ECSO 04-07-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
March 25
Deputy assisted GSP with a vehicle fire that occurred on I16 west bound. Vehicle was not involved in a MVA. Cause of fire was unknown at the time of the incident.
March 26
Deputies responded to McKenzie Dr. in reference to damage to property. Upon arrival, complainant advised that the offender had broken her ignition and interior.
March 27
Deputies responded to Ed Youmans Rd. in reference to a structure fire. Upon arrival, Fire Dept. advised that the fire may have started under the mobile home and complainant advised that there is no power to the residence, as they are in the process of remodeling. C/o stated that he was last at the location about 2-3 hours prior to seeing the flames.
Deputies responded to Kemp Rd. in reference to a domestic that had occurred in the city limits.
Deputy responded to the ER in reference to a report.
March 28
Complainant stated he struck debris in the roadway that caused moderate damage to his vehicle.
Deputies responded to Bishop Chapel Rd. in reference to loud music. Deputy made contact with the owner and advised him of the complaints on his establishment for loud music. The owner advised that he would turn the music down. Deputy sat down the road and could hear the music still playing just as loud as it was when he advised the owner to turn it down. The music finally went off about 2 hours later.
Deputies traveled to Hwy 57 W. in reference to a wanted person. As deputies arrived at the residence, offender was observed in the backyard. Offender fled from the residence into a wooded area. Offender knows he has an outstanding warrant and fled the area to avoid arrest. Deputies searched the area near the residence but were unable to locate offender.
Deputies were dispatched to Briarcliff Rd. in reference to an alarm. Motion was advised to be the general alarm. Residence was checked and appeared to be secure, having no signs of tamper or forced entry.
Deputies were dispatched to Pearl Rd. in reference to criminal trespass.
March 29
Complainant struck a turkey with his vehicle while traveling Hwy 192 S. Vehicle sustained minor damage.
Deputy responded to Tony Baker Ln. for possible suicide subject. Upon arrival, subject stated he was not going to harm himself and did not need any medical attention.
Deputies responded to a single vehicle accident on Canoochee Rd. Upon arrival, complainant stated she struck a cow with his vehicle while traveling Hwy 57 W. Vehicle sustained major damage.
Deputies responded to Hwy 57 W. to search for a vehicle collision. 911 advised the driver had hit something in the roadway and was requesting EMS. Deputies arrived on scene along with Em. Fire & EMS.
March 30
A Chime card was located om the ATM machine at Spivery State Bank. The card was turned in for safe keeping until the owner was found. Owner was located and picked up his card.
Investigators assisted US Marshal’s Fugitive Team and GBI in arresting offender for outstanding arrest warrants.
Deputies met with MED 1 on Fairground Rd. in reference to a male subject who was found unresponsive.
Deputy assisted DCS (Dept. of Community Supervision) with the apprehension of a male subject. Upon arrival, male subject had been taken into police custody by DCS during which time offender was found to be in possession of a small amount of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana.
March 31
Deputies responded to Hwy 192 S in reference to a tree falling onto a vehicle just outside of Stillmore. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant who stated the tree fell on the windshield and caused major damage, with no injuries reported. Deputy still had EMS come on scene to check the complainant’s 6-month-old child that was in the backseat due to a small cut on his face from the glass. Vehicle sustained major front windshield damage due to high winds from a storm in the area.
Deputies responded to Kersey Cross Rd. in reference to an unresponsive male. Upon arrival, EMS was on scene and notified that the male had been deceased for a few days. No signs of forced entry could be seen.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 192 S in reference to a tree falling on victim’s vehicle. Victim stated he was traveling down his driveway when a tree fell on top of his vehicle causing damages. Vehicle appeared to have received damages to the driver door, top of vehicle, and right rear passenger door. No injuries were reported. Incident occurred during high winds from a storm passing through the area.
Deputy made a traffic stop on I16.
April 1
Deputies were dispatched to Overstreet Rd. in reference to a welfare check on offender. It was advised that offender had contacted Georgia Crisis Center in reference to mental issues. Deputy made contact with a female advising to be offender’s sister. The female advised offender no longer lived at listed location and was currently living in Tampa, FL.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 297 in reference to a stranded motorist.
Deputies were dispatched to McKenzie Dr. in reference to a theft. Victim stated he found that the catalytic converter had been removed from his service truck. Victim is unsure of when the theft may have occurred, advising the service truck had been sitting in the yard for an extended period of time. Victim did not advise of any other property damage or theft.
Deputies were dispatched to Williams Rd. in reference to a property dispute.
Deputies responded to Scarboro Church Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with complainant who advised that his girlfriend and another male took his phone and left walking into a field. Offender was the original 911 caller who stated the c/o did not want to leave her property. Offender was nowhere to be found and would not answer her phone after several attempts by dispatch. C/o was going to leave, but could not find his keys and thought maybe the offender took them with his cell phone. C/o had no choice but to stay on the property until his keys were returned.
Deputies responded to Sunfish Ln. in reference to a domestic that had already occurred.
Deputies met with complainant at the Red Roof in Oak Park in reference to an incident which occurred on Ricky Rowland Dr.
April 2
Deputies responded to Hwy 56 N. in reference to a domestic disturbance call reported through 911. Victim and offender were current spouses and resided together. Complainant stated she was hit and choked by offender. At the time of contact, victim did show signs of physical abuse that consisted of recent inflammation to the left eye and marks on the right side of her neck and throat area. C/o further stated that she and offender got into a heated argument after she asked offender why he took off of work and offender got mad and began to sling her around while she held her baby. While on scene, c/o was also determined to be a victim of family violence advised by deputies that she wanted to press charges and further advised that she did not feel safe to be alone at the house. She stated she and the children would stay with another family member for the night or until offender could be apprehended. Deputies made multiple attempts to contact offender but had negative contact.
Complainant stated she has a TPO on offender and offender went to SHS and picked up her 16-year-old daughter and took her to his house to talk. Deputy spoke with c/o and her daughter. And daughter stated she called offender to get her so they could talk.
Deputy responded to assist SPD in a traffic stop, where driver bailed out on foot in the King Circle area. Upon arriving, deputy was driving on Norwood Dr. and seen a male with the same clothing description walking out of the area. Deputy then turned around and the subject started running. Deputy then spotted him laying in a wooded area about 25 yards from the roadway and made contact with him into custody. Suspect was then transported back to the original scene on Howard Dr.
April 3
Deputy responded to Reba Dr. for a male complainant stating there was a domestic between him and his wife. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with all parties and neither was willing to leave the scene at the time but there had been no criminal activity, just verbal dispute.
Deputy met with complainant on Starfish Lane in reference to a harassing communication incident. Complainant stated he had received some text messages and photographs on his cell phone from an unknown party. C/o also stated that he found the messages and photos to be alarming and threatening in nature but is unaware of who could have sent them. Texts messages are described as a mix of English & Spanish language and slang and photos are described as being three separate photos of Hispanic male subjects, two of which are seen posing with a firearm and have facial tattoos. Another photo is described as a group of young Hispanic male subjects who appear to be dressed with prison attire and appear to be within a prison facility. While not confirmed, it is believed that messages were sent to c/o by mistake.
Deputy met with complainant on Bonsue Dr. in reference to a theft incident. Complainant stated he and his girlfriend got into a verbal dispute that ensued over a $90 vet bill that both parties were involved in. C/o further stated that his girlfriend took his cell phone as form of ransom and would later state that she would give the phone back in exchange for $90. Offender was GOA during the course of the investigation. Deputy late spoke with c/o via land line phone during which time c/o advised that offender had also threatened to tamper with his bank account, which was accessible from his phone.
911 received a call from an unknown source stating that someone was messing with a trailer behind Maple St. in Stillmore. When deputy arrived on scene, he made contact with two offenders that were backed up to a trailer what was in the woods. He then asked them what they were doing and they stated they were trying to take off trash for his girlfriend who rented a mobile home on Maple St.
Deputies assisted complainant with the recovery of their vehicle that became disabled on Hwy 1.


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