A Place to be Cherished


Of all the duties associated with being Mayor, one that I especially enjoy is visiting the different departments and areas of city responsibility. You can learn a lot by talking with the good people who actually do the work, day in and day out. There’s one place, however, where that’s not quite so. It may sound a little odd, but talking isn’t really necessary here. This is a quiet, peaceful place. Many of us have friends and family there. In the spring and summer, city employees struggle to tame the grass and weeds, and control the shrubbery. Sometimes we win a little, usually Mother Nature wins more., but whatever the season, you can stand there in the middle of the Swainsboro City Cemetery and you just get the feeling that the good souls and the long-departed legends understand that the living are just trying to take care of things as best they can, and it’s alright. This is a gentle place where history and memory flow together to give you a pretty good lesson on the story of this community Some of the names written in granite and marble all around you are the names of the city leaders and builders, but most are the names of the solid, hard-working people who just got up and got to work and made a life and a home for their families. This is a place of the highest honor, reverence, gratitude, inspiration, and love., It’s not always an easy place to be, but if you happen to come here, you might learn a little about the life of this town and some good folks who lived here and called it home. Nope, not much conversation here, but a place to be cherished by us all.

One of the goals of the City this year is to focus on a campaign to enhance and improve our City Cemetery. If you have any suggestions or comments about improvements, you may submit them to: information@cityofswainsboro.org.


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