A Tribute to Phillips, Emanuel County’s 2021 DAR Good Citizen


Swainsboro High School senior Danaria Shane’ Phillips has been announced the recipient for David Emanuel-Adam Brinson, Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter Award for the Class of 2022. The following information was submitted for Phillips’ acceptance for this award:

Section A and D

High school – Swainsboro High School

• SAT Achievers Club – Awarded to students with a 1200 or higher SAT score

Dual Enrollment – Enrolled at East Georgia State College since the Fall of 2019

• 4.0 GPA

Beta Club

• A member all four years of high school

• Officer ship: Club Secretary

• Participated in sponsored community service projects

1. Animal Shelter Movie Night

Members donate pet food and other essential items to our local animal shelter

2. Local City Fall Festival

Distributed candy and assisted with the games and activities that the public participated in

3. Swainsboro Primary School Reading Night

Members volunteer to coordinate and assist the teachers and staff with their annual event that encourages literacy in children

4. Participated in State Conventions all four years of high school

Won State 2020-21 Language Arts: Eleventh Grade Champion (1st place)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

• A member freshman, sophomore, and senior year of high school

• Competed and Placed in Region Financial Math Competition

• Attended Fall Motivational Rallies and State Leadership Conferences


• A staff member junior and senior year of high school

• Helped create the 2020-21 yearbook

 Included interviewing teachers and students, photographing club and sports events and designing the layout and theme of the yearbook

Citizens Bank Student Advisory Board

• Selected to be on a team of fellow senior students in the county area

• Involved in two community service projects that the students create

• Receive information on financial literacy and college readiness

Church Involvement

• Youth President of my local church

• Sunday Bible School teacher for children ages 5-10

• State Church Organization's Youth Secretary

 Duties include recording the details of church meetings, handling financial records, and conducting church announcements



 Full-time job during summer after junior year; part-time job during senior year

 Maintained and cleaned the facility

 Distributed and prepared food for customers

 Displayed great customer service

Other Recognitions

Augusta University's African American Recognition Program

 African American juniors receive recognition for their hard work, dedication, and academic success

University of Georgia Certificate of Merit Recipient

• UGA awards junior students for their scholastic achievement throughout their past

three years of high school

• GMEA District Honor Band

Placed 4th Chair Flutist during sophomore year of high school and received the

opportunity to play under the direction of a renowned music composer

Home and Community

Section B

A key element in making a difference in one's community is to be the change you have

always wanted to see in the world. Though this can be cliché, it stands true to how some of the

greatest activists, leaders, and philanthropists of our time have achieved greatness. Learning how they have served society, while also watching those in my family, has influenced me to make a difference in my community in whatever way I can. I strive to be a young, focused leader who creates a path for those behind me to have it easier. Whether that is teaching new journalism students the fundamentals of yearbook design or encouraging my Sunday school students to follow the ways of Christ, I try to be of service so that I am not only contributing my talents and gifts for the well-being of others but also pass on the service from those who have helped me.

Raised by my grandmother, I observed the selflessness she exhibited for so many years.

Her work and efforts in church influenced me at a young age to start my service there as well.

Anywhere I was needed, from passing out fans to guests to helping the kitchen staff serve food, I made sure I was there. It was not until I became older that I took on the duty of becoming a Sunday school teacher for the kids in our church. I accepted the opportunity, not aware of the difference that I would make. Initially uninterested in what I had to teach, gradually the kids became more enthusiastic and happy to learn. The pure amusement on their faces when they talked amongst themselves about the story of Job and how excited they were to come to class made me feel that I was making a change in their lives. Though I was only doing what was asked of me, I felt that I was creating a quiet stir in a new group of leaders. The praises and encouragement that they received from me and the church made them feel more confident in themselves. Ever since then, they have been more active and involved at church. Just as I helped wherever I could as a young child, I see them doing the same thing. It makes me proud that I had a small part to play in the service that they now give. I hope to continue setting an example so that they may do the same for the next generation of young minds.

Though a major part of my service is in church, it is not limited to and confined there. I also participate in the school or club-sponsored community service projects that focus on helping underprivileged people or communities, and I endeavor to give whatever I have in excess to people who need it. From donating canned goods for food banks to giving clothes to family friends or clothing drives, I try to provide assistance wherever it is needed. Though some of these efforts can be less direct, like the food or clothing drives, they are servicing someone who is in need, which is important. Many times communities have needs that go unmet, so I believe that it is our duty, those who have the ability to do so, to fulfill those unmet needs, which will always make a difference in someone's life. For example, those few canned good items that my family shares could give a homeless person a good meal for the next few days. This exchange builds brotherhood and genuine charity amongst people, of which is what this world is in constant need. Though I may not see the difference I am making directly before my eyes, I know that it is happening and flourishing for the welfare of humanity.

My efforts to serve my community are just a testament to the service that I received throughout my life. My pleasure in helping others is the impact that service has had in my

life. My philanthropy gives my life more meaning and satisfies that humane need that resides

in me. If I can affect one person's livelihood in a small way, I know that my efforts are being

aimed in the right direction, and I should keep following that path. I will continue to be a

vessel so that I may create an even greater impact on the lives of others.

Section C

At times, thinking about my life after high school intimidates me. It is an entirely new

reality, and I will be faced with challenges that I have yet to experience. However, I have been

fortunate to have an incredible support system that has taught me to persevere, no matter the

difficulty, to achieve success; this encouragement instilled the confidence that I can conquer

anything. Though I am concerned of what the future may hold for me, I am determined to carry

out my plans and achieve my goals to the best of my ability. I have faith in God and in myself

that reassures me that everything will take its course as it should.

After I graduate from Swainsboro High School, I plan to attend Georgia Southern

University or Georgia Institute of Technology to major in nuclear engineering. Influenced by my

father, a nuclear reactor operator, I am fascinated with this specific engineering field, and I want to know as much as I can about it. While in college, I hope to receive an internship where I can learn under other nuclear engineers and gain true experience. Once I obtain my bachelor's degree, I want to work in a nuclear power plant where I can execute my training and education. My alternative plan includes enlisting in the military directly after I graduate high school. At the

moment, I am unsure of which branch I would choose, but I am aware that the U.S. Navy would

grant me the opportunity to have the regular 4-year college experience before starting on my

career in the Navy as a nuclear engineer. It would still be possible for me to work outside of the

military environment after my contract is fulfilled. No matter which path I choose to take, I know that my education and career goals are priorities in my life, and I hope that the journey to

complete them will mold me into the person I aspire to be.

Another life aspiration of mine is to establish generational wealth. Though this task can

be impractical and seem quite bold, my true ambition from the goal is to create financial security for my children, grandchildren, and hopefully, great-grandchildren. I want to aim high so that if I am not able to reach that milestone, I will be significantly farther along than where I started. In order for me to come close to this desire, I want to invest in real estate, where I could possibly become a landlord of rental properties or refurbish or “flip” homes. I would also like to invest in the stock market, which comes with great risks, but I know that being cognizant and strategic about my investments will allow me to navigate into abundance. Overall, I just want to create multiple outlets for myself to garner wealth. I desire to be able to provide a path of opportunities for my family and our successors to live slightly easier.

No matter what life may bring in the future, I want to be happy and content. I prioritize my happiness by including my family and faith, as both are everything to me. I hope I am the person that my grandmother has raised me to be and to make those who have helped me along the way proud. I wish to remain the student that my peers, teachers, and administrators see that I am, which led me to receive such an honor as a DAR Good Citizen. I pray that these attributes and qualities that I now represent will stay with me throughout my life.

Section E.

In liberty and freedom's darkest moments, the founders of our America were first and

foremost revolutionaries. They saw the tyranny of their oppressors and named it. They gave

shape to their ideal form of government and articulated it. They dedicated their lives and fortunes to the success of their nation and fought for it. Our forefathers' commitment illustrates unfeigned patriotism and service to their country as well as their tenacity to fulfill the principles of which the country was built upon. The American pioneers were embodiments of the traits that a DAR Good Citizen is supposed to have: honest dependability, selfless service, powerful leadership, and unwavering patriotism. These qualities are cardinal to how the people of this country have crafted our society for generations. During my lifetime, I hope to emulate the steadfast loyalty and leadership that they had for America while always serving as a role model to others in our world. Fueled by the purpose to inspire and motivate others, it is imperative I display all the qualities of a DAR Good Citizen. The leadership aspect that is involved in this honor has been ingrained into my spirit and personality since I was a toddler. My ability to be a follower and examine the leaders I was surrounded by allowed me to develop a sense of wisdom and understanding beyond my age. This in result instituted a foundation that has led me to have offerships like Beta Club Secretary or positions in my church as State Youth Secretary. Though these are simply titles, the hard work that I contribute is what truly dictates my willingness and devotion to the responsibilities I have accepted. The roles give me a voice in which I not only use for myself but also for those who are voiceless and often overlooked. Overall, I hope that I am leading people in the right direction so that they can achieve their objectives and goals, advancing to new heights and achievements.

Great leadership, however, requires the service and dependability from which society

appreciates and gains. Without thinking of the impact that we can have on others' lives, the

world loses a ligament that connects us all. It is in our nature to be there for one another, offering the reliability of our services. I try to ensure that I am consistently there for my family and friends. I treasure relationships that ensure I have someone I can depend on; therefore, I also extend that same courtesy to those I am not familiar with who are in need of it. Whether that is offering my time and resources or being the person that others can count on, I put forth an effort that is directed to helping others.

Demonstrating patriotism and devotion to the ideals of which this country was built upon

has been such a pivotal journey for me. As a descendant of enslaved Africans, my view of

patriotism was initially blurred by the immoral actions of the American forefathers. However, I

had to understand that a true patriot is one that is reminded of the injustices of their country

while actively seeking to reconstruct it to embody the values that were intended to be at the

forefront of its society and government. For example, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

were ideals meant for every American, but it was given to some and denied to others. Even

today, different marginalized groups have to fight to maintain or possess the "unalienable rights."

In principle, these groups are the people that embody what a true American patriot is; it is one

that fights to preserve their freedom and the freedom of others. With this attitude in mind, I strive to be a patriot and show my patriotism to this country every day. Not only do I speak about issues that affect my life, but I loudly voice those that affect millions of American lives. My patriotism embraces brotherhood and a true appreciation for the people of this country who have come from different backgrounds and tribulations. This admiration for the people of the country is what allows me to see all the beauty within this great nation.

Article Submission

Our American Heritage and our Responsibility for Preserving It

by Danaria Phillips

“How do the qualities of a good citizen (dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism) help support our nation?”

Throughout our American history, the good people of this nation have fought and battled many wars. Whether these wars were domestic and social or against other countries. American citizens have always served to protect the freedoms and liberties that they believe everyone should possess. Their efforts have shaped what our great nation stands for today.

Though our society may stray away at times, many patriots fins a way to bring us back to what our nation is all about. They remind us that we, the good citizens, are the ones that represent America to the rest of the world. We possess the DAR qualities of good citizens; therefore, we have to show our dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism to influence the other citizens that may have lost their way. Through our representation, we are pushing our free nation into a progressive and more efficient state, showing the rest of the world our brotherhood and strength. When a person imagines a good citizen, they may picture a soldier on the battlefield. They may also think of a mother of four children who makes sure that she votes in every election.

No matter what image that comes to mind, they all have one thing in common - they are supporting this great nation. They are showing their dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism to America. By us doing our civic duty, we are making sure that the people who have come before us did not serve this country in vain. We would be doing a disservice to our American forefathers if we did not find ways to serve our nation. Through our efforts to participate in our civic duties, we are preserving the memory of our forefathers. Our efforts ensure that we are consistently moving our country in the right direction. America needs people that they can depend on to write the next chapters of our history. America needs people to lead them in times of struggle and great despair. Most importantly, America needs someone that shows selfless character and generosity for their fellow Americans.

All of these necessities form patriots and protectors of our heritage. They are the ones who protect the values that the drafters of the Declaration of Independence wanted for this country. We can show that we support our nation in various ways. However, we begin by showing the DAR qualities foremost. We can show dependability by being the person that our family and friends can lean on during times of hardship. Good citizens can show their service by helping the needy and giving food to the homeless. Our leadership can be shown by teaching the next generation of young Americans the importance of serving your country in whatever way.

Lastly, patriotism can be shown by fighting for every American to have the unalienable rights that Thomas Jefferson wrote so eloquently about. All of these qualities support our nation and its citizen’s. Furthermore, these qualities promote unity because we cannot show them without the help of the people; we cannot lead if we have no one to lead. The qualities also establish assurance that our country will prosper in the future. Good citizens that hold the DAR qualities can ensure that our country can continue on the right path with their help and guidance. These remarkable people are our country’s future and with their efforts, our country can continue to provide millions with the freedoms that are endowed to us as people. Good citizens can protect the “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave” for future Americans to enjoy.

In essence, the DAR qualities are an embodiment of nearly everything good about our nation. This claim can support why some of our greatest leaders and activists possessed the qualities. Though many may not see how their small acts of service are making a difference, they should know that their contributions are what make America the prosperous and withstanding force it is today. Our good citizenship.


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