Adoptions, rescues, food and supplies needed at local shelter!


The Betty Gambrell Animal Shelter is reaching out for the public’s assistance. As of this week, the shelter announced an urgent need for adoptions and/or rescues for intakes. Space is running low and numerous calls to assist other canines continue coming in.

“We are low on space and unfortunately cannot take any animals in until we make space. We hate this as much as anyone, which is why we are reaching out. If you know any rescue groups or organizatins, or just anyone looking to add to their family, please help us. These poor babies that are here through no fault of their own need someone to step in and help,” shelter staff stated.

Any puppies for adoption are available only to Emanuel County. residents due to vet checks and home checks. All adult dogs to be adopted must be altered prior to leaving. However, rescue organizations can accept and transfer dogs without any of this due to their own procedures.

In addition to adoption needs, the shelter is also experiencing a great need of wet dog/puppy food. All donations are accepted and can be brought to the shelter or picked up by shelter staff. You can also assist in fulfilling needs by making purchases from the shelter’s Amazon wish list at]-R&c[0]=AT04V1MMx9NApzS82GR_4sKI7mTcHFwCmlZ_asl-Sf9jxJCTd4D3F472cVRTcb8oN3g0NVo7Nl9XEX77ht6hnbR7Wjg6-_oR5ZbCNrPNLeLR1oGFU5wj_9NfEvKTu45BT7y8Auaes-f3JTKEh1cnzoUNxd8y4vRCw0lUs6d-drWy2MMypgkU9YLIrQtvjTgKnLM.


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