A Busy Week


The last week and a half was a busy time in Swainsboro. If you didn’t really notice anything different, that’s good. That means a lot of people accomplished exactly what they set out to do. While most of us just went through the normal routines of our daily lives, many other folks lost sleep, worked double shifts, and had their heads on a swivel the whole time. Thanks to the work of the folks in the District Attorney’s office, the Courthouse, the Sheriff’s office, the Swainsboro Police Department, Georgia State Patrol, and others it might have seemed like a normal time to most of us. Actually, it was an exhausting week and a half that brought to an end a long, difficult investigation resulting in multiple guilty verdicts in a high profile murder case. Security and the safety of the public were major issues and required major planning. Our law enforcement folks stepped up and deserve our grateful thanks. We must not forget that a lawful society takes work. Unfortunately, nowadays, it takes more work and dedication than ever. Some folks have some strange ideas about justice. But one thing is for certain. Without respect for law and order, nothing else is guaranteed. Thank goodness for the officers and deputies and judges and juries, and thank goodness for the ordinary folks whose normal routine of just doing the right thing was not interrupted last week.      


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