Contests won, lessons learned


Thank goodness it’s over, or at least, almost over. Now that this country has spent billions more than ever before on the year-long mid-term political race, we can go right back to pretty much the same situation we had before. But at least it’s over. Time to look forward to other things now. Other activities, events and even competition of a friendlier nature can now have the spotlight and give us a little peaceful enjoyment that involves cheering instead of jeering, discussing instead of fussing, and celebration without recrimination. So, if you’re feeling just a little worn out with all the moaning and crowing of the winners and losers this political season, just take a look at some real winners we have right here in Emanuel County. From the start of this school year and even before that, some outstanding students from all around our county have been working, training and pushing themselves in the classroom and also out on the field in a race to be the best. Now as playoff time arrives, this year is proving to be a record breaker for athletic achievements in Emanuel County Schools. The list is pretty amazing. The Eagles football team of David Emanuel Academy in Stillmore is headed into State Playoffs. The State Championship of Fast Pitch Softball was won in an incredible season by the “Lady Dawgs” of ECI. The ECI Middle School Football team won the Southeast Region Middle School Championship, and the ECI Cheerleaders earned the opportunity to compete at State Cheer competition. The Swainsboro Tiger football team is continuing a huge season having won their Region Championship and are now into State playoffs. The Swainsboro Middle School Tiger football team is the Championship winner again this year dedicating their season in memory of Coach Shon Nobles. and the SHS Cheerleaders earned the right to compete at State Cheer competition. Just a couple of weeks ago, the SHS Cross Country Track team competed at State.

To say that these young champions are “impressive” is a totally watered-down understatement. So, let’s just say they are winning examples of what preparation and “giving your best” are all about. Ordinarily, we think of young folks being inspired by the adults. But this time, I think it’s the other way around. These young competitors inspire us all. Athletic competition has a way of putting things in perspective and bringing honesty to the field. Win or lose, you put it all out there and then learn to live with the results, good or bad. That’s a healthy lesson for all of us. Congratulations to all these true Champs, their parents, their Coaches, administration and all the boosters and supporters!


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