Dr. Prasad address county on COVID-19 vaccinations


Dear Emanuel County,
Once again we’re watching a rise in the disease that has made life so difficult for most of the last 1 ½ years. After enjoying several months of hopefulness and finally beginning to be able to enjoy our lives again, COVID-19 has begun to rear its head once more, putting us on notice that without proper precautions, vaccinations, and caring how our actions affect those most vulnerable, we will again be at a crossroads which will affect our family, friends and neighbors by the decisions we make today.
While observing the medical community it may not be evident, but healthcare workers are mentally and physically exhausted. Physicians and clinical staff who spent weeks without rest taking care of someone you know cannot cope with another surge in COVID-19.

We are so fortunate to have access to life-saving vaccines yet only 31% of Emanuel County residents are vaccinated while the state as a whole has only a 40% vaccination rate! Please get your vaccination before once again we are faced with a pandemic that is, today, on the verge of destroying more lives, families and maybe your life. Getting vaccinated is the single most important thing you can do for yourself, family, and all others you may have contact with.
Emanuel Medical Center currently offers a Covid-19 vaccination clinic on Wednesday of each week starting at noon. Walk-ins are welcomed. For an appointment or to ask for directions to the clinic, please call 478-289-1100.

Please get vaccinated today!


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