Brier Creek Artillery attends Midway Patriot Grave Marking


On Sunday, April 28, the Brier Creek Artillery consisting of three cannons and nine crew members, traveled to Midway to attend the grave marking of five American Revolutionary War Patriots Nathaniel Bacon, SAR PRS #P-106410; Benjamin Baker SAR PRS #P-107025; Martin Martin SAR PRS #P-242472; James Powell Maxwell SARPRS #P-243397; and John Winn SARPRS #P-322558. After the Church service at Midway Church and a great meal on the grounds, they all crossed Hwy 17 into the cemetery and conducted the event. During the ceremony, each patriot's biography was read and a three-round volley from the 11 militiamen with their flintlocks and the Brier Creek Artillery with their three cannons was rendered. After the dedication of the Grave Markers, wreaths were presented from over 50 organizations and then a three-round volley was again fired by the 11 militia and three cannons. Taps was then played by Compatriot Don Bazemore on his bugle and Mourn Muskets was presented. In all there were 24 cannon shots and 88 flintlock shots fired. Including the militia, Award Winning Georgia Society Color Guard and Brier Creek Artillery, there were 33 SAR members participating.