ECSO 03-31-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
March 21
Deputy responded to Hwy 86 E. in reference to a burglary.
March 22
Complainant reported an attempted internet scam.
Deputies responded to Quick Loop in reference to someone trying to steal a motorcycle.
Complainant stated he placed an order with a business called Stocky’s in FL and paid with his debit card, but has not received the order and when he attempts to contact the business, he gets the run around.
Complainant stated she received threats from unknown suspects that her grandson in Augusta is going to be harmed and that they know where she lives and intend to harm her also.
March 23
Deputies responded to Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to criminal trespass.
Complainant stated she received an email from the DOL stating her SS# had been used to file for unemployment. C/o further stated she had not filed for any unemployment.
Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Garfield Rd. in reference to offender jumping out of complainant’s vehicle and running in to the woods.
March 24
Complainant stated she was traveling down Herndon Rd. when a deer ran out in front of her and struck her vehicle, causing moderate damage.
Deputies responded to Lynn St. in reference to a residential alarm. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the homeowner who advised that she accidentally set the alarm off.
Deputies were dispatched to McKenzie Dr. in reference to a civil issue.
March 25
Complainant stated there were people running around hiding on her property trying to kill her. 
C/o also stated the names of the individuals and does not know why they are trying to hurt her and wants them to stop. C/o tried showing deputy a video she recorded on her phone that showed them being in her yard but he was unable to see anything on the video. Deputy spoke with c/o’s daughter who stated she thought her mother may be having some sort of mental breakdown or that she may possible be on drugs and she wanted to know what they could do to have her sent somewhere to be checked out.
Complainant stated while traveling down Wadley Coleman Lake Rd, she struck a deer, causing moderate damage to the front passenger side headlight of her vehicle.
Deputy responded to Oak Grove Church Rd. in Swainsboro for a call dispatched as what sounded like a burglary.
Deputy responded to ECDC to talk with complainant about a stolen boat. C/o stated he believed ECSO had stolen his boat that Jenkins County was charging him for stealing. Deputy later found out that JCSO had holds on c/o for a theft by taking charge of the said boat and they also were supposed to have possession of the boat.
Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 57 E in reference to a man wrecked in a ditch, and the driver was stumbling possibly intoxicated. He was then advised that the driver had a flat tire and a Stillmore unit was out with him. Upon deputy’s arrival, he approached the driver and asked him what was going on. The driver stated he had a flat tire and was waiting on his girlfriend. Deputy noticed the driver had slurred speech and glazed eyes that were bloodshot.
March 26
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 192 S in reference to a stranded motorist. Complainant stated his vehicle became disabled due to unknown mechanical issues.
Deputy responded to Oak Park Hwy S in reference to the complainant calling stating that someone was trying to kill her and she did not feel safe where she was at. When deputy arrived, he searched the area around the residence but did not see anyone. When c/o answered the door, she stated that someone was inside her residence so deputy searched inside but was unable to locate anyone. C/o stated people have been making plans to do something to her and that they have been following her around everywhere she goes. C/o also stated that she did not feel safe at the residence she was at so she asked if he could take her to her friend’s residence in Toombs County. Deputy then transported c/o over to another residence in Toombs County.
Complainant stated she was on Hwy 23 in front of Durden Bank when someone shot her back passenger window. Once on scene, deputy noticed the window looked to have been shot by a pellet rifle. Deputies went to a residence on N. Railroad St. where the listed offender had been seen carrying around a pellet rifle and on the front porch in plain view was a BB gun.
Deputies went to a Hwy 57 W residence in reference to someone parking in the driveway and knocking on complainant’s door.
March 28
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 W in reference to a vehicle in the ditch. It appeared as though the vehicle had been traveling West on Hwy 80 W, negotiating a curve near the intersection of Meeks Rd. when it traveled off the right shoulder of the roadway. It appeared as though the vehicle came back onto the roadway and the driver overcorrected, causing the vehicle to travel back off the right shoulder and become stuck in mud in the ditch. The vehicle was abandoned at the location with no visible damages.


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