A lasting impression: Meet inspiring teacher, Bobbie Sherrod


“My name is Bobbie Sherrod. I was born and raised in Emanuel County and am a product of the Emanuel County school system. I have been married to Jim Sherrod for 30 years and we have six amazing children - Zach, Shea, Chase, Brittany, Lauren and Cayden, five grandchildren - Aceton, Addi, Maddox, Tate and Maddie, and three fur-babies - Roscoe, Riley and Millie. Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and fur babies. During the summer, you can find me poolside reading a good book soaking up the sunshine and enjoying life to the fullest.”

Mrs. Sherrod attended Georgia Southern University and received her BS degree in Early Childhood Education. Shortly after graduation, she obtained her M.Ed in education with a Reading Endorsement. Sherrod went on to obtain her Ed.S in Reading, Literacy, and Assessment from Walden University.

Mrs. Sherrod has been in Education for 14 years and this will be her 13th year as a classroom teacher. She is currently a 3rd Grade ELA Teacher at Twin City Elementary but began teaching at Twin City Elementary School in Emanuel County Schools as a 1st grade teacher. Sherrod also worked as the EIP teacher before moving to 3rd grade. She had the honor of being Teacher of the year at Twin City Elementary in 2016. During this time, Mrs. Sherrod was also named Emanuel County Teacher of the Year. “This was such an honor to be able to represent our wonderful school system. I have and continue to work alongside some of the best educators in the state of Georgia who have helped shape and mold me into the teacher I am today”, Mrs. Sherrod commented.

“I chose to become an educator because I have always had a desire to serve others. I was taught this at an early age. There is a satisfaction in helping others. Being able to mentor/teach our youth in Emanuel County is such an honor. I have had many people that have inspired me to become a teacher along the way including my aunt Jeanette Scott as well as my sister, Mandy Carter. Both have modeled for me what it is to be a great teacher. However, my own children were my biggest inspiration. I wanted them to acknowledge that no matter the circumstances, hard work and perseverance will always triumph. My desire to serve others and instill the same in our students is what drives me to be the best teacher I can be every day. My favorite quote is, ‘Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection, and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.’ – Rita Pierson. I take this mentality to the classroom every day”, stated Mrs. Sherrod

Sherrod stated there are too many educators to name that have inspired her along the way, but each one has given her the tools necessary to be the best teacher she can be every day.

“Twin City Elementary is an amazing school. Always has been. My children had the privilege of attending school here. It is an honor to teach at Twin City Elementary. It has always maintained a positive family environment. At TCE, the goal has always been to create a positive learning environment that sets our students up for success. The relationships between staff and students are top priority. It is a school culture that I am excited to be a part of. Within our walls, a true community exists. Our administration and fellow teachers are hands down the best in the county. I appreciate everything they do for our school, students, and community”, Sherrod commented.

Now that you’ve met the teacher and read her story, read her Q/A’s below to further understand Bobbie Sherrod’s incredible values of teaching and how she’s changing and inspiring young lives in our community.

What have you found most rewarding in your career?

Sherrod: You will find many rewards in being an educator. The most rewarding for me is seeing my students succeed. I love seeing the progress and growth of my students as they learn and develop new skills. I am able to celebrate their achievements and help them learn and grow from their failures. It’s all about the small wins and big growing moments that make me proud to be a teacher!

Do you feel that each of your students have left a lasting impression on you?

Sherrod: Every student I have encountered has left a lasting impression on me. Every child is different. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Each child brings a different story to the classroom. I embrace them all. I know that in my classroom every child is capable of greatness. It’s my job to help them see and realize their full potential. The students think we only teach them in the classroom, but the children teach us more than they realize.

What advice would you like to give to new or upcoming educators?

Sherrod: It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Build those relationships with students and fellow educators. Many times, that relationship with a student will change his/her path in life. Build relationships with fellow educators. There will come a time when you will need each other.

How does it make you feel to see the success that many of your previous students have become ?

Sherrod: I absolutely love seeing the successes of former students. It makes this teacher’s heart happy and fills me with pride.

If you could tell your past students or future students one thing that you hope will stick with them all throughout life, what would that be?

Sherrod: Be YOU! You are amazing and destined for great things. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11.

What’s a favorite memory or some of your favorite memories that you have from your time as an educator?

Sherrod: I have so many favorite memories as an educator. Every day is a new day. We make memories every day. If I had to choose, it would definitely be the days when I am able to just have fun and be silly with my students. These are the moments they remember most. I love being remembered as the “fun” teacher! I always tell my students, we work hard…we play hard….With so many demands in education today, it’s important to me that I develop a positive relationship with my students above all else.