I Voted


Yes indeed, I voted. Early voting and absentee voting have made it more convenient and enables more voters to cast their ballot. I still enjoy going to the polls to cast my ballot and walk out wearing the “I Voted” sticker. Since 1815, federal elections are held on Tuesday following the second Monday in November. This was deemed to be the most convenient time for farmers and businessmen to take time off to go to the polls. Since my birthday is November 8, elections are often on that day. I always hope that the results will be a happy birthday for me. My one vote and your one vote are democracy in action. Politicking has changed greatly. Our mailboxes and email are filled with messages implying your donations will determine the election. Most of this money is spent on more advertisements requesting donations. My father was involved with candidates in Emanuel County long before there were bumper stickers and yard signs. Most of the county schools invited the candidates to a barbeque fund raiser. All candidates were allowed to speak and answer questions. This was a personal encounter with the future leaders of the county. Funds were also raised by auctioning cakes donated by parents. Candidates would run the bidding high, hoping to gain votes. Don’t know if buying an expensive cake impressed voters but it was far less expensive than a television commercial.


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