ECSO 05-05-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

April 25

Offender was backing her vehicle on Youngblood St. when it made contact with complainant’s vehicle, causing damage to the front passenger side.

April 26

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 1 S. in reference to an animal collision with no injuries. Driver stated she missed one deer but could not avoid the second one, causing severe damage to the front of her vehicle.

Victim stated she was driving on W. Broad St. in Twin City when she hit a pot hole and busted 2 of her tires.

Deputy responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to an abandoned vehicle that had been left crashed in a field.

Complainant stated he parked his truck on the side of the road on Old Kenfield Rd. and walked about 100 yards to jacks Creek to throw his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone and laptop in the creek because they had gotten into a domestic in Bulloch County about her and her cousin using his truck to make drug deals. C/o stated he believes his ex-girlfriend took his truck because she had his spare key and believed her and her cousin followed him to the location, but he did not actually see anyone get in the truck because it was dark. C/o stated the truck is registered to him and co-signers.

Deputies responded to Oak Park Hwy in reference to a suspicious vehicle call. Contact was made with the vehicle at which time deputies discovered that both occupants had active arrest warrants, at which time they were arrested.

Deputies responded to Crider Poultry in reference to a report.

April 27

Vehicles were involved in a private property crash. Offender’s vehicle sustained minor damage to the driver side door.

Deputy met with victim on Buck Corbin Rd. in reference to a theft incident. Location of the incident is privately owned by victim and is only used as a periodic retreat and is described as being a camper type mobile home dwelling. Forced entry was attempted on the camper. While on scene, a walk-through of the camper was made, during which time victim stated that everything appeared ok and undisturbed. Items were taken from the cargo spaces from outside the camper. Offender(s) attempted forced entry and caused minor damage to the door handle and frame work, consisting of pry marks consistent with that of a tire tool or similar object. Upon further investigation, one such object was found on the property that did not belong to the victim, along with foreign tire tracks believed to have been left by offender.

Complainant called 911 stating her and offender got into an argument and offender started hitting her and tried to choke her. C/o then stated that offender took the keys to her vehicle and refused to give them back and started making threats while she was on the phone with 911 stating he was going to kill her. C/o also stated that offender made her get into her vehicle and he started driving towards his mom’s residence on Wildcat Rd. but when he realized she was still on the phone with 911, he took the phone and busted it, then slapped her in the face several times. C/o stated when they made it to offender’s mom’s residence, offender got out of the vehicle so c/o left him there and went to her residence on Wildcat Rd. After looking at c/o’s injuries, you could see several swollen areas around her eyes and cheek and she also had dried blood all around her lips. Deputy went to offender’s mom’s residence but his mother stated he was not there and she had carried him to his residence on Asa Lindsey Rd. Deputies responded to that address but were unable to locate complainant or offender at the scene. 911 received a call from c/o stating she was at one residence on Wildcat Rd. and offender was at another residence on Wildcat Rd.

Complainant stated while traveling Canoochee Rd, he struck a deer, causing extensive damage to the front end of this vehicle and the air bags deployed.

April 28

Deputy responded to a call at Flanders Rd. in reference to a male subject being in the yard knocking on the door. Upon arrival, offender was standing in the driveway and stated he was just trying to get a ride to Adrian. Deputy checked for possible warrants for offender and it was found that he had an active warrant. Offender was placed under arrest.

Deputies were dispatched to Womack Rd. in reference to a verbal altercation. Upon arrival, deputies met with complainant who stated offender started yelling at her because she wanted to leave and go to Florida and said she had been bad mouthing him to his family. Offender had left the scene with the neighbor when deputies arrived. C/o locked the house and she and witness left going to Savannah. Witness stated that if the truck was still in the yard when they returned, he would set it on fire.

Deputies responded to Hwy 56 N. in reference to a fight call. Upon arrival, deputies met with one of the parties listed as offender. Offender stated he was arguing with a female subject who had already left the scene. Offender stated the argument started over a pack of cigarettes.

April 29

Deputies were dispatched to Kemp Rd. in reference to Coleman Chapel AME Church sign being knocked down. Upon arriving, reporting deputy met with complainant, Pastor of the church. I did appear as though the sign for the church had been destroyed. The sign was valued between $100 and $200. It is unknown how the sign was damaged. There were tire marks in the area around the sign, but none looked like they would have been close enough to cause a vehicle to strike the sign. There were no apparent damages to the church building at the time.

Deputy responded to Red Oak Rd. for a damage to property report. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant who stated she had not seen the vehicle since 2300 hours the night prior and there was no damage to it. She stated she observed the vehicle appx. 1030 hours and saw the damage. Deputy observed the front windshield to be damaged on the passenger side. It was unknown what caused the damage. C/o stated Enterprise wanted a damage to property report before the vehicle was returned.

Deputies assisted SPD in searching for a 16-year-old female that did not get on the bus. Female was last seen walking towards Glenwood Rd. towards her aunt’s house. Deputies searched the area and spoke with several citizens in the area. Female was then located on Fanning Cir. and transported by SPD to the aunt’s house. Scene was turned over to SPD.

Deputies responded to Old Reidsville Rd. in reference to a prowler report.

Deputes received a report from complainant stating that her ex-husband had tampered with the cameras at their home and was sitting in his truck watching her. C/o stated the offender sat in his truck and watched her from his shop, even after the allotted time per the court order. C/o wanted a report generated for her record.

Deputies took a report from complainant, as she advised that offender threatened to shoot her and took $200 from her. C/o knows the offender and advised that he left her residence in a described vehicle, and he works at Claxton Poultry. C/o advised that she just wanted her money back. Deputy advised her of the process to seek in resolving the matter further.

Deputies were dispatched to Madge Rd. in reference to a private property accident. Upon arrival, deputy met with complainant who stated offender backed into her vehicle, causing damage to the left front quarter panel and left front door.

Complainant had a deer stuck in his fence. Deputy cut the deer lose using a pair of bolt cutters. When deer got loose, she couldn’t stand up because her leg was broken. Deer had to be shot, and DNR Game Mgmt. Ofcr. From Dublin said he would pick the deer up.

May 1

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 1 N. and while performing the stop, he observed a black plastic bag in the passenger seat that appeared to have cans inside of it that looked similar to beer cans. Subject was asked about the bag and gave verbal consent for deputies to search the vehicle. While performing the search, a bag of marijuana was found in the center console area.

Deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 80 E. in reference to a tag light violation. After making contact with the driver, officer was made aware by dispatch, and confirmed, that the driver was wanted thru 2 different counties and Bulloch Co. did want to place a hold on the subject. Subject was arrested due to suspended registration, suspended license, and a tag light violation.

Deputies were dispatched to McGarrh Mill Pond Rd. in reference to a female walking down the middle of the Rd. 911 advised there was possibly an argument between two parties. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with complainant and offender. Partiers were transported back to the residence stating there would be no further incident that evening.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 E. in reference to a two-vehicle accident. It was determined that a minor rear end collision occurred between offender’s vehicle and victim’s vehicle. Neither vehicle appeared to have any damages, only minor paint transfer to bumpers. Victim was transported by EMS to EMC for complaints of pain. Witnesses were passengers of the vehicle driven by the victim.

May 2

Deputies responded to E. Pine St. for a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, the vehicle was mostly extinguished. It was found by SPD that the fire was intentional by a subject caught on camera. Further investigation led to a K9 track. Subject was identified and contact was made through phone. Subject was taken into custody without incident.

Deputy met with complainant on Georgia Ave. in reference to a dispute concerning some personal belongings. C/o stated she was at the time of contact moving from the said address during which time she and the landlord entered into a disagreement about some items on the property. C/o further stated that the items are her personal belongings and the landlord would not allow her to remove them from the property. Items in question were described as being a window A/C unit, curtains, and dishware, along with other misc items. C/o also stated that while in the process of moving out, her wallet went missing. C/o was advised of the legal process in order to obtain the property.

Deputies responded to the area of Tapley Rd. in reference to a dispute. While enroute, deputies were advised by 911 via radio that there was a male subject with a firearm on the property of Tapley Rd. and had brandished the weapon to the caller in a threatening manner. Weapon is question was described as a shotgun. Male subject was said to have made a verbal threat to the caller about a dog that was running loose. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with both parties. Offender stated the situation with his neighbor had been ongoing for some time and that the dispute had ensued over the neighbor’s dog because would chase and harass him and his family in a threatening manner. Offender further stated there had been communication with the neighbor in the past concerning the dog and further stated he did drive down to the neighbor’s house with his gun to shoot the dog, but did not harm the dog. Further investigation into the incident revealed that both parties had been in a feud over the course of appx. one year concerning the dog. Victim and witness stated that there had been times where the offender would make accusations about their dog and would show up in front of their house with a gun in a threatening manner. One such incident was described to deputies where offender showed up with what was described as an assault rifle and discharged a round from the road in front of the house as a form of intimidation. In reference to the aforementioned incident, victim stated she felt threatened and that the offender verbally threatened to kill her and her family. In referenced to the statements, deputies were advised by both parties that no incident reports had initially been filed due to the fact that there had been attempts to resolved the situation in a civil matter. While on scene, offender was issued a verbal CTW for the property. All parties involved were advised of available remedies.

Vehicle left the roadway on Lambs Bridge Rd., causing disabling damage.

Deputies were dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a vehicle parked in the middle of the roadway. Offender was found to be in the driver’s seat of the vehicle and placed under arrest without incident for an outstanding warrant.


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