict offender and his girlfriend from his rental property. C/o advised they have not paid rent since December and offenders advised him that they were in the process of moving out a few days ago and c/o discovered all the windows to the mobile home had been broken. C/o did not have an estimated value of the damage and was advised of the process to seek in resolving this matter further.
May 28
Deputy responded to Buck Corbin Rd. in reference to an alarm call. Upon arrival, deputy met with homeowner who stated a service tech was performing routine maintenance on his alarm system and set the alarm off by accident.
Deputies responded to Caraway’s Pawn Shop in reference to an 18-wheeler backing into a driveway and getting stuck in the ditch blocking the northbound lane.
Deputy spoke with complainant on Maple St. who stated her ex-boyfriend and his wife were calling and messaging her saying they wanted a necklace back. C/o stated she did not have the necklace and she just wants them to leave har alone. C/o called offenders while deputy was on scene and deputy informed them of what c/o informed him of and that they would have to go through courts possibly to get the necklace back due to the circumstances. Deputy also informed offenders that it would be best for them to stay away from c/o’s residence. Deputy also informed c/o that she may want to contact an attorney for a stalking order since her and one of the offenders’ relationship did not qualify under domestic.
Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. for a possible single vehicle accident with unknown injuries and driver out of the vehicle. While enroute, 911 advised there was a second call similar in the area but was a male complainant stating he was broke down. Deputies, along with Emanuel Fire, arrived on scene to discover no collision but the vehicle had been left unattended partially in the roadway. Deputy made contact with c/o by phone who was the registered owner. Offender stated he pushed the truck by himself because it broke down and he would be back shortly. More than 20 minutes passed and offender had not arrived back on scene. Deputy called him back and he stated he had a friend going to get it and he would call back in 2-3 minutes. Offender’s tag was run to find he had suspended license and the deputy informed him of this information. Offender did not call back so the vehicle was towed. Due to it being partially in the roadway.
May 29
Deputy was in the area of Canoochee Rd. near Happiness Dr. when he observed a female walking down the road barefoot. Deputy rolled down his window and asked if she was ok or needed a ride home and she did not respond. At that time, deputy observed the female holding a large machete in one hand so he called for other units. Victim was not aggressive in any way towards deputy, but for safety reasons, deputy stayed in his patrol unit and followed her as she walked back to a driveway, which was found to be her residence. Victim then sat the machete down on the trunk of a car and sat on the car. Deputy spoke with her and observed a small amount of blood on her thigh and knee. Victim still showed no aggressive acts. SPD arrived on scene and took possession of the machete and took over the situation due to victim being in the city limits. SPD had a report written which was found to be in relation to a domestic dispute.
Deputies responded to a Moss Trl. Address to a complaint concerning someone smoking marijuana.
Deputy responded to Ehrlich Farm Rd. to a private property crash. Offender was driving East when she was distracted by her granddaughter and left the roadway going through a fence owned by complainant.
Deputies responded to the dump site on Canoochee Rd. in reference to a large boat that was found dumped out.
Deputy responded to Fowler Rd. in reference to an incident concerning offender who was said to have tampered with some mail, but it was found that offender was previously a resident of the address and was still receiving mail there.
Deputy responded to Gar Rd. in reference to a complaint about loud music. Upon arrival, deputy could detect loud music from the road and spoke with offender and advised him of the complaint. Offender stated he would keep the volume down to respectable level.
May 30
Deputies were dispatched to Lake Luck Dr. for a domestic dispute. 911 advised the complainant had left the residence walking but still wanted to speak with a deputy. Deputy found c/o walking and he stated he and his girlfriend had gotten into a verbal argument because she and his family could not get along. C/o stated victim and his mother had gotten into an argument on FB which led to him and her arguing. C/o stated he left the house after getting frustrated and punching a wall. Victim made the same statements about the incident, stating it was only verbal. Both parties agreed they could be at the residence together after deputies left and there would be no further incident.
May 31
Deputies were dispatched to Wild Rose Rd. for a single vehicle rollover. GSP was requested and responded to accident investigation. Offender was determined to have been driving under the influence and was transported by EMS to Doctor’s Hospital in Augusta for treatment.
Complainant stated the individual living o McKenzie Dr. was shooting what sounded like a 22 rifle towards his residence and he could hear the bullets hitting trees hear his house. Once arriving at the residence on McKenzie Dr, a magazine for a 22 rifle was found beside the back door along with a target directly in front but across the road and a pond from the complainant’s house. Deputies tried making contact with the individual but were unsuccessful.
Deputies responded to Hwy 192 in reference to complainant stating that someone was trying to possibly break into his home. Upon arrival, c/o advised that he heard a loud bang on his side door and that his dog started barking. C/o also stated he owed money to a named subject that he met playing slots at KT’s and that the subject confronted him on his past criminal charges and demanded his money on this day. Deputies searched the area and found no one and no signs of forced entry.
Deputies responded to Linda Dr. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with both parties that had been arguing and complainant advised that offender had cut off the heads of some stuffed animals that he bought her and offender had been drinking and c/o wanted her off the property. Offender then stated that the c/o was not showing her attention and she then chose to leave the property for the night. Parties were separated for the night and advised of the eviction process to seek in resolving the matter.


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