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Order of Confederate Rose

By | April 2, 2020 2:52 pm

The Order of Confederate Rose was formed in 1993 by wives and daughters of the Alabama Sons of Confederate Veterans members in an effort to protect Confederate Civil War historical monuments and other historical symbols. The first formal division formed was Alabama in 1993 borrowing from the purposes and structure of what was then Georgia’s Royal Order of Robert E. Lee. The name of the organization was inspired by the movie “The Rose and the Jackal,” which was about Rose O’Neal Greenhow, a Confederate spy. Georgia adopted the Order of Confederate Rose name in 1993. 

The Order of Confederate Rose is an independent support group to the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. It is a nonprofit, nonracial, nonpolitical, and nonsectarian group. It assists the SCV with historical, educational, benevolent, and social functions with special emphasis placed on the preservation of Confederate symbols. This program has been created to ensure that southern heritage and culture is deeply rooted in the hearts and minds of future generations. 

The Order of Confederate Rose has societies in 18 states: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alaska, Arizona, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, California, Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Delaware. There were societies in Ohio until 2015 and in Texas until 2017. There are nine chapters in Georgia: Statesboro, Savannah, Baxley, Warner Robins, Washington, Richland, Stockbridge, Tunnel Hill, and Clarkesville. A chapter is currently being formed in Emanuel County, and members are being welcomed from surrounding counties that do not have chapters of their own.

Individuals who want to join the organization have to be sponsored by a local member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans camp. The Order of Confederate Roses has three types of membership classifications: Roses (women over 12), Thorns (men over 12), and Rosebuds (youth 0-12).  Perspective members will be those who have a desire to assist the Sons of Confederate Veterans chapters in their mission to preserve history and educate future generations. For further information about joining, contact Commander B. Daryl Hill of the McLeod-Moring Camp of Sons of Confederate Veterans at cableman68@att.net.

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