Dingo and Tali are looking for a good home


Dingo and Tali are two 4-month-old Lab mixes currently being housed and cared for at the Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter. These two pups had a rough start in life, especially Dingo. Animal Control picked up both pups in the Gumlog area when they were about seven weeks old. Both were hairless from fleas and scabies. Dingo was so weak from being mal-nourished, he was unable to walk or stand. He was at the point of death.  

The shelter staff spent weeks treating and caring for these two pups until they were healthy again. Now they are lively, playful pups that have been waiting to find their forever homes. Unfortunately, these two youthful pups may never get that chance to grow into adult dogs and live a wonderful life. Their lives are now in jeopardy as well as many others, because of over-crowding in the shelter, state regulations and local ordinances. The shelter is running over with beautiful, healthy dogs. Lately, more dogs are coming in than going out. Pen space and how long dogs can be housed at the shelter is limited. You could be the one to make a difference in these dogs’ lives and others at the shelter. If you have room in your heart and home to love these pups and can give them the care they deserve, please come down to the shelter and adopt. Help save a life! They’re counting on you. 


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