ECSO 04-28-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
April 16
Victim stated offenders took her golf cart without permission and turned it over, breaking the front windshield, roof, and mirror. Victim also stated offenders are juveniles and their parents will not discuss paying for the damages. Victim believes the cost of the damage to be around $1000.
April 19
Deputies were dispatched to the area of NE Railroad Ave. in Oak Park in reference to shots fired. Complainants advised they heard a car alarm going off prior to what they believed to be appx. 5 shots being fired. C/o also advised a short time later, appx. 3 more shots were fired. C/o advised the area of disturbance to be on NE Railroad Ave. between Thompson St. and Williamson St. Deputies checked the area, as well as other areas of Oak Park, but did not locate any suspicious persons or further disturbances. Deputies did speak to a resident of the area who advised he had not heard anything at the time described by c/o.
Deputies were dispatched to Lindsey Rd. in reference to criminal trespass. Complainant stated someone keeps knocking on her door and when she answers, no one is there. C/o believes the offender to be her son. C/o stated there has been an ongoing property dispute between the two since c/o’s husband passed away. Deputies were unable to locate offender at the time.
Complainant stated she heard someone outside her residence so she turned off the lights inside and that’s when she saw a shadow of a person standing outside her back door and then the person took the sheet off the door that she had covering the window. Deputy looked around the residence and could see evidence that someone had been outside near the back door so he searched the surrounding area and empty buildings but was unable to locate anyone at the time.
Complainant stated unknown fraudulently passed 5 checks on his account totaling $957.88 at WalMart in Swainsboro.
April 20
Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. to a reckless driver call leaving Enmarket. Enmarket employee stated to 911 that the driver was asleep at the pump, woke up, drove around the parking lot a few times almost striking people, and pulled onto S. Main St. The driver then went onto S. Main St. and was followed by a male and called 911 until he was stopped on Lambs Bridge Rd. Offender was detained for officer safety due to offender not complying with orders to exit the vehicle when requested. Assisting deputy went up to offender and could visibly see the offender having trouble keeping his balance with swaying and red, glossy eyes. Deputy asked offender to perform a field sobriety test and he stated he would, but when asked to do the walk and turn, offender stated he had an ear issue and his equilibrium was off and he had a hard time balancing. Due to that fact, deputy had offender give a sample of his breath to determine if he was under the influence. Offender was not positive for alcohol, which gave the indication that he was under the influence of drugs.
Deputy got out with an abandoned vehicle on Old Nunez Rd. that had a warning label on it. The vehicle had been at the location for 4 days and no one was around the vehicle and it was observed that no attempts were made in removing the vehicle. Vehicle was towed.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 56 N. in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. Upon arriving on scene, the vehicle was found to have been abandoned. It appeared as though the vehicle was traveling S. on Hwy 56 N. when it traveled off the right shoulder of the roadway. After leaving the roadway, the vehicle continued a short distance into the ditch. It appeared as though the angel at which the vehicle came to rest in the ditch caused it to become stuck. I appeared as though the incident occurred at low speeds as there was no marking to indicate a crash. Vehicle did not appear to have any damage. Vehicle was towed.
Deputies assisted SPD with a vehicle pursuit. SPD attempted a traffic stop near Modoc Rd. due to offender having an outstanding felony warrant. Vehicle fled North at a high rate of speed, turned on Mustang Rd., and continued onto Eloise St. Vehicle crashed into a wooded area behind a residence and the driver fled on foot. Deputies assisted in setting a perimeter of the wooded area offender fled towards by positioning themselves in the area of McKenzie Dr. and Phillips St. SPD K-9 unit responded and began tracking offender. After a search of the area, offender was not located. Offender currently has an outstanding felony warrant for Aggravated Assault in which he discharged a firearm in the commission of. It was further advised offender to be armed at the time he fled from SPD.
Offender intentionally lied while testifying under oath in the Superior Court of Em. Co.
Deputy was contacted by DCS Ofcr. Who stated that offender moved from his residence in Swainsboro to a hotel in Toombs Co. At some point, offender moved to a hotel in Jenkins Co. DCS Ofcr. Obtained a Probation Warrant while deputy obtained the failure to register warrant. Jenkins SO picked up offender.
Deputy spoke with complainant who went to the Sheriff’s Ofc. to report a hit and run incident that occurred on Hwy 80 W. C/o stated a white work truck side-swiped the rear driver side fender of her vehicle and did not seem to notice that he had hit her and kept going. Deputy observed moderate cosmetic damage to the driver side rear fender.
April 21
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 W in reference to a male wearing dark clothing walking beside the roadway. Reporting deputy made contact with a male matching the given description and male identified himself. Offender stated he had been out walking and weas heading home. Offender also stated he got frightened and disoriented due to not having any type of flashlight to be able to see. Offender’s name and DOB was run through 911 which indicated him to have an outstanding warrant through Bulloch Co. Contact was made with Bulloch Co. who did not wish to place a hold on offender due to COVID.
Complainant stated he was traveling on I16 when his vehicle hydroplaned causing him to lose control and strike the cables in the median. Vehicle sustained slight damage to the taillights and rear bumper, and tore the license plate off the vehicle. Reporting deputy recovered the license plate and turned it over to the driver. No injuries were reported.
Deputies responded to Hwy 80 W in reference to a disabled vehicle being vandalized. Upon arrival, reporting deputy observed what appeared to be three puncture holes in the windshield of the vehicle that appeared to have came from a golf club or something similar. The side windows on the driver side were also busted out. Vehicle belonged to Wilsons Motor Mart.
Deputies assisted GSP with a two vehicle MVA. Minor injuries reported on scene. One driver was transported for treatment due to minor injuries.
April 22
Deputies responded to BL Johnson Rd. and met with complainant a call concerning an unwanted person on private property. Offender is said to have at least four aliases. While on scene, c/o stated that offender went onto the property on a couple of occasions while hospice and other guests were at the house and caused a scene about his dog. C/o further stated that his mother-in-law, who also resides at the residence and is under hospice care, is not in good health. C/o would further state that he is concerned that the offender’s actions and demeanor could upset his mother-in-law. Offender was GOA.
Deputies responded to a burglary call at Willow Springs Church. Upon arrival, complainant stated she went to the church to work on a few things and when she walked inside, she noticed 3 audio/cd /mixer receiver units, 3 stereo speakers, 4 audio microphones, hand-held nano sanitizer, 2 trash cans, money box, and 50 soft padded fold-up chairs were missing. Officer attempted dusting the areas for possible prints and took photos.
Deputy responded to E. Pine St. due to being called by SPD who advised he spoke with a female complainant who stated she was having issues with her ex-boyfriend who used to live with her.
April 23
Deputies responded to Hwy 23 S. in reference to an animal collision. Upon arrival, no injuries were reported and the driver advised she struck a deer, which caused minor damage to her vehicle.
Deputies were dispatched to Bonsue Dr. in reference to a minor collision. Complainant stated a vehicle had been abandoned in the roadway across from c/o’s residence for appx. 2 weeks and it has caused issues with getting in and out of his driveway. C/o stated he was attempting to back out of his driveway and his vehicle made slight contact with the abandoned vehicle. His vehicle received no damages, but the left taillight of the abandoned vehicle was busted. Deputies spoke to residents of a neighbor who advised who the abandoned vehicle belonged to and that it was disabled due to mechanical issues. Owner of the vehicle was not on scene at the time and it was advised that he lived at another location. The abandoned vehicle was observed to not have a license plate displayed, so the VIN was ran through multiple states which all indicated no record or registration information. Due to this info, as well as it being left in the roadway obstructing traffic, it was towed.
Deputies were dispatched to Paul Lord Rd. in Johnson Co. to assist with what was advised to be a double homicide. Em. Co. deputies were requested to assist with traffic and crowd control due to large gathering of family and friends near the crime scene. GSP responded to assist with the incident as well. A vehicle involved in the incident was removed from the scene for further processing by GBI.
Deputies served an outstanding warrant on offender on Glenwood Dr. who was placed under arrest without incident.
April 24
Deputies were dispatched to George L. Smith Campground in reference to a complaint of loud music. Deputies did not observe any loud music or disturbances in the area.
Deputies were dispatched to Kersey Cross Rd. to confirm a tree had fallen into the roadway after a 911 call during a thunderstorm. Reporting deputy observed that a tree had in fact fallen into the roadway, blocking passage through the area. County Road Dept. was contacted and responded to remove the tree.
Deputies received a call about a complaint of a neighbor’s dog going onto c/o’s property and killing their dog. C/o stated the dog that was killed was purchased by her for $950 and gifted to her son, and that the neighbor’s dogs have done this before.
Deputies responded to Racket Town Rd. in referenced to a burglary.
Reporting deputy arrested offender on Canoochee Garfield Rd. for outstanding warrants.
Offender was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant.
April 25
Deputy was contacted by 911 and advised of a criminal trespass complaint.
Reporting deputy responded to Pruitt Health in reference to a report.
Deputies responded to Rosie Powell Rd. in reference to a possible stolen trailer.
Deputies responded to Maple St. in reference to a female and male that were taking items from a neighbor’s residence.
Deputy was performing normal patrol activity on Bus. 1 S and observed a vehicle traveling with no license plate displayed. A traffic stop was conducted.
Deputies received a call about complainant stating her vehicle had been shot. Deputy arrived on scene and observed what appeared to be a bullet hole on the front driver side bumper. C/o explained this is an ongoing issue between her and her ex-boyfriend stalking her and damaging her property. Deputy walked into the woods where the shot appeared to have came from and did not locate any shell casings.


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