All Good Things . . . depend on you!


“All good things must come to an end”. Well, maybe. It all depends on your perspective. If you are 7 or 13 or 17 years old, you could say this week that summer is, for all practical purposes, about done. That’s it! You might have a few more days, but that "good thing" has almost come to an end. Teachers report to work today. Students file in next Wednesday. Now, if you are a parent or otherwise responsible for the care of someone 7 or 13 or 17, “you might say that "all good things" are actually getting back to getting good again.” Either way, it’s a time for shift in the seasons, and it’s all good for everybody. Well, for almost everybody. Students get back into their school day routine, and weary parents and grandparents get a welcomed break from child rearing duties. But what about the teachers? There are approximately 300 teachers in our county school system. Many, if not most, have children. And of those children, many are school age. So there, emerges the conundrum. Bless the teachers’ hearts. It's a bit confusing. When does the "good thing" start, and when does it stop? It’s sort of like having your birthday on December 23rd. You just get a little shortchanged on the presents, and in this case, the vacation time. My mother was a teacher. My father coached and taught. I married a teacher. My aunt was a teacher. Both of my brothers taught, and my daughter-in-law is a teacher. So, just let me say, I sympathize with teachers. In our county, teachers have the responsibility of trying to make something out of 4,077 young, impressionable, amazing, sometimes brilliant and occasionally exasperating minds. That puts teachers among some of the MOST important people in Emanuel County. Each year, an average of 84% of our high school seniors walk across the graduation stage as a testament to the hard work that these professionals put in. So, must all good things come to an end? Nope, not at all, not as long as the mind searches for answers, and teachers teach, and education endures. So regardless of your perspective, we wish all of our teachers, students and administrative and support staff a great '22-'23 school year !


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