DEA vs. Trinity


On January 11, David Emanuel Academy basketball teams traveled to Statesboro and played three games against Trinity Christian School’s middle school boys division and junior varsity boys and girls teams. The Stillmore Eagles came out with a 2-1 lead, with both boys teams taking home wins.

The junior varsity girls came up short of a win with a final score by two points. The final score was 22-23. Kaleigh Scarboro scored one point, Henzli Terwilliger scored two points, Aubrey Williams scored six points and Molly Hammock and Emma Proctor scored seven points each.

The junior varsity boys scored big with a 44 to 24 lead. Peyton Templeton scored two points, Richard Braddy scored three points, Peyton Lee scored four points, Randon Williams scored eight points, Billy Martin scored eleven points and Brody Fleming scored sixteen points.

The middle school boys left victorious in their game with a 35 to 21 score. Paxton Dixon, Juddson Wilkes and Layton Terwilliger scored two points each. Landon Lindsey scored four points, Tucker Free scored eight points and Ethan Fields scored seventeen points.


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