ECSO 01-13-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
January 1
Complainant sated his brother made threats of grave bodily harm toward him.
January 5
Deputy met with witness who stated she walked out on her back porch and saw a purse laying on the ground and she wanted to turn it in.
EMS was dispatched to BL Johnson Lane in reference to victim having difficulty breathing.
January 6
Deputy met with complainant on Wadley Coleman Lake Rd. in reference to a theft.
Complainant stated he struck a deer on Hwy 80 E. causing minor damage to his vehicle.
Deputy spoke with complainant who stated he got a prescription filled for Methadone pills and checked the bottle the next day to find some missing. He suspects his brother to be the one who took them.
January 7
Deputy responded to a fight in the roadway on Pendleton Springs Rd.
Deputy met with complainant who stated someone went in her camper and stole several items. She also stated the camper was for sale and two people looked at it the day before and they were looking around the property acting very suspicious.
January 8
Complainant stated she was traveling on Hwy 57 when she lost control and left the roadway, hitting a culvert and two mailboxes, then flipped over one the driver side.
Deputies responded to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to a single vehicle crash that caused damage to property owner’s fence. Upon arrival, deputies spoke to the driver and landowner. The driver was asked for his license, at which time he stated he did not have them and further stated after being asked how much alcohol he had, he sated he had a six pack at lunch. After a quick look inside the vehicle, there was an open container in the center console. Driver was then placed under arrest for DUI and as soon as cuffs were put on him, he reached in his front pocket and grabbed an object and concealed it in his closed hand. After being asked several times what was in his hand, he refused to tell what it was and attempted to get away from deputies. Deputies then gained control of the offender and were able to get him to the ground where his hands were pried open to find a small baggie with white powder inside it. Offender was then patted down and transported.
January 9
Deputies were dispatched to Subway in reference to fraudulent activity.
January 10
Deputies were dispatched to New Turner Dr. in reference to a report where someone went into a shop and took some items. Complainants stated they noticed bamboo was cut down and the side door was open. They also advised that near the door was a camera on a tri-pod entering the doorway. Complainants stated they had a good idea of who the offender was, who has a permanent restraining order. As they were talking, the offender drove up to the scene and stated he spoke with his attorney who advised him that the said order expired after twelve months. After deputy read the offender’s paperwork, he was told to leave the property and not return until he has a court order signed by the judge.
Complainant stated she went to visit her mother’s gravesite and offender was at the location kicking flowers off of the gravesite. Complainant also stated she has a TPO out on the offender and when she saw her, she immediately left.
January 11
Deputies were dispatched to Island Dr. in reference to two males approaching the residence with guns.
Deputy spoke with complainant who stated the tag on her vehicle was stolen.
Deputy was dispatched to Price Williams Rd. in reference to theft of services.
Deputy spoke with complainant who stated that a German Shepard went into her yard and it seemed hurt. Complainant was attempting to help the dog and it bit a child.
Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 80 in a 55, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Upon making contact with the driver, she advised deputy that she did not have a license, and deputy could smell a strong odor or marijuana. Deputy then asked if there were any narcotics or illegal items in the vehicle and she stated no. Upon doing a search of the vehicle, deputy found a cigarillo pack with a small amount of green leafy substance and a jar with the same green leafy substance and a digital scale and grinder.


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